Blenders and iPods and Tantrums…Oh My!

– I recently switched from the health insurance I’ve had since 2002 to our company’s health insurance. I kind of dreaded calling to cancel, because I figured it would be a struggle since I’ve had that insurance for so long. All I needed to tell them was that I signed up for new insurance and that was all they needed to get the wheels in motion. I even received a refund since I canceled at the beginning of the billing cycle. With the old insurance, I was paying $257 every month. It was such a relief to switch over. The insurance I have now from work takes the amount out of my paycheck, but it’s barely noticeable. I also received $20 off since I’m a non-smoker! Since I had extra money, I struggled with my inner adolescent about what I should do. My inner adolescent shouted, “Spend it! Spend it!” I thought it would be a refreshing change to…oh, I don’t know….save some of it. We compromised – I saved some money but took out a little to treat myself to a few things.

– You’ve seen my delight with my new iPod and I also bought a small blender. The blender itself is a 20 ounce, reusable water bottle with a removable blade at the bottom. Once the bottle is filled with the goodies I want to blend, I stick it in the small portal and press down and a few seconds later I have a smoothie, protein shake or whatever else. I’m so happy with it!

– As for the iPod, a friend and coworker said that he could help me set up wireless internet access. So yesterday during our lunch hour, we stopped at Walmart so that I could buy a wireless router. Then we went back to my apartment and he started working on it. Although he hooked up the router, I still couldn’t get internet access on my iPod. Eventually we had to head back to the office and he said I should call AT&T. He said that the router might not be compatible with my Uverse setup. When I called AT&T after work, the customer service rep said that I didn’t need a router; that my Uverse tower was already equipped. Really?! Wow! She guided me through the process that took about 2 minutes if that, and I suddenly had wireless access! I was so excited. Good stuff! I boxed up the router that I just bought and was able to get a full refund.

– Remember the manager who I discussed awhile back who jumped at the chance to accuse me of being rude to a customer? Well he did it again, but with a bunch of us. I guess someone called him and blindly snitched that they were mistreated. The manager got all fired up and shot out an email to me and C, and then copied all the managers on it and my friend R. He did this on a Friday when things seemed to be winding down for the weekend. It upset a bunch of us. I don’t know if it was the cold looks he was receiving or what, but I soon received an email from him; exclusively for me, and I almost cried. He said that he thinks I do a great job and that the email he sent was not meant for me. He said he didn’t want to point fingers so he sent it to everyone. Although I still don’t see the logic in that, I was touched that he wanted to set it straight that it wasn’t about me. It made me feel much better. It turns out that the people who thought they were mistreated had talked to a manager, K, and they were just having a tantrum. Mystery solved, but sheesh, it was exhausting!



Well, it happened to me again! I was truly stuck on the Saturday Scavenger Shots word, and I was the one who came up with the word. Finally, though, I found a few examples. I subscribed to Flickr Pro again so that I could see all of the photos I uploaded on there. Oh, and Saturday’s word was “puzzled”.

Actually, this photo was taken a few months ago. It puzzles and angers me when people park their shopping carts in a parking space. There are plenty of cart corrals nearby. I just don’t get it.

This is my brother’s dog, Carolina. I aimed the camera at her puzzled expression, and then once the flash went off, she cocked her head to the side and looked even more perplexed.

Finally, here’s an old photo of Joshua and Skittles. Joshua was the new kitten on campus and stole Skittles’s seat. Skittles looks a little puzzled in this photo, as does Joshua (with a bit of apprehension too, I suspect). She did not know what to make of her new roommate.

Okay, I need to pick the next person to carry the torch! Ms. Silly Rabbit, how about you pick the next word?

Anastasia Teal

Hey, happy Friday! I haven’t played “Friday 5” in awhile, so I checked it out and posted my answers. This week’s meme is titled “Five Shades of Teal”. I love the title for some strange reason. :) Play along and have fun!

1. How many teal-colored items of clothing do you have, and which is your favorite?
I have a few items o’clothing that are teal, but my favorite is my teal sweater. It’s not too heavy and I can wear it over a teal tank top at the office.

2. There aren’t many teal-colored foods, but what comes pretty close and how do you feel about it?
I just think of teal-colored frosting that I see on donuts sometimes, and then I think I’ve seen ice cream that color. I’m all for frosting and ice cream.

3. If yellow is the color of cowardice, green the color of envy, and blue the color of sadness, what’s teal the color of?

4. What’s the neatest teal-colored thing you’ve seen recently?
*Looks around*…There’s a directory page protector with a teal border that’s on my desk at work..

5. If you had to paint one of the rooms in your house teal, which would it be?
I’d paint my bathroom teal and then have fun buying bathroom items that match or coordinate somehow.

Falling Behind Again (also, New Saturday Scavenger Shots Word)

I was in a parade last week! I was invited by one of my coworkers to help them represent our school in the local home days parade. Yay! Back in my other job, I wanted to walk in the parade, but then it was rained out. This time a group of us got to go, and one of my managers arranged it so that I’d have coverage for the phone. The person who sat up at the desk was quite frosty about it. Oh well. She survived.

