Friday Flick Trailer (The Fog – 1980)

It is Friday, everybody! Time to celebrate the end of a long week. What better way to celebrate than to have another movie trailer posted, right? Okay, well I’m sure there are much better ways to celebrate Friday, but that was my intro. Anyway, this is a trailer for the original version of “The Fog”. This is one of my all-time favorite horror movies. If you’ve never seen it but like these types of movies, you should check it out. But I recommend the original, not the remake. Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!


August 2009!

Well here it is! August is tomorrow and the list is ready. Thank you again for all of your suggestions! If I forgot to add anything that you want in here, please let me know.



AUGUST 2009!!

1. August–Picnic at the Park Day–Enjoy the summer while it lasts, because Winter is coming!
2. Celebrate Our Last Month of Summer Day (Do Something Extremely Summery)
3. Teddy Bear Tea Day (Have a tea party with your favorite stuffed friend)
4. Kick Back Dude is 24 (and I am old)
5. Blog About Your Celebrity Crush Day
6. Make a Miniature House Out of Popsicle Sticks or Toothpicks
7. Save a Tree Day – Recycle Your Newspapers (If you have them)
8. Share the Song That’s Stuck in Your Head Today
9. Disorganization Appreciation Day
10. Love Bug is 2/Beginning of Alien’s “Cartoon Appreciation Week/BHM’s Birthday
11. Write a Poem About Stationary Today
12. NoRegrets’s Birthday!/Shooting Stars Day (Make some wishes – the Perseids meteor shower peaks this night!)
13. Left-Handers Day (International)
14. Act Like a Cat Today (Halle Barry’s Birthday – 1969)
15. Sneezing Awareness Day (Hay fever season starts – through Sept. 15th)
16. Ksra’s Birthday!
17. Do an Impression of Robert DeNiro in the Mirror Today (Robert DeNiro’s Birthday – 1943)
18. Homeless Animal Day (National)
19. Snuffleupagus’s Birthday! (Sesame Street Character)
20. Lemonade Day – Drink Lemonade!
21. Luau Day (Hawaii becomes the 50th state) – Eat a pineapple, drink Hawaiian Punch, and Hula Dance Today
22. Phone Etiquette Appreciation Day
23. Dance and Sing in the Rain Today (If no Rain, than the Living Room) – Gene Kelly’s Birthday – 1912
24. Help Aliens with Their Cargo of Cocoons Today (Steve Guttenberg’s 50th Birthday)
25. Follow the Yellow Brick Road Today (Wizard of Oz premiered, August 25, 1939)
26. Do Something Fun Today
27. Do Something Saintly Today (Mother Teresa’s Birthday – 1910)
28. Smoothie Appreciation Day
29. Little Prince is 1
30. National Toasted Marshmallow Day
31. Grow Old Gracefully Day (Ramona Trinidad Iglesias-Jordan was born August 31, 1889. Until her death on May 29, 2004, she had been the world’s oldest person)

Here are some other things to celebrate this month!

Admit You’re Happy Month
Family Fun Month
National Catfish Month
National Eye Exam Month
National Golf Month
Peach Month
Romance Awareness Month
Water Quality Month
National Picnic Month



Bah-ring it!

Tonight we went over to the local senior center/rec center to practice more for our concert. Even more people showed up this time, some of them didn’t get the email about a Monday concert rehearsal. It was fun to catch up with chicks I sat next to during our regular rehearsals.

Anyway, we practiced this time with the band. I stood right in back of the drums. Did that bother me? Nope! But the Cackler was situated right next to me and THAT bothered my ears. Our director said “Don’t worry about counting” which would make our regular director’s hair bristle. Many people liked hearing it, though, including the Cackler. In response, she let out a loud, sharp, “Wooooooooo!” It was an assault to my hearing, it was very sharp.

We sang with the band and it was kinda fun. Then we were done. A few of us wandered around the rec center for awhile. I remembered how expensive it was for me, as a resident, to go there for a year and a lady we were talking to mentioned that the nearby town’s rec center membership is much cheaper, even, we imagined, for non residents. So I’m going to check into that little tidbit.

