Feb’s Here!

Oh, Feb. Short for February. It is almost here! I have lukewarm feelings about February, since Valentine’s Day occurs within this month. I’m even refusing the idea that it’s on the 14th. An “Anti Valentine’s Day”, suggested by Mistah Sparky Malarkey, will be held the day before. As for the actual 14th day of February, my awesome friend Laura B. has a birthday that day! So I am more than happy to celebrate it as a very Happy Birthday!

It occurred to me while making the holiday list for February that, you all made most of that list! It was up to me to make a few more suggestions, but you MADE the list! Thank you not just very, but exponentially much!

I give you..


1. Scan a Receipt Day (Scan a Receipt of Something You Bought Today)
2. Virtual Holiday Appreciation Day! (Where would you go?)
3. My All-Time Favorite Book Day
4. Sebastien’s T-Shirts Appreciation Day!
5. Pet Appreciation Day (Blog About Your Pets)
6. Act Like a Shark and Bite Random Strangers Today
7. My Dream Car Day (Blog About Your Dream Car)
8. Music of the Hour Day (Your Favorite Tune in That Particular Hour)
9. Share a Recipe Today
10. Greet People in a Different Language Today
11. Anti-Award Show Day
12. Do Your Tasks/Chores Like an Olympic Athlete Day – Pretend You’re Slalom Skiing While You Vacuum, Playing Hockey While You Mop, Curling When You Sweep, A Figure Skater While Preparing A Meal, or a Speed Skater When Moving from Room to Room.
(Opening Ceremonies Of The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!!!)
13. Anti Valentine’s Day
14. Laura B.’s Birthday!
15. Use your Loose Change for Purchases Today (President’s Day–Lincoln’s Birthday 15th, Washington’s Birthday 22nd)
16. Wear A Mask, Something Purple, Green or Gold, and Some Beads and Eat Fried Dough (A Beignet, Donut, or Funnel Cake) – (it’s Mardi Gras!) Optional: “Give Beads To People Who Flash You…A Smile, Because This Is A Family Friendly Blog!”
17. Blog About Your Favorite President Today
18. Declare Pluto is Still a Planet Today! (Pluto Discovered by American Clyde Tombaugh Today in 1930)
19. Blaxploitation Film Appreciation Day
20. Confront a Problem You Have Today and Solve It
21. Remember to Floss and Brush Your Teeth Today (First woman graduates from dental school, Lucy Hobbs of Cincinnati, Ohio on February 21, 1866)
22. Jessica’s Birthday!
23. Blog About Your Favorite Animal Today
24. Buy a New Decoration for Your Home Today
25. Watch the movie “The Goonies” Today (Sean Astin’s Birthday – 1971)
26. Dress Up All in Black Today (Johnny Cash, the “Man in Black” Born This Day in 1932)
27. National Polar Bear Day
28. Celebrate Shortness Day (for the Shortest Month of the Year)


Hoops!….and YoYo?

Today’s “Friday 5” meme is all about hoops. Let’s get started!

1. When did you last feel you were required to jump through meaningless hoops to get something you wanted?:
– Back when I was trying to contact the phone company to get my phone, cable and internet hooked up. I almost developed a fear of the phone after that drama.

2. What kinds of hula hoop memories do you have?:
– Um…just that I had one and it was fun and stuff. I think my friends and I would try to twirl our hoops around our necks and our arms, too. We’d also let them roll down the sidewalk. Now you can play with a hula hoop on Wii Fit Plus, and talk about a workout!

3. How do you feel about basketball?:
Watching it is mind numbing. Playing it is kind of fun, but it’s not my favorite sport.

4. What do you think of hoop earrings?:
They’re fun! I used to have several pairs. Their only drawback was that they’d get caught, and if I pulled back my hair and caught my earring on my hand, it hurt a bit.

5. What’s your favorite Whoopi Goldberg movie?:
Well she was great in “Ghost”, but “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” is my favorite.

Spel Chek Werked Fur Me!

I was looking for an article or two about how we shouldn’t rely only on the Spell Check feature to proofread our letters, especially cover letters sent to employers. The first article made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes. The Spell Check will gloss over words that could be spelled different ways, it won’t catch the word “fore” if you meant “for”, it won’t catch “witch” when you meant “which”. It also will ignore words that are in complete CAPS. Anyway, here is the article. What made me laugh was the sample letter filled with things Spell Check missed.

Why You Should Not Rely on Spell Check to Catch Spelling Mistakes
How much do you depend on spell check? Even though it often flags names of people or places when they are spelled correctly, it comes in handy for making sure about the spelling of many words.
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Fire Now Water?

You remember that little drama I went through back in the Summer when my apartment building caught on fire and a gaggle of us had to move out? So that was fire.

This apartment building deals with water problems, apparently. I’ve only had a few instances where the kitchen sink has backed up and they have dealt with it quickly. Well last week while getting ready for work, I heard a gurgling from my bathtub. There was nothing there, no green or orange goo, no Amityville tar. Hm. Okay, fine. Then I heard a gurgling from my toilet. I pictured the scene on “Seinfeld” where his girlfriend lifted up the toilet seat and the toilet water exploded in her face. But I had to see what the hell was going on, so I nervously lifted up the lid a bit. Nothing. The water was a little low, but I just didn’t think much of it.

Then I heard voices in the hallway. I stepped out to go to work, and the hallway carpet was wet. Something went awry with the pipes, I guess, and there was a huge leak somewhere. The smell was lovely. No sewage smell, thank God, but old, dirty water. They cleaned it up, and a few days after that, someone cleaned the carpet.

Last night I heard more gurgling and then more voices. It happened again.  I heard a maintenance guy say, “You know, if it wasn’t for all this, my life would be boring.” They must’ve been tinkering with stuff all night, I heard some kind of vacuum running in the hallway, but it wasn’t disturbing.

Then this morning I heard the same vacuum thingy and I heard them talking. The cleaning agent or whatever they were using had a strong cherry smell. More like a combination of licorice and cherry. When I left this morning, there was lots of water by the utility area again. Both ends of the hallway. Yuck. I hope things get fixed for good soon. I’m very thankful for our maintenance people.

One More Week of January! Ideas, Please!

Hey everyone! How was the ole weekend? Isn’t it amazing how slow the week can go by, but once that weekend hits it feels like it’s a blink and then it’s over?  Gr. But it was a good weekend while it lasted! Hope you all had a nice one too!

February is almost here, so you know what to do! If you have any holiday ideas you’d like to celebrate, please let me know. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are also very welcome. Thank youuuuuu!


Here’s the Cleveland skyline on a much brighter, warmer day last year!