Hide the Ladders, Mirrors and Black Cats

My car’s brake light flickered on and off recently – I think I told you about that one. That was fixed. Then this week, while driving home for lunch, I heard an unsettling, crunching noise from my back brakes. Awesome. Didn’t they just look at this train wreck of a car? So I took it back in this week – Wednesday – and on Thursday I found out that I needed new rear brakes. There must’ve been a screw or rod that had been rusted off and that’s what was causing the noise. The guys that had looked at my car apparently hadn’t looked looked – hadn’t looked under the tires or anything. So the main mechanic reassured me that he would look at the car himself. Oooo! He did and found out I needed the new back brakes. He fixed it all up for a price that, really, seemed reasonable. I had my car worked on years ago by another mechanic from another place and he would’ve charged me double.

My mom dropped me off last night (around 6ish) to pick up my car, and we both decided she could head on home. She left, and I picked up my car and headed home myself. After I stopped to fill up my tank, I got home to find out I had three voicemail messages. The first one was just garbled, wrong number chatter. The next two messages were more important.

My mom was almost home from dropping me off when she got into a car accident! She is fine – very, very lucky, was able to walk away with a burn on her elbow from when the airbag deployed, and her neck was a little red from the seatbelt. She had put her arm in front of her when the airbag popped out. Otherwise, who knows, it could’ve been much worse! Even more worse if she hadn’t worn her seatbelt. The other driver was okay too. My mom’s poor car will need work, it is out of commission for now.

So there is some drama that needs to be sorted out from all of that, and my mom is thinking about how much more affordable – and less frightening – it would be if she didn’t have to use a car at all anymore. We have free transportation for senior citizens out here, and she would like to use that for grocery trips and appointments with the doctor. Then of course she has me and one of my brothers. I don’t know if she’ll change her mind about the no-car issue later on, but that’s how it stands.

That’s the newest drama! I feel like, with car problems and crashes, one of us has walked under a ladder or broken a mirror somewhere down the line. Oh well. Could be much, much, much, much worse.



Hey! I felt like doing a meme today. I found one that has 30 or 40 questions, but didn’t like all of them. So I only included questions that I could tolerate. Sound reasonable? You should fill out this meme if you get a chance. It’s the right thing to do.

01) Are you currently in a serious relationship?


02) What was your dream growing up?

To live in the mall. I figured there was the food court if I got hungry, JC Penney/Macy’s/Sears for clothes and beds, KB Toy Shop for….toys (I’m not even sure we still have a KB Toy Shop) and plenty of other stores for whatever else I might have needed. It seemed like a great plan!

03) What talent do you wish you had?

The ability to say the right thing all the time and being able to provide a witty comeback for anyone giving me sass.

04) If I bought you a drink what would it be?

Bubble tea, please. And keep ’em coming.

05) Favorite vegetable?

Spinach, brussel sprouts and snow peas

06) What zodiac sign are you?


07) Worst Habit?

Worrying about stupid crap.

08) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?

If you offered chocolate perhaps. I guess it would also depend on if I liked you or not. If I didn’t then have fun walkin! Harsh, I know. >:-)

09) Do you have a Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude?

I don’t like to be negative or cynical, but sometimes it happens.  However, if someone else is being pessimistic, I try to be the optimist.

10) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?

I don’t know – maybe find something to talk about. After pressing the emergency button, of course.

11) Worst thing to ever happen to you?

Basically every time my mom has had to go to the hospital.

12) Do you have any pets?

Yes, my cat Skit-Skits (aka Skittles)

13) What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly?

I suppose I’d let you in for some coffee and snacks. But if you arrived unexpectedly, I might not be there.

14) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?

They’re certainly not cute.

15) What color eyes do you have?

Dark brown

16) Ever been arrested?

Not yet!

17) Bottle or can soda?


18) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?

Use it towards a new car and help my mom with hers.

19) What’s your favorite place to hang out?


20) Do you believe in ghosts?

I guess so, but I think I would need to see one to confirm everything.

21) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Watch movies, walk, play on the internet.

22) Do you swear a lot?

I try to avoid it.

23) Biggest pet peeve?

People giving me the run-around. I get it at work too, when trying to find the right person to transfer the call to, and the person I’m trying to talk to doesn’t want to handle the call. Just take the damn call, you’re not on a lunch break.

