Happy April 2008!

Here’s dah list. Thank you for the suggestions again, I used them all! And for those who might be reaching a certain number of posts on their blog, just keep me posted so that we can celebrate it! Now without further delay…

APRIL 2008!!

1. Lon Chaney’s Birthday (1883)/Happy April Fools! Plan Yer Best Prank Day!
2. Experiment with a New Recipe Day
3. David Hyde Pierce’s Birthday (1959)
4. Temperatures over 70 degrees Appreciation Day
5. Gregory Peck’s Birthday (1916)
6. Mexican Food Appreciation Day
7. Car Wash Day
8. Tuesday Tags One Year Anniversary
9. April Make It Rain Day
10. Cake Appreciation Day
11. Coffee Appreciation Day
12. Favorite Scary Movie Day
13. Help AlienCG Plant His Garden Day
14. Ask a Really Stupid Question Day
15. Thank an IRS Agent/Stockholm Syndrome Day
16. Banana Appreciation Day
17. Buy Something You’ve Never Tried at the Grocery Store Day
18. Take a Photo of Your Vacuum Cleaner Day
19. Passover
20. Have Lunch Outside Day (Weather Permitting)
21. Write a Blog Posting ALL IN CAPS Day
22. Write a Blog Posting all in lowercase Day
23. Administrative Professionals Day
24. “Hoops & YoYo” Appreciation Day
25. Take Me Out to the Ball Game Day! (Indians vs Yankees)
26. Gurgle Your Mouthwash Day (and Record It)
27. Favorite Comedic Movie Day
28. Favorite Sci-Fi Movie Day
29. Zipper Day (Zipper Patented by Gideon Sindback, 1913)
30. April Fool’s Day 2 (for MiniJonB)

Astrological Signs:

Aries: March 21 – April 19
Taurus: April 20 – May 20


Diamond (Modern and Traditional)

Flowers of the Month:

Sweet Pea (means “I think of thee”), Daisy

Other Observances for April Include (But Not Limited To):

Welding Month (National)
Poetry Month (National)
Kite Flying Month (National)
Humor Month (National)
Counseling Awareness Month
Autism Awareness Month
Donate Life Month (Organ Donation)
Animal Cruelty Prevention Month


EvilAlienMom’s Birthday/Babci Day (NoRegrets’ Mom’s Birthday)

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Moms of Evil-E, AlienCG and NoRegrets, Happy Birthday to You Two!

Here’s a cake I found online this morning that has sugary decorations in the shape of vegetables. I’m thinking it’s appropriate because parents are famous for telling us to eat our veggies.

Happy Birthday, Moms! You raised some awesome individuals!!

Birthday Cake

Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Old”

Mistah DMarks chose the word for this week’s version of Saturday Scavenger Shots. The word is “Old”. So here we go!

Here is a small selection of old horror movies. Nothing like the old classics! Love em.


I cleaned out my fridge yesterday, and this shortening has been there since Thanksgiving. My mom left it for me “just in case”, but I don’t cook that much. So this is old shortening.


So those are my photo contributions for the word “Old”!


A friend of mine on MySpace announced that on Friday we should sing to one of our favorite songs into our hairbrushes, and then record us singing it and then post it on YouTube and Myspace. When he first announced this project last week, I was already into it and decided I would buy a wig. I did, and today I was able to catch the UPS guy because I treated myself to a day off from work. I love my new wig, by the way. It’s red with glittery strands. Why didn’t I buy wigs before? I’m definitely going to buy them from now on, because it is fun to put on an instant hairdo. Well here are some photos of the event:



Obscure Factoid

I have accepted the fact that I am not a pretty crier. Not like those people on TV or in the movies where they seem to look glamorous when they cry. At least most look glamorous. When I see actors who’s faces look red and blotchy, then that’s a good actor.

Anyway, I was watching a movie called “In Her Shoes” last night. It’s one of my favorite movies, but around the end of the movie it becomes more emotional and thought-provoking and it’s time to grab the Kleenex. So when the credits started to roll, I went into my bathroom to wash off my face and brush my teeth. My nose was red, my face puffy from crying, my eyes are all red and weepy. Not pretty.

I guess the trick is to catch the tears before they streak down the face, down the neck and all the way down to the ankles. Get them at the source and the face won’t look as bad. The only tell-tale sign is my nose which always turns red at the first sign of crying….or cold weather.

Are any of you glamorous criers out there? Or can you relate to this?

A Potpouri Dream

It’s been awhile since I had a weird, memorable dream, but I had one last night.

The dream started out with me in the back seat of a car – possibly a cab – with two friends I know on MySpace. It was nice to see them because they’re from England and I had never met them face-to-face before. They had American accents when they spoke though, which was kind of disappointing because I wanted them to speak with their English accents (they have some YouTube vids out there, so I’ve heard them). In the dream I may have willed my one friend into an English accent because the more he spoke to me, the more the accent came out.

So as we’re in the back of this car-cab, I heard thunder. I looked up at the dark skies looking for the lightening, but couldn’t see anything. I just kept hearing crash after crash of what I thought to be thunder. Then I realized it was coming from a fighter jet. It wasn’t a regular fighter jet, it had an amber tip to the end like the end of a toy laser gun (I don’t dream in all color, I seem to dream in highlights and apparently I have really good eyesight in my dream). It was aiming at something across the sky and when I looked, it was another plane. They started shooting at each other when the amber plane finally shot the other jet down. This made me relieved, so I guess the amber-tipped plane was good? I found us then in a room watching TV and the jet shootout wound up on the news, but it was a more gossipy type of news, so I assumed it wasn’t real.

Next and final part of the dream was us at a park with swings. There were two sets of swings, both had at least one swing that was twisted around and messed up. I saw my oldest brother on a piece of playground equipment, so I greeted him and then sat down on a swing. There was a little bit more to the dream, but I can’t remember it vividly enough.