Thank you again for the holiday ideas! This one is raw, it’s unhinged. It is a combination of your ideas and ones that just popped into my head just moments ago. I did not refer to any other site this time. Enjoy September, my lovely, creative, blogging friends!

1. Pretend It’s Still August Day
2. Teacher Appreciation Day
3. Just Say No to Brush Fires Day
4. The Beginning of Tara’s Super-Terrific Stay-cation!
5. Just Say Yes to Your Toothbrush and Hair Brush Day
6. Go to Bed Earlier Day
7. Feline Day
8. Banana Day
9. Jurassic Day
10. In Praise of the Car Day
11. Adult Learner Day
12. Stumble and Recover Day
13. Brain Disconnection Day
14. Back to Choir Day!
15. Dress As or Sing and Dance a Number from Your Favorite High School Movie Day (examples: Grease, Fame, Footloose, High School Musical, etc.)
16. Embarrassing Body Day
17. Blog About Your Pet Today
18. Blog About Your Best Friend Day
19. Suzel’s Birthday!/Regression Appreciation Day
20. Beverage Appreciation Day
21. Start Thinking About Your Halloween Costume Day
22. Hang Out With Friends and Laugh Hysterically Day
23. Consider Obtaining Another Degree Day
24. Buy Something On Day
25. Natural Cures Day
26. Favorite Scent Appreciation Day
27. Get Addicted to a New Series on TV Day
28. Sit in Public and Observe the Public Day
29. Essential Oil Appreciation Day
30. Bring Attention to One of Your Blessings Day

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Shades


Ananda Girl chose the word “Shades” for this week’s Saturday Scavenger Shots. Could’ve gone a couple different ways, but as I was going through some photos I came across this one. In spite of the fact that I look like a night club bouncer and it is one of the worst photos I’ve ever had taken, I was wearing shades at the time. This was taken at work during a Halloween several years ago. I was supposed to be Trinity from “The Matrix”. I wish I had the same figure as Trinity, but I did the best I could, at least with the attitude. My new coworker saw the photo and said, “Jeez, you look like you could kick someone’s ass!” Anyway, those are my “shades” and the hipster on the right there was my former manager. I liked his costume that year, he kind of got into the hippy character, too.

Friday Fun

I wanted to share the following video with you. I don’t know how I found it, but I know I was looking for something else. Anyway, this is in German, but this woman must have been having one of those days where a good laugh was in order. She bursts into laughter at the smallest thing, and her laugh is contagious. At least to me it is, so watch it and find out if it gets you laughing too.

Happy Friday!

Odds (Very odd) and Ends

– During my lunch break today, I ran into the maintenance couple that live in my building. They’re more of the cleaning crew, I think. They are an older couple; very nice, always eager to welcome people. Anyway, we ran into each other in the hall, and the lady, I’ll call her “M” (she may or may not be the real boss of James Bond – it would be the perfect cover, wouldn’t it), said that they hadn’t seen me around the building lately. I just told them that I’ve been around, which was true. She confessed that they didn’t know my name, they would just refer to me as “the little girl on the 2nd floor”. So we laughed and re-introduced ourselves. I knew her name but suddenly forgot his, but I will call the husband “F”. So we went our separate ways, but I walked away thinking about the description “little girl on the 2nd floor”..What, am I wearing, pig tails? Did they catch me skipping down the hallway chewing bubble gum? I haven’t done that in a month. I may not be the tallest kid in class by a long shot, but jeez I’m not a girl! I’m a woman. W.O.M.A.N. Anyway, I just thought it was interesting. I didn’t question all of this in front of the nice couple, it was just intriguing.

– A friend of mine sent me this message: “If you receive an email from the Department of Health telling you not to eat canned pork because of swine flu – Ignore it. It’s just SPAM.”

– A course catalog was mailed to me today for some community classes in my town. One was a course on sushi and hibachi cuisine. It is very hard to say “sushi lesson”. I just tried saying it again and it turned out better. Go figure. Anyway, that cuisine class is one of the many interesting classes listed in the catalog. I am fixin’ on taking at least a few during the Fall.

– I actually wagged my finger at my coworker today, telling him that when I’m on vacation, I don’t want any calls from work.

Coworker: Oh that was one time, an extreme case. (I had a sick day last week, and he called me up. His reason to call wasn’t as extreme as he made it sound, it could’ve been handled when I returned to work). “I needed log in information and I had to call you.”

Me: Well this time I will leave you the log in information. Just remind me before I leave next week.

Coworker: Okay..But that was one time!

Me: No, actually you called me another time when I had two days off!

Coworker: Oh..well that was probably just to say ‘hi”.

Me: Hm.

Emergencies, of course, are different, but he and my former boss called me way too many times during my last vacation. It was ridiculous. What’s worse is that I have a hard time ignoring calls from work. I keep thinking there’s an actual emergency. There’s nothing quite as nerve wracking, though, as seeing my company’s number pop up on caller ID. I explained this to my coworker, so we’ll see if he gets the message.

What Time Is It? It’s Idea Time!

Hey everybody! I hope Thursday is working out splendidly for all of you! Well September will be here soon, it’s coming in via Fed Ex. Soooo, if you have any ideas for holidays, or any anniversaries or birthdays….come on over to the Eclectic Spaghetti and share them in the comments section! I will be more than happy…ecstatic even…to post them for a holiday for September.

Thank you! :)

Do Something Fun Today

According to my calendar (or really our calendar, since all of you provide the best ideas), it is Do Something Fun today. Did you do something fun today? I worked. But here are a few things I did during the work day:

– My manager wanted to put some bins up on our bulletin board to hold some flyers that students could pick up if they were interested. We were using push pins to hold up the bins, but they kept falling down. So finally this morning I remembered to take my trusty, cordless and awesome drill/screwdriver to work. If I’ve decided to do a project on my own, I don’t want anyone to help me. Sometimes a project does call for help, though. My manager helped me hang up the background on the large bulletin board. It cut our job down by a good half hour, I think, since I can’t be at both ends of the board with a ladder. But usually I like to go solo on something I’ve committed to doing. So I was focused and driven, this morning, and the first thing I did was hang four bins up on the board, using my cordless screwdriver and some shiny new screws. In the midst of this, one of our work-study students came in and we greeted each other. I hoped he wouldn’t say, “Let me help you with that!” But thankfully he didn’t, and we both went about our work. Anyway, my original point was that I had fun putting up the final details of the bulletin board.

– The second thing I did today that was kind of fun was that I went for a walk during my lunchbreak! Not far, but I committed to it and I brought my new MP3 player with me. It was a beautiful day to walk, too.

– Now I’m having fun catching up on blogging and listening to the TV. Not watching, but sometimes just listening to the TV puts me in the blogging mood. It’s kind of white noise with a kick.