January, Januari, Janvier, Januar, Enero….2008!

Well peeps, here are the holidays for January! Thank you for the suggestions again, they were extremelysnowdrop2.jpg helpful! I had a hard time thinking up my own stuff, so I depended more on the stuff listed on Butlerwebs. If I missed any of your birthdays for January, please let me know and I’ll list them right away.


Jan 1 – Many Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2008!!

Jan 2 – Run It Up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes Day

Jan 3 – Festival of Sleep Day/National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Jan 4 – Braille Day (Louis Braille Born this Day in 1809)

Jan 5 – Snoopy Appreciation Day (Snoopy first walks on two legs in the Peanuts cartoon strip this day back in 1956)

Jan 6 – Learn Morse Code (Telegraph was first demonstrated by Samuel Morse on this day back in 1838)

Jan 7 – Go Footloose Today (Kenny Loggins Born this day back in 1948)

Jan 8 – National English Toffee Day

Jan 9 – Give Advice to Someone Day (Dear Abby was published for the first time in 1956)

Jan 10 – Rod Stewart’s Birthday (1945)

Jan 11 – Read a Map Day (Start of Amelia Earhart’s two-day solo flight across the Pacific, 1935)

Jan 12 – Sit in a Chair in Your Living Room and Be Crabby Day (“All in the Family” TV Series premiered January 12, 1971)

Jan 13 – Blame Someone Else Day

Jan 14 – Clean Off Your Desk Day

Jan 15 – Blog About Your Favorite Football Team Day (First Superbowl Game, 1967)

Jan 16 – National Nothing Day

Jan 17 – Do Your Best Impression of Darth Vader (James Earl Jones, Voice of Darth Vader, Born this Day in 1931)

Jan 18 – Cary Grant’s Birthday (1904)

Jan 19 – Edgar Allen Poe’s Birthday (1809)

Jan 20 – Jackson DeForest Kelley’s Birthday – aka Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy from “Star Trek” (1920)

Jan 21 – Post Something You Dream of Doing (Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observed)

Jan 22 – Linda Blair’s Birthday (1959)/Wolf Appreciation Day (Full Moon)

Jan 23 – National Pie Day

Jan 24 – First Heart Transplant (1964)/Square Dance Day

Jan 25 – Opposite Day

Jan 26 – Ellen DeGeneres’s Birthday (1958)

Jan 27 – Light Bulb Appreciation Day (Electric light patented, 1880)

Jan 28 – Challenger Remembrance Day

Jan 29 – Election Day for Florida

Jan 30 – Nicotine’s Birthday!/Fun at Work Day

Jan 31 – Help Someone Open a Bottle Day (Twist-Off Bottle Cap Invented in 1956)


Saturday Scavenger Shot: “Happy”

Before Mr. Manuel went on vacation, he picked the next word to be “Happy”. This was a fun word to work with, because Christmas was fun and happiness happened.

This is my nephew “S” with his brand new IPod! He was obviously very happy about his present and spent the rest of the visit listening to tunes. He poses very well for photos. Quite the honey-baked ham. :)

IPod Happiness

Here’s a photo of my other nephew “C”. I bought them the game “Operation” and we weren’t really playing for fake money, just taking turns taking plastic objects out of the patient there, without him buzzing at us. “C” was a happy camper.

Like a Surgeon
Finally, here’s a vintage shot of me holding my rag doll named “Happy”. He’s still around and resides at Chez Tara.


Eat with Chopsticks Day

I might have the opportunity to actually eat with chopsticks today! Our school closes at noon today for New Year’s break. My mom and I are meeting some friends for a movie and lunch and then when they leave, we’re going to a place called Nam Wah’s for dinner. They serve the tastiest Asian food. Our favorite is their Vietnamese crystal rolls. They’re not a fried dish, they are served cool. Basically various chopped veggies wrapped in rice paper wrappers and served with a dipping sauce. So refreshing and flavorful. I’m getting hungry for them already. Then there’s the old standby rice and shrimp dish. The restaurant gives you silverware and some chopsticks if I remember correctly. Just in case you want to be bold.

Well I hope you all have a very fun and safe New Year! Like I said for Christmas, I’ll probably post a few things this weekend, like the Saturday Scavenger Shot theme. Otherwise, here’s to more blogging in 2008! Woo hoo!

Crystal Rolls


I don’t normally make resolutions for the New Year. It gives me one less thing to worry about if I don’t tell myself what I need to be doing by the end of the next year. If I don’t tell myself what I’m going to do, it’s easier for me to do it. Weird, huh? It has worked in the past.

Never throughout all of the celebrations for a New Year, have I proclaimed that I would find a better job (even when I was working at a fast food joint), but I did. Nor did I ever proclaim that I would start exercising, and yet that’s what I’ve been doing. There was never even a moment when the big glittery ball dropped for the New Year’s celebration that I said I would move out of my mom’s place and into my own apartment. Yet here I am, living on my own and loving it. Imagine what I won’t proclaim for next year!

