Small World

About a month or so after I started working at my current job, someone arrived at the office to meet with one of my other coworkers. While he waited in the lobby, he noticed my name plate (yeah, now I have an official name plate and some business cards, I’m official).

Visitor: “I used to work with a guy with that last name years ago!”

My name isn’t exactly common, so I asked him what business he was in. He told me he was involved with transportation and logistics. Hmm…

The guy elaborated a bit and said, “I think his name was Thomas W.”

“Yeah, that was my dad.”

“Oh wow, small world! What’s he doing now?”

It was an innocent question. He didn’t know that my dad had died in 2000. My dark humor and seemingly infinite storage of “Seinfeld” quotes almost kicked in and my inner George Costanza could’ve said, “yada”… But I went with the truth.

Since working at this new place, I have been encountering some of those “small world” moments and a lot of feelings like I belong there. I’ve never felt so in sync with a job.

Oh, and before I got my current job, I interviewed at the place my dad used to work. That is a story for another blog.

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