Astrological Signs of the Month:
June 21 – July 22
July 23 – August 22

July Flowers: Larkspur, Water Lily
July Birthstone: Ruby

1. Smashing Pumpkins Appreciation Day

2. Abe Vigoda Appreciation Day

3. Minijonb’s Appreciation Day

4. Set Off Fireworks Near Arthur’s House in the Middle of the Night Day

5. Find students and Ask for Free Popcorn Day

6. Comfort Food Day

7. Secret Agent Day

8. List What’s On Your Nightstand Day

9. Create an Alternate Online Identity Day

10. Peanut Butter Jelly Day

11. Kitty Cat Dance Day

12. Organize Your Sock Drawer Day

13. Learn One Word in a Foreign Language Day

14. History of Fireworks Day

15. Most Embarrassing Thing in Your Bathroom Day (complete with pics)

16. Corey Feldman’s Birthday (born this day in 1971)

17. David Hasselhoff’s Birthday (born this day in 1952)

18. Buy/Pick Flowers and Put Them In A Vase in Your Dwelling Day

19. MiniJonB’s Birthday

20. MGC Appreciation Day

21. Buy Something At the Dollar Store Day

22. Read a Ghost Story Day

23. National Hot Dog Day

24. Amelia Earhart Day

25. “The Breakfast Club” Appreciation Day

26. Change Your Handwriting for a Day


28. blog and/or send messages all in lowercase day

29. System Administrator Day

30. Father-In-Law Day

31. Harry Potter’s Birthday


Observances This Evening

When I see guys wearing loop earrings on both ears, they automatically remind me of Mr. Clean. If they are completely bald and wearing the loop earrings, it is even more of a vivid reminder.

After looking at a picture of Mr. Clean, I observed that he doesn’t have two earrings like I thought. But I still think of him when I see guys with two earrings.

A friend of mine emailed me a few hours ago and told me that she had to put her 21-year-old cat to sleep. I’ve never met the cat. I’ve met her, she’s really nice. But after reading the news I had to run into the bathroom and cry. It’s as if I had lost my own cat. I’ve lost a cat before, but it’s been awhile. So the cat doesn’t even have to be mine to get me choked up and emotional over its demise.

When I speak in front of classes, I mess up alot. I go in there thinking to myself..”Just do it.” You know, like Reebok or whatever shoe had that tagline. But it doesn’t always work, and I get shaky and my voice is all weird and I really want it out of the way.

My handwriting looks like a trainwreck on bad days.

When I was younger, I could stand on my head. My gym teacher used me as an example of how it should be done. I can’t do a hand-stand, though, unless I’m in water.

Why do noses turn red when we cry? It’s annoying.

I Didn’t Realize I Was "Att"

I got this message on MySpace today with the title of the message reading:

“You were contacted because your one of the very few att”

Huh?? I thought and said out loud in front of my computer. Then I read on:

“I am a businessman who owns an air charter company. Occasionally I have clients in town form out of town who are in need of escort services. If your upscale and interested reply back and let me know…here is the short version….I Own/run an executive air charter company (small corp. private jets) anyway’s occasionally we have clients/passengers/business men whatever U want to call them in town in Cleveland and they enjoy being “entertained” and im looking for some attractive women who are interested to kinda keep their name and number handy to pass on to them next time they ask”

Yes! Thank you for answering my prayers. “Personal Escort” is exactly the kind of title I want to add to my resume.

Sure. Yeah, they can go “entertain” themselves. And that “businessman” with impeccable typing skills and the headshot of a jet just in case nobody trusts him, can go “entertain” himself as well.

Fine Wine Appreciation Day

Which wines do you prefer and recommend? I’m not an expert, and truthfully I buy stuff that’s usually under 10 bucks. I have learned that Chardonnay appeals to me, as does Chablis. But I do not like Merlot. It just tastes too bitter or something. Sad, because I’ve heard that a little red wine is good for the heart.

Have you ever had wine from the box? Yes, it is wine, but for some reason the box is frowned upon. Maybe it’s just because you can’t take the box and delicately prop it up in a trough of ice and put it in the middle of the dinner table. Well you could plop it in the middle of the table, but if you don’t have a firm grip on it, you could easily cause an earthquake effect which might cause breaks and spills. But mark my words, within that box that is so shunned by society, there is wine. Potent wine. I bought a box once about 7 years ago. Then I had some wine from a box last winter at a party. Seeing as how I’m not an expert, it tasted fine to me. Isn’t that the point, really? You should go with the wine that tastes good to you.

Well anyway…CHEERS (clink)

I’m not drinking wine at the moment, don’t worry. That was my coffee cup clinking.

Happy Day

I’m having one of those days where whatever worries pop into my head are dissolved by a voice saying that everything will work out. It’s a very good feeling, ya know? It’s not that I’m depressed all the time, but I’m usually thinking of something that will eventually worry me in some way, even if it’s the simplest, dumbest thing.

But today, although there are things that might be potentially worrisome (nothing drastic, though) during a rainy day like today, well…they’re just not gettin’ to me. That voice just keeps saying “It’s gonna be alright. Cool your jets.”

And I actually can’t wait to hop on a cycle at the gym today. I’m motivated. I’m hungry too.