A Tree Blossoms in Lakewood Park

A Tree Blossoms in Lakewood Park

I’m keeping it simple this time and just posting the calendar list without the astrological signs and flower of the month, if that’s okay wit-choo. Thank you again for all of your ideas!  I’m adding all of you to my will.

MAY 2009

1. Mother Goose Day (Tell your favorite and least favorite Mother Goose story and explain your decision.)
2. April Showers Bring May Flowers Day (Post a Photo of Your Favorite Flower)
3. Bored Day
4. Spring Showers Day
5. Cinco de Mayo (Eat Your Favorite Mexican Meal)
6. Asian Culture Appreciation Day (Enjoy Asian Art, Films, or Food)
7. Pacific Culture Appreciation Days (Enjoy Pacific Art, Films, or Food)
8. Goose Appreciation Day/”Beam Me Up, Scotty” Day (Release Date for “Star Trek” )
9. Pregnant Ladies Appreciation Day (Ksra’s Baby Shower Extravaganza!)
10. “Mother May I?” Day – Do Something Your Mother Wouldn’t Approve of Today
11. Twilight Zone Day
12. International Nurses Day (Florence Nightingale, born May 12, 1820. Founder of modern nursing.)
13. Clean Up a Mess Day (Harvey Keitel’s Birthday – 1939)
14. National Dress Up Your Pet Day
15. Hat Day
16. Margaret Hamilton Appreciation Day (Best Remembered for her Role as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of OZ)
17. Pack Rat Day
18. Bewitch Someone Today (Elizabeth Montgomery [from “Bewitched”] Appreciation Day)
19. Frog Jumping Jubilee Day
20. Handsome Lad’s 12th Birthday (Laura B.)
21. Give Blood, Donate, and/or Wear Red Today (Founding of the American Red Cross)
22. Australia Flag Day (May 22, 1909)
23. Wildlife Photography Day
24. Sing Something Incoherently Today (Bob Dylan’s Birthday – 1941)
25. Be an International Person of Mystery Today (Mike Myers’Birthday – 1963)
26. Wear a Touch of Grey Today
27. Get Either a Real or Fake Tattoo Today (Body Painting Arts Festival)
28. National Hamburger Day
29. Vegetable Appreciation Day
30. Create Your Own Cartoon Character (Mel Blanc’s Birthday – 1908)
31. Rent and Watch the Movie “Howard the Duck” Today (Lea Thompson’s Birthday – 1961)

I Love the Smell of Pine Sol in the Morning

So I did some more jogging, walking and running up the stairs again today while the maintenance guy mopped the floors with Pine Sol. I didn’t slip on the wet floor or anything, but I love that they clean the floor with that stuff. Smells so good. Anyway, once I was finished roaming the halls, I was even more motivated to do the Denise Austen workout. This was all done in the morning today! Not early, because I didn’t have to go into work till noon. But it’s not like me to get moving like that in the morn, ya know?

Oh and I also decided to take a walk outside, around the lake. It is a frequent hangout for the geese community and I was hissed at several times because Spring is in the air and lots of protective parents are escorting their goslings around the area. I didn’t take my camera along this time, but I should’ve. The goslings will grow into moody geese before we know it, so I should take photos of them while they’re cute and docile.

The other day I bought a small loaf of pumpernickel bread. I remembered how good it used to taste when my mom would carve a bowl out of a loaf of the dark bread and then fill it with spinach dip. Tasty. I figured this would taste the same. I found out it is different. My goal was to make tiny sandwiches out of it with cream cheese and cucumber. Do you ever get excited about what you perceive is going to taste really good? My hopes were dashed, it all tasted disgusting. I’ll stick to white bread next time.

Six Flights O’Stairs

Yesterday I worked out to my Denise Austin tape, took out the trash and then decided to do more exercise in my building. There are six floors to my apartment, and I ran up all the stairs to the top. Then I either jogged or walked down the hallways of each floor until I got to mine. But that running up six flights…that took a bit out of me. By the time I got to the sixth floor, I had to catch my breath. But I did that as I walked down the hallways. Nothing like hearing a heavy breather walk past your apartment to remind you to stay indoors.

