"You go perm and the firm will cover your….psycho-therapy."

On this day back in 2002, I became perm for the company I work at now. Yusss!! It’s my five year anniversary working at the same place.

Before I got this job, I was working as a temp at a CPA firm. Not the psycho one I posted about once before. No, this was another type of psycho. I guess he could be called a professional nutcase. He was more tactful than the swearing CPA in that he didn’t swear. I’ll refrain from getting into his bad points right now. Point is, I didn’t leave there with bad memories.

Anyway, on the 15th of April in 2002, as I was sitting at the reception desk taking phone calls, I received a call from my staffing agent. She was informing me of my next mission if I chose to accept it. The next assignment was a temp-to-perm job for the place I’m working for now. The pay would be a little low at first (although I was so happy for that income) and then would go up after I became permanent. If I became permanent. Was I up for the task? I actually told her I would call her back to let her know. I was dumb.

I called her back after a second or two and told her I was ready for the new job. She told me I would be working for a manager and that I’d have to be her “right-hand woman”, ready to help her out. I had to have excellent communication skills too. At first, I was very nervous. Did the “excellent” mean I couldn’t stop to say “um” or “uh” now and then? Or stammer if I’m nervous?? I would later discover that my communication skills were fine and I adapted to the rest of my coworkers.

Anyway, I was told to start the next day, April 16th. No more hesitation. On the 16th, I headed out to the job, got a little lost but not much, and shortly after I arrived I was sitting in front of my new manager. She was wonderful…She wasn’t a workaholic, she believed in spending enough time with her family, and she was very patient and a good trainer.

I worked for a month before the director called me in and asked me if I wanted to go…perm…for them. The pay was good and the environment was interesting. I told him I would go perm, and my official perm date was May 31st.

My manager quit two weeks later, but not because of me. She wanted to move on after working for several years at the same place. So then I had a new manager, the one I have now. I do get frustrated with him, as I’m sure he does with me at times, but it’s still a nice environment. Not perfect of course, but nice.

There were times I didn’t think I’d make it this far. There were times I’d break down at home in frustrated tears, wondering if I could go in the next day without doing something disgruntled. But I didn’t. I kept on truckin through bad times and more easily through the good times. Since 2002 I’ve met some pretty cool people. In fact there aren’t that many that have upset me to the point of saying I whole-heartedly hate them. It’s quite easy to work with the majority of the people. They make it easier to stay on.

Have you ever worked through a temp agency?

PS: That quote in the title of this post is from a great movie called “Haiku Tunnel”. You should rent it if you’re into office humor.


Do You Pronounce Words Right?

Thank you to L.B. for this one! It makes you speak out loud by yourself in front of your computer. I think I need a pre-scription.

Your Score Is…. 81%!

Not too bad, pal. You got them mostly right. Of course, you did miss a few. Most of us do, though. You are totally normal. Don’t knock yourself for the ones you pronounce wrong, but do try to improve!

Do You Pronounce Words Right?
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JUNE 2007!


Astrological Signs:

Gemini: May 21 – June 20
Cancer: June 21 – July 22





1) Superman Day (1938 – First Comic Published)

2) Smurfs Appreciation Day

3) Desert Island Disk Day (5 Top Songs to Listen to if You were Stuck on an Island)

4) Dried Food Day (Buy a Meal that You have to Add Water To)

5) Breakfast Food Day (What’s Your Top 3 Favourite Breakfasts, Describe What You have this Day for Breakfast)

6) Drive-in Movie Day (1933 – first theater opened in Camden, New Jersey)

7) Elastic Appreciation Day (What’s Your Favourite Use of Elastic)/Tom Jones’s Birthday

8) Sketch-a-thon Day (Do Quick Sketches of One Thing 4 Times During the Day – Morning, Lunchtime, Dinnertime and Evening) and Post Them All Up to See if Your Sketch Improved/Nancy Sinatra’s Birthday

9) Sleestak Day/Michael J. Fox’s Birthday

10) BBQ Appreciation Day/Judy Garland’s Birthday

11) Alcatraz Escape Day

12) Junk Mail Appreciation Day (Regular Mail not Email)

13) Post About A Camping Experience Day/Paul Lynde’s Birthday

14) Rebellion Day

15) Spell Potato Correctly Day (1992)

16) Stan Laurel’s Birthday

17) Father’s Day

18) “The Closer” Starts New Season Tonight! Discuss Your Favorite TV Show Day

19) Murphy’s Law Day

20) Post a Meme Day

21) Jane Russell’s Birthday/First Day of Summer!

22) Read a Random Wikipedia Page Day/Cyndi Lauper’s Birthday

23) Celebrate Icee/Slurpee or Whatever You Call it in Your Area Day!

24) Flying Saucer Day (1947)

25) What Was Your Favorite Toy As A Kid Day/June Lockhart’s Birthday

26) Wear Your T-Shirt Backwards Day/Peter Lorre’s Birthday

27) Canadians In Da Hood Appreciation Day

28) Graduate Appreciation Day/Gilda Radner’s Birthday

29) Plan Your Dream Wedding Day

30) Celebrate a Life Changing Event Day


On This Day Back in 2005…..

EclecticSpaghetti was born. I had started a few blogs before, but deleted them because they weren’t getting enough readers and I was impatient. The words “eclectic” and “spaghetti” popped into my head around that time and I decided to name my next blog “Eclectic Spaghetti”.

I want to thank all of my readers for visiting my blog and commenting! Without you, EclecticSpaghetti would not be celebrating its two-year anniversary!

Scattergories Meme (thanks Rachel!)

You must answer each question using the first letter of your name. The answer has to be “real”, you can’t make it up. If you don’t have an answer, skip it.

Name: Tara

1. Famous Singer/Band: Tina Turner

2. 4 letter word: Tree

3. Street: Tiedeman (Cleveland, Ohio)

4. Color: Teal

5. Gifts/Presents: Theatre Tickets

6. Vehicle: Train

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: T-shirts

8. Boy Name: Thomas

9. Girl Name: Trinity

10. Movie Title: To Kill a Mockingbird

11. Drink: Tea

12. Occupation: Therapist

13. Flower: Tulip

14. Celebrity: Tyra Banks

15. Magazine: Time

16. U.S. City: Tucson, Arizona

17. Pro Sports Teams: Tennessee Titans

18. Fruit: Tangerine

19. Reason for Being Late for Work: Traffic

20. Something You Throw Away: Trash

21. Things You Shout: Time’s Up!

22. Cartoon Character: Thomas the Tank Engine

Your turn!