24) In one word, how would you describe yourself?


25) Do you believe/appreciate romance?


26) Favorite and least favorite food?

Favorite: Cheeseburger and fries

Least Favorite: Calimari

27) Do you believe in God?

Yes – I don’t understand some of His decisions, but I do believe.

28) Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?


May 2010!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is finally a new month. I don’t know what kind of problem I have with April, but for some reason it just doesn’t sit well with me. It seemed to take forever to end. Anyway, thank you again for helping me with the list of holidays! And since it is Salsa Month, I thought I’d make all of us hungry by posting a beautiful photo of chips and salsa.

MAY 2010!!

1. Plant The Seeds Of Spring Day
2. May Flowers Day (Talk About What You’ve Planted in Your Gardens)
3. BabyBull’s 44th Birthday!
4. Give Your Microwave a Day Off Today (Go Out to Eat or Bake Something in the Oven)
5. Eat Delicious Mexican Food Today – Cinco de Mayo!
6. Learn a New Dance Move Today
7. International Tuba Day
8. Embrace Your Friends from the Past Today
9. Mother’s Day (Show Appreciation for a Mom)
10. Clean up Your Room Day
11. Pizza and Breadsticks Appreciation Day
12. International Nurses Day/Receptionists Day
13. Frog Jumping Day
14. National Chicken Dance Day
15. Choir Appreciation Day
16. Have a Picnic Day (Indoor or Out)
17. World Hypertension Day (Hypertension Awareness)
18. Write Everything in Very Small Print Today
19. Make Your Own List of Ten Commandments and Hand It Over to Someone Today (Shavuot)
20. Handsome Lad’s 13th Birthday!/Timothy Olyphant’s Birthday (1968)!
21. Airplane Peanut Appreciation Day (Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic on this Day in 1927)
22. Australia Flag Day (1909)
23. Dine on Cheese and Crackers Today
24. Victoria Day! (Canada)
25. Interoffice Envelope Appreciation Day
26. Dance Around With a Bunch of Silk Scarves Today (Stevie Nicks – Born This Day in 1948)
27. Paul Bettany’s Birthday (Born this Day in 1971)!
28. Take a Photo of a Bridge in Your Town Today (Golden Gate Bridge opened This Day in 1937)/Tim Gets an IPad!
29. Melissa Etheridge’s Birthday! (1961)
30. Celebrate Water Day/5 Year Blogiversary of Eclectic Spaghetti!
31. Memorial Day!

Watch a “Seinfeld” Episode (or two or three) Today (Jerry Seinfeld’s Birthday – 1954)

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Jerry Seinfeld, Happy Birthday to Youuu!

Okay, that’s out of the way, now it’s time to celebrate! If you are a fan of the “Seinfeld” series, you should watch a few of your favorite episodes. What are some of your favorites? I have attached some clips of a few of my favorites.

May Ideas (But First Some Blah-Blahology)

Choir was fun again last night. I mean it’s usually fun, but our director was in another great mood, so he made us laugh a lot.

By the time I got home, it was 9:30 and I was all energized. So I finished watching “The Core”, ate several a few potato chips and then tried to get some sleep. Couldn’t sleep, and it was one of those nights where I think I tossed and turned in place of getting a proper night’s sleep. Good times. I had bought a kit of essential oils last year, and if you put some peppermint extract on your hands and then inhale the scent, it’s supposed to wake you up. Only problem is that you have to remember that you have it. I need an essential oil to enhance my memory.

Okay, enough blabber-jabber. It’s almost May! Although I have a few holidays in mind, I would love to see yours too! So if you have any holidays you’d like me to list, please share! Thank ya!

Weekend O’Movies

I love the fact that the mailman who delivers mail at my apartment is the same one who delivers mail at my office. He has saved me a trip to the post office on several occasions now, since he knows where I work. I ordered some movies on Amazon recently, and I haven’t had to travel to the post office to collect them because he will just stop by the front desk. Awesome! Cuz I hate waiting for movies I’ve ordered. I bought: “Alien Resurrection”, “Eastern Promises” and “The Core”. Then I bought “Avatar” and my copy of “The Reader” arrived via Netflix. It was gonna be a movie-watching weekend!