So far I’ve had a moody week. I need to stop looking at my work email at home, especially during the weekend. Things get me riled up and I wind up losing sleep right before the start of a new week. Ugh. Plus, I was in such a mood on Sunday night that I decided I was going to tell that guy I have blogged about too much how I feel about him. I didn’t propose to him or say that I loved him (which I don’t, I just want to know him better), but I spilled out my mental guts. I wasn’t nasty, insulting or any of that. I meant every ding dang word. I figured…if he doesn’t respond, I’ll know for sure and forever that he wants nothing to do with me. If he does respond (I was expecting a court order and some white coats…it would’ve been a nice vacation), then I’d handle it however it was handled. He didn’t respond. There are so many ways to interpret it, but I think it was God’s way of telling me I need to move the hell on, that there are more fish in the sea, ones who are more worth it. As strong and independent as that sentence may seem, I felt a bit vulnerable and stupid today. But I’m slowly regaining my dignity.

Oh yeah, so addressing the title of my post. We were gathered together in a small room in order to practice for Friday’s concert. Our leader wanted us to line up in an order that made sense. Apparently I lingered too long, and the Cackler kidded with me and actually pushed me in the right direction. Oh noooo she dih-int! She playfully pushed me and I playfully knocked her lights out. Tee hee. We choir members are tough, do not mess with us ya hear?

Not So Fast, Cackler!

Our small gathering of choir members practiced for the patriotic concert that’s going to be held this Friday. I was glad to see that a few people I know in the Soprano I section had shown up. It felt like we were attending Summer school, this is the first time we have met to practice in the middle of Summer like this. It feels unnatural and fun at the same time.

The Cackle Queen (new nickname perhaps?) was among the Sopranos who showed up, and she was the same as how I had left her after our last concert. Our regular director will not be around for this concert, I think they said he’s on vacation. So our 2nd in command asked if there was anyone who’d like to volunteer as a choir director, and nobody raised their hands. I was expecting the Cackler to come forth, she seems so good at directing from her seat behind me. But she did not volunteer. She still brought attention to our organizer that we didn’t sound right in certain parts.

We practiced a medley of songs from the Armed Forces, then we sang “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and of course “The Star Spangled Banner”. We have another practice tomorrow, and that will be with the band.

So that’s where it stands! Thank you for all of the holiday suggestions again! August will be another fun month, I can feel it!

August Ideas, Please!

Hey everybody! Hope you all had a lovely, lovely weekend!

If you have any August holiday ideas you’d like me to post, just let me know! Anniversaries and birthdays, too!

I’m a happy camper, I just requested a week off for vacation in September and the vacation fairy has granted my wish. Yay!


Here’s the batmobile. Batman loves the Merry-Go-Round. Betcha didn’t know that!

Summer Down Now!

Laura B., the queen of Summer hijinks and good times, chose this week’s word to be “summer”. Perfect, since that season is upon us!

I found some photos that I took awhile back at Six Flags Amusement Park. Summer is the season to visit amusement parks. I found these photos just in time for this week’s word!

Shipwreck Falls 2

The next new photos will be progressive shots. This is one of my favorite rides at Six Flags, called Shipwreck Falls. Here is a shot of some riders going down the hill.

Shipwreck Falls 3

The impact of the boat/car/log hitting the well of water at the bottom of the hill creates a huge splash and a wave of water. People in the car get soaked, but it’s not over yet.

Shipwreck Falls 4

To the left, you’ll see the gob of water moving inland.

Shipwreck Falls 5

There is a platform nearby where people can watch the ride, but I advise you to not stand there in your new suit or whatever. You get soaked almost as much as the riders do, and you see the water coming toward you. I went on this ride several times. Several. But I also enjoyed standing on the platform and getting hit by the water. This shot was taken quickly so that I could hide my camera from the water.


Finally, here are some rafters at Six Flags. I don’t know what the ride is called, but I think all it consists of is to rent an inner tube and float down a lazy river. Maybe it was called Lazy River. Not sure.

That’s the end of my photo collection for this week’s word. Who will LB tag next? We shall see!

Friday Flick Trailer: Saving Grace

No, I’m not talking about the series on TNT with Holly Hunter. This is a movie shot in the UK about a widow who, with the help of her devoted gardener, gets out of a dept by nurturing, growing and selling some very special…plants to help get her out of a dept that her late husband put them into.

My mom and I both love this movie. I bought a copy for her and a copy for me last Christmas. Enjoy!