Saturday Scavenger Shots: Instrument

Happy Easter Eve! AlienCG picked the word “instrument” for this week’s edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots! Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Here’s a little violin I bought at a garage sale last year. It looks like a musical instrument and it’s a music “box”! I couldn’t resist snatching it up. It rests on my night stand now.

Mini Musical Instrument

Mini Musical Instrument

Here is a photo of one of my high-tech spider-trapping instruments. It’s actually the case to my iPod Touch that just happened to be nearby when this spider dropped by to chill and scare the hell out of me. I trapped the spider between the case and a greeting card I had on hand. The spider lived to freak out someone else in another apartment (or perhaps met its fate soon after I let it loose outside).

High Tech Spider-Trapping Instrument

High Tech Spider-Trapping Instrument

Oh, and I’ve been tagged for next week’s word! Let’s go with: BUBBLES.


Dog Spelled Backwards is God…Do Cats Know about This?

Well hey there! Laura chose “dog” for this past Saturday’s game of Saturday Scavenger Shots! I know I had some photos for the word, so I scrounged around and fetched four that I wanted to post.

Kelly 1

This photo has some rusty spots on it, but this is our dog Kelly. She was a lovely dog who put up with lots of shenanigans.

Kelly 2

Here’s a clearer photo of Kelly. She was our dog for a long time, hung around to train our pup Precious and then left us awhile later. She was very friendly and gentle.


Here is Precious. I didn’t think about the “Silence of the Lambs” reference when I named her that day. I was going to name her SAP, short for Sweet and Precious. A neighbor said I should call her “Precious” and that’s the name that stuck.

Precious 2

Precious was such a playful, friendly pup all the way up past her senior years. She even tolerated Claudia, our first cat of the family, and they eventually became friends.

“Cat, I’m a Kitty-Cat”

I asked Joshua the cat to contribute to this week’s blog posting for Saturday Scavenger Shots. He agreed on the condition that he gets extra treats and an entire can of tuna.:

Meow! Meow row row mow meow “Saturday Scavenger Shots”. Tara meow mow mrow “cat”. Mrow, meow mew…

Tara's desk walls are littered  with cat photos. See?

Tara’s desk walls are littered with cat photos. See?

Imagine that! More cat photos....

Imagine that! More cat photos….

Sir Joshua McJosherton of the McJoshershire Abby

Sir Joshua McJosherton of the McJoshershire Abby

Snow Leopard says, "You talkin' to me?!"

Snow Leopard says, “You talkin’ to me?!”

Beautiful cheetah in the wilds of....Cleveland, Ohio.

Beautiful cheetah in the wilds of….Cleveland, Ohio.

The lion's den is right by the zoo's food court. We could be *his* food court.

The lion’s den is right by the zoo’s food court. We could be *his* food court.

Mea mrow mrow. Tara meows Laura mrow “What Fresh Hell is This?”.

Thanks Joshua! Well I hope this post wasn’t too annoying for you to read. Josh prefers to speak and type in “cat-anese”, and he knows that I’m odd enough to let him blog for me. Laura, Joshua tagged you to be the next word chooser!

“I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really, really want.”

Someone called this morning to speak to one of my coworkers and both times he called he told me that I sounded like a recording. Would you consider that a compliment or insult? I didn’t know what to make of it. The first time he told me, I said “thank you”, although I didn’t know if I should be thankful, and the second time he said it (NOW who sounds like a recording, Mister), I apologized. I shouldn’t have done that, either. What in the hell am I supposed to sound like? I sound professional, I’m not going to answer the phone saying, “Yo, what do ya want?” Argh, anyway, that was just one person who said that to me, so I shouldn’t let it simmer and bubble in my head.

After work today, I plan on ordering a big, sloppy, maybe cheesy, oniony burger with a large side of onion rings, going home and watching a four-movie marathon of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. I was able to buy one case of four DVDs for a very affordable price (under $10) from Amazon. I think my favorite of that series was “Dream Warriors”. Anyway, I plan to veg out.

Reeling It In

– My mom turned 79 today! She also found out today that she has some eye allergies, so her doctor is going to find out what’s causing all the fuss. If it’s her cat that’s doing it, Joshua might have to live with me. I guess I’ll take him in. It’s not like he’s cute or funny or anything. Pshh.

Anyway, we were supposed to go shopping on Saturday, but she wanted to stay in because she was concerned about her cold (we both thought she had a cold in her eyes, but it turned out to be allergies). Instead, I brought over some German Chocolate cupcakes that I made the night before and we watched the movie “Billy Elliot”. Have you seen that movie? You should. Netflix it.

– Meanwhile at work, we have hired a new instructor. When he first came in for an interview, the office was a-buzz. He’s very attractive. It was slightly intimidating at first, but then he made things better by being all professional, soft-spoken, down-to-earth and courteous. What made it funny, though, was that the resident dream-guy with the bratty sense of humor, chiseled jaw and military background was jealous, but dismissed everything by announcing that the guy was too short. Um, not for me!

He stopped in a few Fridays ago for an appointment. While the person he was supposed to meet with was on the phone with someone else, we started talking about our weekends. After he told me about his weekend and asked me about mine, I opened up about my recent hobby of building a dollhouse. I really should’ve reeled it in, but bless his heart he listened to my ramblings and looked interested. Eventually he met up with the person he was supposed to meet with, but before he left he made a point to stop and say “goodbye” to me. He did the same thing today when he popped in. I wish I had been prepared today, but he caught me off guard. According to my mom, though, it’s good to hold it back a bit, don’t look over-eager. I have gone the over-eager route, the person called me on it and I was hurt deeply. I don’t want to feel that again, if I can help it.