When I was done I took a shower, played on Facebook a little too much and then went to my room and decided to watch “Little Miss Sunshine” on my new gadget. I ordered a personal DVD player awhile back, my mom helped me pay for it for my birthday. It’s very cool, it plays CDs, MP3s AND DVDs – it has a little TV screen. Plays beautifully. So I plopped down on my bed and watched the movie until I was too tired to care what was going on and went to bed. It was so much easier to sleep last night.

Remember when I told you that my apartment was very hot during those hot spells? Well I wasn’t the only one feeling it in the apartment. I heard several people complain. Then on Monday night after I got home from choir, there were signs posted by some fed-up tenants that read, “Enough heat!!” or “Too hot!!” Stuff like that. I had some groceries, so I used the elevator and there was a sign in there saying, “Turn down the heat!” Someone else wrote “Hell yeah!” I wanted to join the cause, so I dug out a pen from my purse and added, “Amen!”

Yesterday evening the signs disappeared and it was so much more comfortable in the building. I could turn off most of my fans. Granted, it was cooler outside yesterday, but still there was a big difference inside, too. Hope it stays that way.

Yes You May

Hey everybody! It dawned on me that April is coming to an end quite rapidly now. So it is time for me to ask for some zany, wacky ideas from my bestest blog friends in the entire universe! I’m not just saying that to get you to post ideas. I speak/blog the truth!

Ideas are greatly appreciated, so if you have any just post them here in the comments section. Ah, you know what to do! Have fun.

“Blame It On the [Heat], Yeah, Yeah.”

It was so hot yesterday, and the air conditioning couldn’t really catch up. So I dug out the big, industrial strength fan. Made such a difference.

Realized today that I have a ceiling fan I could’ve turned on too. Two of them, actually, one in the kitchen and the other in the dining room/office area. It was right over my head and it didn’t occur to me that I could use it.

I’m blaming my absentmindedness on the heat and humidity. It was cooler outside yesterday than it was in my apartment complex.

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Expression

Okay then! This week’s Scavenger Shot word was chosen by the newcomer Jessica over at “The Almost Adult”. She expressed her creativity by choosing the word “Expression”! Welcome to The Hunt, Jessica!

Here is my photo. Churlita recently blogged about doing some painting on canvas and it sounded like fun. I had some small, blank canvasses from an idea that went awry and thought I’d buy some paints. I really went nuts with the paints last Friday night. What you see in the following photo is what happens when I’m mentally done with the week and it’s all channeled into acrylics. It may look like a paint store vomited on some canvas, but I had lots of fun with that kind of creative expression!


“Do I look like the mother of the future? I can’t even balance my checkbook.”

Okay, so last night I noticed that the geese were back, but something was weird. The nest was still there, but the mother was just standing around the nest. The husband was there as well and I thought, “Oh! Maybe the eggs are ready to hatch?” Then later on I saw that the mother was sitting back on the nest. Ah, things were looking up.

However, this morning I looked out and the nest was abandoned again. I heard honking, and the couple was standing farther away and then just flew off. There was something white in the grass next to the nest. I figured an animal got to the nest when it was left unattended.

I still worried I’d be attacked for getting near that nest. Eventually I gathered up my nerves and went out to investigate.

To be honest, I lost my nerves a bit as I stepped up to the nest, because the geese were back. I kept my eye on them, but they weren’t even approaching me, even as I got closer and closer to the nest. I looked down and the white thing I saw in the grass earlier was a whole egg, and in the nest were two more eggs!


They were all exposed and the couple didn’t seem to care. I walked away, still a little uneasy about the whole situation, and ventured over to the other side of the building toward the lake where lots more geese hang out. Geese galore, people.


I glanced over to one couple and the mother goose was sitting up. There was a nest under her too! She set up shop in a sink hole by the water. The husband was keeping a close eye on everything. I’m thankful for the zoom on my camera. I stood nearby (but not too near) quietly and took some snapshots of her.


Then another goose came too close and suddenly the male goose arched his neck and flew after the intruding goose. I figured that was my cue to get out of there as well.