“Open the [Access] Bay Door, HAL.”

I’ve been toiling away at my dollhouse and have made lots of progress. For those who haven’t been keeping up with my riveting Facebook posts, I messed up while putting the levels on the house. I glued on the upstairs floor and let it set overnight. Then in the morning I worked on the house some more and the house didn’t look right. There was supposed to be plenty of space for a balcony, and my house didn’t look like the one in the picture. I had glued on the wrong floor. Crap. I had to use a hammer to knock the wood loose from the glue, and it took a little bit of wood off of the tops of the walls, but none of the damage was a disaster. I glued the correct floor in place and it looked much better.

The front:


The back:


I even managed to build the access bay door yesterday. That involved putting on hinges, and it has been a long time since I installed hinges on anything. They were tiny hinges, too (and very tiny screws), but they’re on the door now. I think it helped that I had the TV on and I was listening to “Office Space”. That kept me focused and calm.

Access Bay Door - Closed

Access Bay Door – Closed

Access Bay Door - Open

Access Bay Door – Open

Here is what the house looks like at the moment:



Saturday (Very Late in the Week) Scavenger Shots: Genius

“Hello…Is it me you’re looking for?” I’ve been missing in action again, but here is my photo for last Saturday’s game. The word, chosen by Ms. Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This?” was “genius”.

Our company’s Christmas party was held last Saturday. I bought a nice dress and shoes, and I also bought this:


Some GENIUS invented stuff to wear under our regular clothing to give the illusion that we’re skinnier, if only for a moment. There are several different forms of this stuff, but I stuck with the tummy-tucking tights. They worked well, but when I went home, Cinderella changed back into her comfy PJs and the car turned back into a pumpkin.

I have been tagged to pick the next word, so let’s do “FESTIVITY”. Have fun!

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Craft

Yo! How was your weekend? Mine went super fast. Why can’t two work days go that fast? Anyway, it was my turn to pick Saturday’s word for the game “Saturday Scavenger Shots”, so I picked “craft”. The word didn’t just come to me out of the blue. Since visiting a craft store in Arizona, I made up my mind to buy a dollhouse kit and build a dollhouse.

I'm going to build this dollhouse.

I’m going to build this dollhouse.

According to the directions, I should build a few parts of the dollhouse first before assembling the entire thing. I made the steps first.

Here's proof that the stairs work.

Here’s proof that the stairs work.

Then, after re-reading the directions for the chimney and then searching for a missing piece that had fallen off the couch and bounced, I finished the chimney. An idea popped into my head, though, to make it look like the chimney had bricks. I broke up a few clay pots and then broke the pieces down so that I could glue them to the sides. That was a fun project and kind of relaxing. I watched movies while I glued down each piece. I liked painting it afterwards.



Finally and about an hour ago, I found out how to build the bay window frame. Those directions weren’t perfectly clear in the instructions, so I had to refer to the company’s website for more guidance. It all hit me to the point where I said “Ah HA!” I assumed that all the pieces I needed were located in the same box. It would make sense, really. Alas, the crucial pieces were in another chunk of parts. Once I found them, I taped everything together until I could build the house and finish assembling everything. Here’s part of the bay window. It’s not pretty, but it looks like what the directions show. It just needs to be glued and connected to the rest of the house once the house is assembled.

Bay Window Frame

Bay Window Frame

Here are some craft supplies:

Craft Lab

Craft Lab

Finally, here is the craft store I love to visit. I could spend hours there.

Craft Mecca

Craft Mecca

Well now it’s my turn to pick a new word chooser, so I’ll pick Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This”! What say you, Laura?