“It’s not the size of the boat, it is the motion of the ocean!”

Ahoy, maties! Today’s “Friday 5” meme is about the ocean.

1. When were you last in ocean waters?
The cruise ship my friends and I were on back in 2004 sailed from Florida to the Bahamas. We were supposed to sail into Cozumel, Mexico, but there was a change of plans. Then there was also the time I went to visit my brother in Texas after I graduated from high school. We visited the Gulf of Mexico and waded in the waves. It was a little breezy and there was a chill in the air, but it was still exciting!

2. When did you last fly over ocean waters?
I don’t think I’ve flown over ocean waters yet. I’ve flown over lakes before. Lake Erie looked cleaner and bluer than the waters of the Gulf at the time.

3. What ocean sports activity seems like the most fun?
Water skiing looks fun!

4. What are your thoughts or feelings about public aquariums?
I’m drawn to the aquariums, even if the aquarium is located in the doctor’s office.

5. What are your thoughts or feelings about sushi?
I love sushi….more specifically the California rolls. The wasabi that comes with it will clear your sinuses.



Well it seems August is approaching by the very end of this week (Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY)! I have one of my vacation days planned in August, so I’m looking forward to an extended weekend a few weeks down the road.

Anyway, even though I’ve been neglecting the Eclectic holidays, I still want to keep the list alive. What do you want to celebrate in August? Sharing is caring! :)

Enjoy your Wednesday, every last one of ya!

Sunset 2 - July 2006

Here’s a sunset from a few years ago – don’t know if this was taken in the Fall or Summer…or somewhere in between.


I bought a book last weekend at the craft store that gave directions on making different soaps. I know how to make the basic bar of soap with materials, but they also showed how you can combine other natural ingredients. Even better, it included the benefits of each ingredient.

I made a bar of oatmeal soap, but added honey, olive oil, water and powdered milk to the recipe. The powdered milk and the honey (not to mention the oatmeal base) are supposed to make the skin look clearer and feel softer. I’ve been washing my face with the bar I made for a week now, and the one pimple I had has dried up and vanished. I worried that my face would break out more if there was oil in the soap, but so far so good!

Now I have more bars of soap than I can handle right now! Won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon!

“The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling”

On Friday while tinkering with Facebook, I found a family friend. How’s that for alliteration? Anyway, he told me that he’d be working at the Irish Cultural Fest at the nearby fairgrounds that weekend, and that I should stop by and say “hello”. I also found out he’s a friend of a guy who was one of our employment contacts when I was working in my last position! I found him on Facebook too, and he was going to be a performer at the Irish fest!

A group of us met up that Saturday afternoon to walk around, listen to music (including bagpipes), shop and eat. I was able to find my friend, R, but I didn’t get to see M perform. I got the scoop on more family friends; how they’re doing, where they are, etc. They had a big family, and it seemed like half of the street I grew up on was theirs. It was really nice to catch up with him.

When it came time to order the food, I had a corned beef and slaw sandwich. Yum. The funnel cakes were around the corner, but I waited until I was ready to leave to pick one up.

We sat down at the stadium to wait for an Irish band that would play at 5, but there was another band finishing up their songs. They were really good, I liked the inclusion of a fiddle player and bagpiper. It was a really interesting blend. Meanwhile, storms were brewing during one of our most humid days. We saw lightening bolts scatter across the sky, and people started to leave. We were under a roof, for the most part, but when the rain arrived, it blew into the stands and soaked everyone.

The next band, the one a friend of mine wanted to see, played a bit before it started to rain, and then they ducked into a truck until the rain stopped. They decided to move their music underneath the bleachers, and give their devoted listeners an unplugged concert. It was so cool. I’m going to have to buy their music, they rocked. They also had a fiddle player, and another band member played an accordion. Tamborines were involved as well.

We eventually scattered after their concert, and while my remaining group dispersed, I went to pick up a funnel cake. While I walked, I sipped on a bottle of water, until too much water went down my throat wrong, and I started hacking. Nobody turned to see if I was okay (I was, I just had to cough it out), I just walked and coughed until I couldn’t cough no mo’. Anyway, I got the funnel cake and it survived overnight until I took it to my mom’s place. She made me a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich and we had the cake for dessert.

We watched “Mr. Mom” and “Silver Bullet”, and laughed at both movies. I haven’t seen my mom laugh that hard in a long time, and it was over the perfect, stupid stuff. We were still laughing later that day, but knew that, if we explained it to anyone else, it wouldn’t sound as funny. Just one of those “had to be there” moments. :)

What did all of you do this weekend?

Fruitilicious (Friday 5 Meme Time!)

Hey everyone! How was your week? This one crawled by for me – the phones were so quiet I thought maybe they were unplugged. I went to the craft store again with my mom the other day and bought a magazine of sorts that showed different ways to make soap using additional incredients. Then I bought some more soap molds that looked interesting. Looks like I’ll be playing in the kitchen this weekend! This distresses my cat for some reason. She’s not used to me hanging out in the kitchen for long periods of time. She’ll have to get over it.

Anyway, aside from that stuff, nothing else has been happening. Nothing too exciting, anyway. Thankfully the “Friday 5” has once again saved me from my writer’s block. This one is aimed toward various fruits.

1) Besides plain, what’s your favorite way to eat an apple?
– Covered in caramel!

2) Besides plain, what’s your favorite way to eat berries?
– Over vanilla ice cream

3) Besides plain, what’s your favorite way to eat a banana?
– In a banana split

4) Besides plain, what’s your favorite way to eat a peach?
– I like it covered in milk with sugar on top

5) Besides plain, what’s your favorite way to eat a pineapple?
– I once had a toasted sub with habanero cheese and pineapple. It was overwhelmingly delicious.

“C” is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough for Me!

I finally finished reading “Twilight” and am now into “New Moon”. Yesterday, though, I took a break from reading because my two-disc DVD set of the movie arrived! So after I went for a walk after work, showered and changed into PJs, I sat down on the livingroom floor (my movie-watching mode) and started the movie. I had to stop it at 9pm so I could watch “The Closer”, but then I went back to it and finished watching. I could appreciate the movie more this time, but there were some scenes I wish they hadn’t sped through. I wish they had added more detail from the book in some spots. I still think they did a really good job with most (not all) of the casting.

Yesterday, almost at the end of my shift, I found myself in an incredibly good mood. I’m usually in fairly high spirits in my new position, but this was extra happy. A coworker actually came by much earlier that day and sat her cup down while she went to the restroom. The white canvass of the styrofoam cup called to me, and I felt compelled to draw on it. Since she is a crazed cat fan (similar to moi), I drew her a cat. Then later that day she placed another cup down as she went off and I drew a picture of a sleeping cat which she was ecstatic about (screaching with delight, actually), so the need to be creative started my natural high.

One of our new managers came by later and asked me if I wanted one of her homemade chocolate chip cookies she made for her department. The cookie was huge and it was filled with chocolate chips. It was delicious. I felt good about that, too, she seems comfortable with all of us and is so friendly. So that added to my high.

My manager sent me a cute email too, with cats and puppies and other animals. She doesn’t usually send me stuff like that, so it was nice! Maybe there was something in the coffee that day? Or the cookies? Hmm. I’m not going to question it any further. Bring on more days of happy!