Anyway, one of the others who went with us had a convertible, so two of us rode the parade with the top down while the others walked along the street passing out candy and college stuff. It was very cool. I have never been in a parade before, so this was quite a trip.

I was also able to wear jeans, tennis shoes and of course a T-shirt with our college logo on it. We returned to the campus at about 8pm. It was my late day, so I decided to relieve the frosty coworker (who wasn’t as frosty when she realized she could go back to her desk) and sat up at the desk for an hour; quite relaxed in casual clothes. I gave the banner back to the manager who let me go, and he looked happy that I had a good time. I don’t usually see him happy, and he looks more approachable when he’s happy.

Oh and this just in….I’ve been chosen to pick next week’s word. I was totally stumped by the word this week and just couldn’t come up with anything. How about we go with the word “puzzled”? Yes, let’s go with that word.

Emerging from the Depths of Vacation Laziness

– Succumbed to temptation and started reading the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy. I’m a careful reader, but I finished the first book yesterday, vowing that I would wait until pay day to buy the next one. Instead, I slept on it (the thought, not the book) and decided to buy the next one today. I read some, stop for a break, then I’m right back with it because I need to know what happens next, as if the book’s gonna fly away if I don’t read it all the way through the first day. It’s not a rental, it’s mine. Hell, I don’t think I can will myself to let a friend borrow the books right now! I notice some parallels to the “Twilight” books, but then it quickly shimmies past the parallels. I sigh whistfully a lot, I laugh, I cry (lots of crying because I can relate to the main character, Ana, in several ways) and roll my eyes (the main character rolls her eyes at Grey and it has an interesting, infuriating effect on him).

– After I finished reading the first book, I was an emotional, hopeless wreck and addict. I thought, “I need to clear my head, so what movie should I watch?” I chose “The Exorcist”..Hmm, not the most wholesome movie. I made myself a little tent with my ladder and some blankets and was prepared to watch a scary movie. While watching the documentary of the movie (which was really interesting – the director was a bit of a sadist, it seems), I reached back to adjust the cushions and smacked one of my fingers against a jagged edge of the ladder and sliced my finger open. I’ll live. It’s my unlocking-the- door-finger, so I had to put some Neosporin and a bandaid on it for now. Oh, such misery.

– My mom and I visited Lakewood on Wednesday. I lived in our cool house for 19 years before going to college and moving to Brook Park. The house…well, I have discussed my fond memories of that house before on here, and looking at it again when we visited our old street, I wish I could live there again. We visited our old next-door neighbors, and thankfully D was home. It was so nice to catch up. It was so weird to think that I used to watch their house and their dogs whenever they’d go on vacation. They had two miniature collies; Brandi and Sadie.

– While in Lakewood, we also visited Lakewood Park. It has changed a lot since I was in high school. I took both swimming and tennis lessons there, and they used to have the coolest swings and a really steep slide. Everything is different regarding the playground, but the people who rebuilt it did an excellent job. There’s also a really nice walking path down to the Lake Erie shore. They even have viewer thingies so that you can peer across the lake. Oh, and they also recently built a gazebo nearby, too.

– We also stopped at the antique store my mom used to set up in, but it has really changed a lot. When I’d visit as a teenager, the place was more spacious and smelled better. I thought the basement was haunted, even though it was just as spacious. When we visited that day, though, there was hardly any room to breathe. There was stuff everywhere we turned, antique or not. When I went down into the basement, I was no longer overwhelmed by the sense that a ghost was around the corner, but instead was smacked by the stench of dank, damp basement. Maybe the ghosts fled out of disgust? Not sure.

Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Progressive”

AlienCG chose this week’s word, “progressive”, and I thought I’d share with you a few photos of our renovation that happened….jeez, was that last year? I think so! It feels like it just happened. Anyway here are some progressive shots of our renovation:

As you can see, it started out with a plain desk, plain walls and a different receptionist. Everyone else in that shot, except for the photographer, moi, has since gone on to other jobs and such. This is a very old shot, actually, but I wanted to show you the old look.

Then the next shot is of one of our hallways; all bare and ready for a new look. The third shot is of little ole me a few days before I was supposed to break for Christmas. The new desk hadn’t been set up yet, but I still had to do my duties as the new receptionist. My friends set me up with a few tables and a cup of coffee while someone else took my photo. This one wound up in a slideshow for one of our staff meetings. Haha, very funny, people.

Then the last one is just one of the many shots of the place after it was all renovated. That was/is my new desk. I like it, I can post lots of photos from LOLCATS by my computer. When people come in, though, they can only see my eyes and the top of my head.

Belated Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Flimsy”

I did not forget about this week’s edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots, but I had a difficult time coming up with a photo for the word. Thank you, Silly Rabbit, for the fun challenge! She chose the word, “flimsy”. I finally thought of somethin’!

I don’t like flimsy dental floss. I think I bought this stuff at the Dollar Tree several, several months ago. I have since bought stuff that is stronger. When I floss my teeth, I can’t stand the floss fraying and sticking between my teeth. Blergh! Flimsy floss.