But this time I’ll make a list of some resolutions that would be nice to stick to for 2008:

New Year’s Resolution #1: Drink Less – I don’t mean drinking less water, less V8 Fusion or less coffee. I mean I’d like to stop going overboard with drinking wine. Notice I didn’t say I’d like to stop drinking it altogether. But when the weekend approaches and I have a few bottles in the fridge, I tend to desert my inner voice that says I should stop after two glasses.  Perhaps it’s that danger of drinking alone. I need to invite more of my friends over so that they can help me drink that wine. Anyway, I don’t like the way I feel after I’ve had too much, and yet the party animal inside my head while I’m drinking the wine tells me, “Ah, so what? It tastes good right now, so drink up!” I’m not an alcoholic, and no I’m not in denial. I know it’s one of those signs. But I am conscious of the fact that I drink too much. So I’m going to stop doing that in 2008. 

New Year’s Resolution #2:  Stop Worrying So Much! – I’m a nervous person in general, but there are too many times when I find myself consumed by worry. Not the important stuff, either, like world peace, the environment or the fact that the icebergs are melting and we might wind up buried in snow with Jake Gyllenhaal like that movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. I worry what people think of me, I worry if my family members are mad at me for something I’m not aware of, I worry about emails that go unanswered…Well you name it. It’s not like I lose too much sleep over this stuff, but I do think about things like that wayyyyyy too much. So I’d like to fix that habit as well. That might be more challenging. I won’t say impossible, because that’s negative. But to say that I’m going to stop worrying so much is like saying I’m going to change my whole personality with the snap of my fingers.

New Year’s Resolution #3: Open Myself Up to Meeting New People – And by new people I mean men. I’d love to stop being so uptight, insecure and paranoid around them. But again, that’s like changing my whole personality. It’ll be a challenge and I’m hesitant about declaring it, but I’m tired of not being able to relate to others who aren’t afraid to date. It just makes me more insecure and I don’t like that feeling anymore than I do when I’ve had too much to drink the night before. So there.

New Year’s Resolution #4: “Go Back to Your Desk, Settle Down, Focus and Catch Up!” – Like the line in the movie “Haiku Tunnel” where the boss of the main character gives him tips on how to handle his “artistic temperament”, I need to blog less while I’m at work so that I can get more done and start to be more productive again. I’m a good worker, but my work attention span goes out the window if I have ideas to blog about or if I’m busy-bored and want to play computer games. Gotta stop that for sure and just use my home computer for that stuff. If I have ideas to blog about, I can write them down during the day (if I remember). But obviously, I’m not starting today.

New Year’s Resolution #5: Redecorate My Apartment – Remember when I said I wanted to paint my bathroom? Well I’m gonna do it in 2008. I found the color too, while browsing around Lowe’s. The color is called “Ocean Sigh” and it’s a wonderful shade of ocean blue. I’m also going to see if I can change my bed around and just clean up clutter and stuff. Maybe move some other things around, get some new but cheap balcony furniture…Stuff like that.

Anyway there’s a good list of resolutions that I can look forward to working on in 2008. Do you have any you’d like to work on? What would you like to change? 

Let’s Do This Again Next Year

Well I hope you all enjoyed the holiday! I have to work today, but that’s okay because the manager isn’t there and neither are the students. That means that I can straighten up my office, file stuff without disruption and just actually relax at work. So I’m happy. Oh and of course there are only three days this week. Then the next time we go back to work, it’ll be 2008! Yusss! Why am I so happy about that? I don’t know. It’s just a number, really. But a new year, a new chance to change things.So what did you get for Christmas or the holiday you celebrated? I got these fabulous prizes:

  • “Southpark” pajamas (they read “Respect my authority!”)
  • A digital photo frame
  • Two beautiful sweaters (one is forest green, the other is a bluish grey)
  • A Wal-Mart giftcard
  • An interesting book
  • A cashmere scarf from Paris, France
  • Movies
  • Chocolates
  • Homemade cranberry bread
  • Ornaments

The movies were picked out by my mom with glee. She got me this set of old zombie movies, then a set of old ghost stories and then she got me another horror movie that looks pretty interesting. I’ve never seen it and right now the title escapes my memory, but I’ll have to post a review as soon as I watch it. Last night I watched one of the movies in the ghost story combo. It was called…um…Okay, can’t remember that movie title either. My mind is a bit blah. But I took a liking to the movie. This scientist catches his wife getting overly friendly with the hired handyman in the greenhouse, so he tortures them and uses their blood to heal his mistress who suffers from a weird aging disorder. Then he finds out that his now late wife changed her will so that her money would go to her mentally disturbed sister. Of course now he has to marry the sister. She in turn starts to see and hear weird things in the castle, and the late wife and her boyfriend come back to haunt the scientist. The movie wasn’t as spooky as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty good.

On Christmas Day, my mom and I went over to my brother’s place to have lunch with his family. We had honey-baked ham, warm croissants and some really creamy and tasty macaroni and cheese. Yum! We also went there to check out their Nintendo Wii that Santa had left for my nephews. I got to play some tennis, bowling and boxing with one of my nephews. I need to buy myself a Wii, because that was so much fun. A good workout too, especially with the boxing game, as we have to actually work our arms so the little people in the game can work theirs. Anyway, we all had a great Christmas. Hope you did too!

And Then Some!

The HOTTEST ORIGINAL graphics on the NET at Sparkletags.Com
I hope everyone has a very merry, merry, merry, merry, merry, Merry Christmas! And then some! I’m sure I’ll be posting stuff after Christmas, but if not, I hope you have a very happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, Happy New Year, too!
I’m incredibly grateful to have “met” all of my blogger friends! Here’s to another exciting year of more blogging!