Weekend Movies

This weekend I watched a few really good movies. The first one was something I rented from Netflix, called “The Queen”. It tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II having to face the conflicts following the death of Diana, and it gave you a glimpse of her interaction with Prime Minister Tony Blair during that time, and the compromises that had to take place. I really enjoyed watching this movie, the acting from everyone was amazing, especially from Helen Mirren who played Queen Elizabeth II and Michael Sheen who played Prime Minister Tony Blair. I remembered Michael Sheen in “Underworld” where he played the leader of the werewolves, Lucien. This was quite a change, but even in “Underworld” he was unforgettable and intense. Some of the scenes in “The Queen” were light hearted, but tactful. I definitely recommend this one.

The next movie was on TV, and I had seen it before. “The Color Purple” is about Celie, a young black girl who grows up in the early 1900s. She gets pregnant at 14 by her father and then the story follows how she grows up in a bad household for 30 years after being separated from her sister. It’s a lengthy movie, but well worth it. There are some funny moments in it, and then there are some weepy moments that call for a box of Kleenex. Some scenes break me up everytime I watch it. It’s another movie I recommend.

Another movie on TV was “Kiss the Girls”. This was a movie based on the book by James Patterson. Although the book has a little more depth to it, they did a great job with the movie. This is a thriller that stars Ashley Judd as Kate, a medical student in North Carolina who gets abducted and is held captive with other missing women, including the niece of a Washington DC detective named Alex Cross (played by the wonderful Morgan Freeman). She escapes and helps Cross track down the psychopath who chooses women by looks and their talent and then has them perform for him in the dungeon he keeps them in. If they break his rules, he tortures and kills them. He calls himself Casanova. I don’t usually get freaked out and nervous during mysteries, but I felt it while watching this one, especially during Kate’s abduction. The acting is really good and the storyline is interesting. You could follow it even if you didn’t read the book.

Anyone else see some good movies this weekend?

Bubbles Monday (Blow Some Bubbles at Work or Home)

Today you should blow some bubbles. If you can do that at work, go for it. Otherwise, do it at home, especially if the weather is nice so that you can do it outside. I get a kick out of imagining someone seeing random bubbles without knowing where they’re coming from.

A few weeks ago I bought a purple bottle of non-toxic bubble solution. It was the first beautiful, warm day we’d had in awhile, so I sat out on my balcony. This was a Friday, and apparently others were happy for the weather and the day too. Someone on another floor had their balcony door open and were playing some music loud enough for me to hear, but soft enough to be pleasant. So I sat there blowing some bubbles and listening to music. Very good times. I hope to do that again in the very near future.

Until then, I was being a rebel and blew some bubbles in my apartment. My cat is a little nervous around them, since she was too close to one and it popped and it startled her. But she didn’t run far and just sat at a distance looking at the bubbles that kept appearing. Here are some photos.

May, Mai, Mayo, Maggio


Astrological Signs:
Taurus: April 20 – May 20
Gemini: May 21 – June 20



1) Cheerios Appreciation Day (Introduced on 5/1/1941)
2) Post Your Favorite YouTube Video Day/Christine Baranski’s Birthday (Born this day in 1952)
3) Babybull’s 41st Birthday!
4) Celebrate Iowa Day
5) Head Cold Awareness Day/Take Care of Your Pancreas Day
6) Freudian Slip Day (Freud’s birthday)
7) Create a Conspiracy about Duckbill Platypuses and Their Desire to Take over the World Day
8) Coca Cola Day (Introduced on 5/8/1886)
9) Cheese Lovers Day
10) “Rock Around the Clock” Day (Released on 5/10/1954)
11) Salvadore Dali Day/Cubicle Workers Appeciation Day
12) Katherine Hepburn Day
13) Good Postie (Mail Person) Day
14) Martian Cricket Day
15) Michael Oldfield’s Birthday (The guy who wrote the instrumental “Tubular Bells”, which was the theme heard in “The Exorcist”)/Go Intertubing Day
16) Have a Root Beer Day (Invented on 5/16/1866)
17) Create a Post that Sounds Like a Horror Movie Day
18) Your Current Weather Appreciation Day
19) Dream Analysis Day (Analyze Your Most Recent, Weird Dream)
20) I Hate My Allergies Day
21) “Star Wars” Appreciation Week
22) Mister Rogers Day (First Episode 5/22/1967)
23) Write a Post in Pig Latin Day
24) List Your Most Current Annoyances Day
25) Pirates Day (“Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End”, hits the movie screens), Watch “Star Wars” Yet Again Day (Released 5/25/1977)
26) Post a Review of the Most Recent Movie You’ve Seen Day (Either theatre or DVD)
27) Post About Your Most Intense Fear Day
28) Learn A New Skill Day
29) Tuesday Tags Posting Contest (Take a picture of cool graffiti and post it so Evil-E Can Rate It on His Blog)
30) Mel Blanc Appreciation Day
31) Corn Flakes Day (Patented 5/31/1884)


PS: I was having some problems with Blogger earlier, and the comments left on this post disappeared. Thank you to anyone who left comments, and I’m sorry they vanished.

Insomnia Due to Laughter

Last night I had problems getting to sleep. Not because of stress or the many thoughts that tend to run through my head at the exact time I’m trying to sleep, but because I was laughing too hard. I like that kind of insomnia, actually.

A memory popped into my head so strong that I couldn’t settle down unless I drew the image that was in my head. I have the drawing, but my computer isn’t letting me post the illustration right now. I’ll have to do that later.

Well a long time ago I was planning a girly type of slumber party. This may have been in either junior high or high school. Anyway, so I had to stock up on party supplies, so I went with my mom to the grocery store. She told me I could get half of a pound of candy for the party.

So I walked up to the bulk candy bins and started to load up my bag to weigh it. I misunderstood the scale, and thought that the number 5 on the scale stood for .5 or half of a pound. I kept filling the bag, and filling the bag until the needle on the scale went to the number five. Something seemed weird. The bag was bulging and heavy. Had I miscalculated?

I walked up to my mom, and like the bag, her eyes suddenly bulged out in surprise. “Mom? This doesn’t look right.”

Well I had gathered five pounds worth of candy, not half of a pound. But just the memory of seeing that bag, and feeling how heavy it was, and remembering what I said to my mom made me laugh nonstop until I drew the image. Even while I was drawing, I had a hard time keeping the pen straight.

Good memory. :D

A Request for May Ideas!

This wolf is helping me send a shout..er…howl out to all of you for next month’s holiday ideas!

Feel free to suggest some zany holidays so that we can all celebrate and laugh and cry and bond through the magic of Blogger.

You’ve been so awesome with the past calendars, so I really appreciate your ideas! Thank youuuuuu!!