Almost 2006

Hey bloggers, what’s up? I didn’t know what to post today, but thought I should say something just to say I updated my blog.

This might be my last message of this year. Did any of your teachers in school pull the famous New Year joke on you? They would give us an assignment before Christmas/New Year break and say “This will be your last homework assignment for the year.” Some students would fall for it and start cheering. Yet others would see the sadistic smirk on the teacher’s face and realize that the new year, which was right around the corner, would bring brand new homework assignments.

Do any of you make resolutions on New Year’s Eve? I resolved a long time ago to not make anymore resolutions. I don’t have the kind of commitment it takes to stick to something so abstractly set in stone. Hey, I don’t want to wind up lying to myself, right?

I will stay up till midnight, though. It was always an adventure to try to stay up till midnight when I was a kid. Then it became a challenge to stay up all night. It doesn’t have the same magic, cuz it wears a person out. I took caffeine pills once to stay up all night with a friend. I shall never do that again. That was a resolution I could keep.

Do any of you have plans for New Year’s Eve?

I wish you all an Extreeemely Happy New Year!

Pssst..Don’t forget to date your checks 2006 when the time comes.


The Digital Age

Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend! Christmas was awesome for my family. We laughed, we ate, we listened to other family members regurgitate the same old jokes, we rolled our eyes, we napped. Very good times. My mom bought me something that I never expected her to get. I thought I would have to save up and buy it myself. She bought me my first digital camera. Yay! It is the Kodak EasyShare C340 seen here:

I bought a memory card and have been playing around with this thing most of the day. This photo of Skittles is one of my favorites, because I unknowingly caught her in the middle of a “Leave me alone” meow.

Tomorrow I go back to work at the office..Hm…I sense a photo or video shoot coming on. Muah ha ha.

A Kitten Named "Haiku"

I was happily “working” in my office this morning, when through the door comes one of our employees with a little grey kitten in her hand (and she named him “Haiku”). I gasped out loud and had to hold the little guy. Long story short, a coworker wanted to adopt an orange tabby to give to his step-daughter for Christmas. There were two cats but they couldn’t be adopted seperately, so my coworker got the orange, and the graduate got the grey kitten.

When other employees come to the office with their kids and babies, I don’t react the same way. Yet if a kitten is brought in, or a dog, the people who usually react to babies and kids won’t react and I’ll melt over the animal.

Fan of an Obscure Thespian

Okay, for over five years now I have been part of a fanclub for a Scottish actor by the name of Dougray Scott. Not many people know about him in the US, but he has been in a few American films.

Here are some that you may have seen:

  • “Ever After: A Cinderella Story” (he played Prince Henry)
  • “Deep Impact” (he played Eric, Tea’ Leoni’s cameraman/luv-ah)
  • “Mission Impossible 2” (played Sean Ambrose and faced off with Tom Cruise’s character quite well)
  • “Ripley’s Game” (played the character Jonathan)
  • “Dark Water” (I actually haven’t seen this one, but I think he plays Jennifer Connelly’s ex-husband)
  • “Enigma” (played Tom Jericho, a code-cracking genius-this was made in England, but was released in some select theatres in the US)
  • “Twin Town” (He played “bent copper” Terry Walsh – I think this was shown here, but bought it at SunCoast – was made in Swansea Wales-the dialect is quite thick so if you rent it you might want to watch it a few times to catch what they’re saying)

Anyway, one Christmas (after “Mission Impossible 2” was released) my fellow Dougray fans and I decided to think of Christmas songs to put Dougray’s name into. I came up with one to the tune of “Rudolf: The Red-nosed Reindeer”. Here it is:

Dougray the Green-Eyed Scottsman

You know Jude Law and Brad Pitt and George Clooney too,

Tony Banderas and Branden Fraser…ooooo

But do you recall the most talented actor of all?

Dougray the green-eyed Scottsman,

has a very massive….fanclub

And if you ever saw it,

you would even fall in love.

All of the other actors, play a lot of parts that blow

they never let poor Dougray play a part and steal the show.

Then one fairly normal day, Tom Cruise came to say, “Dougray with your talent so bright, won’t you play my villain just right?”

Then all the actors loved him,

And they shouted out with en vy

Dougray the green-eyed Scottsman,

you’ll go down in Oscar history!

Okay, so he hasn’t won an Oscar yet, but there’s still plenty of time.

Oh and here’s another that can be sung to the tune of “Sing We Now of Christmas”. I created it when “Enigma” was being released in the US. We had to sing about it.

Sing We Now Of Dougray

Sing we now of Dougray, Dougray is our guy

Hear our wishful phrases, through the starlit sky.

Sing we Dougray, Enigma’s out hurray!

Sing we now of Dougray

Enigma’s out today!

"Addicted to the Web" (ttto "Winter Wonderland")

I wanted to find a website that had some holiday jokes and Aha! I found one! The following song can be sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”. Enjoy and have a stress-free day.

“Addicted to the Web”

Doorbell rings, I’m not list’nin’,
From my mouth, drool is glist’nin’,
I’m happy — although
My boss let me go —
Happily addicted to the Web.
All night long, I sit clicking,
Unaware time is ticking,
There’s beard on my cheek,
Same clothes for a week,
Happily addicted to the Web!

Friends come by; they shake me, Saying, “Yo, man!
Don’t you know tonight’s the senior prom?”
With a listless shrug, I mutter “No, man;
I just discovered laugh-a-lot-dot-com!”
I don’t phone, don’t send faxes,
Don’t go out, don’t pay taxes,
Who cares if someday
They drag me away?
I’m happily addicted to the Web!

Happ-ilyyyyy, ad-dict-eeeed to the Weeeeeb!!!