April 2009! Woot!

Hey everyone! Thank you again for your holiday ideas! Also thank you to Tim for sending me this link of other holidays to celebrate! Here is the list for April.

1. Talk About Your Severe Weather Experiences
2. Do the Bunny Hop Day
3. Show Us Your Easter Bonnet Day (posting of photos encouraged)
4. Tell a Baseball Story Day.
5. Random Kitchen Appliance/Tool Appreciation Day
6. Shovel Your Driveway Day (Cleveland Specific)
7. No Housework Day
8. Laughter Appreciation Day
9. Name Yourself Day
10. Good Friday/Eat Candy Day (Mandy Moore’s Birthday)
11. Eight-Track Tape Day
12. Happy Easter!/Interview One of Your Friends Day (David Letterman’s Birthday)
13. Eat Pad Thai Day (Thailand’s New Year)
14. Sing like Celine Dion in the Shower Day (the Titanic struck an ice berg before midnight on this day and sank)
15. Celebrate the IRS Day
16. Express Yourself Without Words Day (Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday)
17. National Cheeseball Day
18. Appreciate Yourself Day
19. Garlic Day (Watch Out, Vampires!)
20. Look Alike Day
21. Kindergarten Day
22. Celebrate with Flowers Day–Earth Day/Administrative Professionals Day
23. Conch Republic Day (Micro-nation in Key West, FL)
24. Bacon Appreciation Day
25. Have a Piece of Cake for Tara Day
26. Shout Obscenities in Your Car Day (Alan Arkin’s Birthday)
27. Tell A Story Day
28. Great Poetry Reading Day/Kiss-Your-Mate Day
29. Quote from the Show “Seinfeld” Day (Jerry Seinfeld’s Birthday – 1954)
30. Frau Blücher Appreciation Day (Cloris Leachman’s Birthday)/National Honesty Day

This is also the month for the following:

Frog Month (National)
Garden Month (National)
Guitar Month (International)
Home Inspection Month
Humor Month (National)
Kite Flying Month (National)
Mathematics Education Month (National)
Poetry Month (National)
Welding Month (National)


Saturday Scavenger Shots: Sciolism

Ms. Ksra of “You Learn Something New (Almost) Everyday” chose a challenging word for this week’s Saturday Scavenger Shots. I had to think all week about how I could represent this word, but not before i had to look it up online to find out the definition. Finally, I remembered something that happened in college. So here we go:

First the definition:

sci·o·lism (sī’ə-lĭz’əm) Pronunciation Key
n. A pretentious attitude of scholarship; superficial knowledgeability.


During my senior year of college, I took a beginner’s class in American Sign Language. Our professor was deaf, so not only did we need to learn to sign for the class, it was also to communicate more effectively with our professor. He could read lips and he had a hearing aid, so he could still communicate with us.

Anyway, half way into the quarter, somebody supposedly from our class who had a “pretentious attitude of scholarship”, took it upon themselves to sign for any hearing impaired audience members during some seminar. If my hunch is correct, I think that was a case of sciolism. I never found out who that person was, but our professor found out what happened and was angry (because the person wasn’t very accurate with their signing to begin with) so he lectured our whole class.

So that’s my take on the word. Ksra would tag someone for the next word, but she is vacationing and won’t be back till next week. She has asked that I tag the next person.

The next person will be…..NoRegrets from “Woman with No Regrets“!

Turn, Turn, Turn

It is Friday and a new Friday5 meme is up on their site, so I’m going to do this one. Feel free to paste this with your own answers onto your own blog.

1. To whom do you normally turn when you need to complain about something?
– I usually talk to my mom, lots of times I vent on my blog and sometimes I’ll have a vent session with my coworkers, but thankfully we wind up laughing.

2. Which annual season-turning do you enjoy the most?
– Winter to Spring. Although it can be messy, slushy and cold, I know that things will start looking more cheerful.

3. Where can you get a really good turnover?
– Pillsbury makes some good cherry turnovers…Actually it’s a more do-it-yourself kit, but I remember them tasting really good. I’m not a big turnover fan, though.

4. What’s employee turnover like where you work?
– Well in late 2008 there was a huge turnover. A cluster of people either leaving voluntarily or being let go.

5. One of the Wonder Twins could turn into any form of water, while the other could turn into any animal. Which of these powers would be more useful to you?
– An irukandji jellyfish..I saw a special on them once and they’re very deadly and elusive. So if I was a Wonder Twin and some villains tried to capture us in a net or something, I could slip right through just like my sibling. Then watch out, evil doers.

What Day of the Week Are You?

You Are Monday

Like this day of the week, you are ruled by the moon.More than anything, you are flexible.

You are moody and impressionable. You are easily influenced by the world around you.

And while you can be temperamental, you eventually adjust.

While Mondays tend to be the hardest day for people, you don’t mind getting back to regular life.

You’re the one waking up early and making the coffee while everyone else complains.

All that Jazz

I had a dream the other day where I was traveling all over the place, running errands. I saw a guy in a store, we exchanged greetings and then went our separate ways.

Later on I was on stage watching a jazz band (on the same stage) which consisted of two guys, one at the piano, the other on some other instrument. The guy on the piano turned to me and it was the same guy from the store earlier in my dream. We greeted each other again and he said in a calm but flirty voice “That’s twice we’ve seen each other today.  That means we should sleep together.” I thought he was kidding so I nodded slowly at him with a smile, thinking he’d start laughing but he never did. In fact he looked a little put off that I didn’t agree right away.

That was the end of my dream. I don’t know what to say about it, but make up your own conclusions if you’d like. What the hell, right? It’s almost Friday. (Yay!)

Happiness is a 4-Day Weekend

At 5pm this Friday, I am gonna leave work so fast they won’t even know I’m gone. I have a four-day weekend. Since the day of my birthday was way too busy and I would’ve felt weird for calling off, I requested vacation days for both Monday and Tuesday of next week and the vacation genie granted my wish.

There are lots of things that need to be done, I can’t deny that, and I will get some done today and tomorrow, but when I leave work on Friday at 5, I will not think about the other stuff. I refuse to worry about it. I need to curve my worries so that they don’t sneak up on me when I’m enjoying myself. Easier said that done, but I like the idea.