I have “Alien” and “Aliens”, but I won’t buy “Alien 3”. I didn’t like that one, by then I was tired of the dark and drippy, rainy planet she (Ripley) was stuck on, and I was disturbed by the ending. So imagine my delight when “Alien Resurrection” came out and Ripley was back..or rather her clone was back. Plus, another obscure crush of mine, Michael Wincott, was in the movie, if only for a brief moment.

“Eastern Promises” was an amazing movie. When I first watched it, I was shocked over how much of Viggo Mortensen (yet another celebrity crush…Are you counting?) I was able to see in the movie, but I was still able to appreciate the story and the wonderful acting. The nude, mafia fight scene in the spa is more convincing, less jarring and more natural the second time you watch the movie.

“The Reader” was a movie I’ve been meaning to watch for quite awhile now, and it was worth the wait. It was about a young man who falls in love with a mysterious German woman who wants him to read to her. They have a torrid affair until one day she disappears. He becomes a law student and finds out she is on trial as a Nazi war criminal. Excellent acting, great story.

“Avatar” – Lots of tall, blue people, lots of beautiful scenery and sacred trees and Sigourney Weaver emerging from a sleep capsule….again. :)

So that about sums up my weekend plans. Tonight is another choir rehearsal. On Monday mornings I feel like I won’t have enough steam to go sing later on, but usually I feel different by the end of the day. So I guess I’ll see how I feel later on, right? Go team.

“Game On!”

This week was filled with nice surprises! First of all, I guess Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day. Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all of you professional adminstratives! :) I thought it was next week, actually. Either way, though, I was expecting it to be just another day. Even though I was doing administrative work in my last position, I wasn’t quite sure if I was considered a secretary or office assistant. And even if I was considered clerical, I don’t think the people in my previous department were into remembering such holidays. You would have to shout about your own birthday through a megaphone for a month in advance if you wanted to get a birthday nod. But not in my new department! Before I took a birthday vacation last month, I received a birthday card signed by three of my coworkers!

Anyway, so on Wednesday, after I had to drop my car off at the mechanic because my brake light blinked on and off last weekend, I talked to a coworker who said her manager had her door decorated and gave her a really nice card and everything. A really nice gesture! Refreshing! As I started my day, and while I was on the phone with a customer, a manager from a department I assist came in and gave me a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips and a greeting card! If I was to expect anything from anyone, she would’ve been the last person I would expect to give me something. She’s a hard person to read, and sometimes looks like she’s gonna tear into you on a bad day. And she has been known to tear into people.  So this was a wonderful surprise. Plus, the card she gave me was signed by everyone in her department! Some wrote more than just their name, they wrote a nice, brief message.  Then after lunch I saw another card in my mailbox from another department I’ve been assisting since I started this new position!

One of the guys I used to work with in the other department came in, saw someone else’s door decoration and asked her if it was her birthday. When he was told it was Administrative Professionals Day, he said, “Oh I’m gonna have to get something for my wife!” I heard someone remark to him, “So if it’s not about you, you totally forget?” Ouch, but that’s usually how his brain works. Then on his way back to his office he shot me a quick “Happy Administrative Professionals Day!” It’s something, right? ;)

Remember how I told you that I would have to stay behind while everyone else went to Dave & Busters for games and lunch? Well things changed and I was able to go! The girl that relieves me at the desk for lunch and at the end of the day said that she didn’t want to go and asked if I wanted to go instead. Hell yes! I’d have to be back earlier than everyone else to relieve her while she picked up her daughter, but I would be able to go! It was a beautiful day, too. We had a fajita buffet with a delicious berry dessert and then we were able to go play arcade games. Each person received a game card worth 10 bucks. I was able to play about four games before I had to head back to the office, but I was so glad I was able to hang out with my coworkers.

Oh! As for my car, I took it in so they could find out what was wrong, and all it needed was more brake fluid (I used my brakes a lot this past Winter). They refilled my brake fluid, tested my brakes, which were fine, and didn’t charge me one cent!

Last night I sat down and watched “Robocop”. When I first saw that movie at the theaters, a few scenes were pretty disturbing for me, basically the pre-Robocop, police brutality gang scene. I also thought that the robot the one guy introduced at the board meeting was kind of scary and intimidating. But I still love the movie and can watch it without feeling disturbed in any way. The only disturbing thing is the fact that I’m not disturbed at the revenge scenes. Muah ha ha.

That’s how this week has been rolling along! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!