December, Décembre, Dezember, Dicembre, Dezembro, Diciembre, Δεκέμβριος, 12月


I thank you all for the suggestions again! You’re always very helpful! As for the title, I am not multilingual. I used AltaVista to translate the month of December into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Chinese-trad (which I took to mean Traditional Chinese). Fun stuff.

Anyway, here are more things for December and then we’ll get to the holidays!

Astrological Signs:
Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21
Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Blue Topaz or Turquoise (modern)
Zircon, Turquoise, or Lapis Lazuli (traditional)

The Narcissus stands for self-love.

Other December Observances Include:
Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month (US National)

Stress Free Family Holiday Month (US National)

Read A New Book Month

and now…


Dec 1 – National Mistletoe Day

Dec 2 – “Star Wars” Quotes Appreciation Day (Incorporate a Line from “Star Wars” into a Blog Comment or Everyday Conversation)

Dec 3 – Childhood Christmas Memories Appreciation Day

Dec 4 – Blog about Your Hanukkah Celebration Experiences

Dec 5 – Volunteer Day (International)

Dec 6 – Airing of Grievances Day

Dec 7 – Post about a Major Award that You’ve Won

Dec 8 – Post About any Ghosts That have Visited You

Dec 9 – Michael Dorn’s Birthday (Born 1952 in Luling, Texas – Worf from “Star Trek”)

Dec 10 – Candy Cane in Hot Chocolate Day

Dec 11 – Lunar Cycle Appreciation Day (Apollo 17 Lands on the Moon, 1972)

Dec 12 – Poinsettia Day

Dec 13 – Ice Cream and Violins Day (December 13 Each Year)

Dec 14 – Norwegian Roald Amundsen becomes the first explorer to reach the South Pole on this day in 1911. A good day to realize that there is some place colder than where you are.

Dec 15 – Work the Phrase, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” into a Conversation or Blog (“Gone With the Wind” Premieres, 1939)

Dec 16 – Tara’s Choir Performs Winter Concert in Berea, Ohio!

Dec 17 – Lorne Michaels Appreciation Day (born this day back in 1944)

Dec 18 – Solipsist’s Birthday!/Festivus/13 Constitutional Amendment Ratified, Banning Slavery – 1865

Dec 19 – Sweater Apprecation Day

Dec 20 – Water Your Tree Day/Redecorate Your Cubicle/Office

Dec 21 – AlienCG’s Birthday!/Snowflake Day – Appreciate Your Uniqueness

Dec 22 – Make a Snow Angel (if weather permits)

Dec 23 – Post a Photo of a Wrapped Present

Dec 24 – Sing a Christmas Carol No Matter How Bad You Think You Sound

Dec 25 – Christmas Day!

Dec 26 – Boxing Day

Dec 27 – Watch the Movie “Hook” while Eating a Peanut Butter Sandwich Day (Original Play “Peter Pan” Premiered in 1904)

Dec 28 – Eat with Chopsticks Day

Dec 29 – Sing the Song “YMCA” and Get it Stuck in Your Head Day (Formation of the first YMCA in the United States in Boston, 1851)

Dec 30 – Tiger Woods Appreciation Day (born this day back in 1975)

Dec 31 – Make a List of New Year’s Resolutions – No excuses! Just Do It!



Me Thinks Thou Knowest Too Much

I almost have the December holiday list finished, so I’ll probably post it up tomorrow…Well it’ll have to be tomorrow since it’s the last day of November!

We had an educational staff meeting today about substance abuse in the workplace. It was taught by the same guy who instructed some of us on how to apply CPR. Nice guy. Very patient considering the fact that we would tease our coworkers if they offered information about certain drugs and their effects. They’d have to finish their fact by saying, “But I’m not sure, it’s just what I read!” Sure, sure.

Then we’d snicker because we’re supposed to look for warning signs of drug or alcohol abuse. If the person acts weird all of a sudden, or if their hair is frazzled and messed up…or if they drool..We’re supposed to keep track of what we see and then report it to a supervisor if we think something is awry. The instructor showed us a video of signs someone may be under the influence. They showed a woman in her office with a thermos, and she pulled out a bottle of Vodka and put some in her thermos. I kind of snickered at that, because I bring a thermos to work almost everyday. I wondered if people thought I was smuggling more than coffee in that thermos.

Anyway that’s what was going on earlier today. I was so sleepy by the end of that meeting. We had been fed, we were sitting in a darkly lit room watching a video, and it was the time of day that usually makes us sleepy anyway. It took me awhile to get my spirit back, no pun intended. I eventually grabbed the bag of mini carrots I had brought with me from home and eating those seemed to wake me right up. So I’m under the influence of carrots now.

“All the Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise!”

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was on tonight. I love that cartoon, partly because Boris Karloff narrates it. Here are a few things I noticed about it from the perspective of an adult rather than a kid. It did not take away any feelings I had for the story, I love it just the same. But after seeing it ten million times, I was able to notice other things about it. Like these:

When the grinch looks down on Whoville, you don’t see any of the snow moving from under his fingertips. Now there is snow like that around these parts. It usually happens when a blanket of snow falls, and then everything freezes, so there’s like a coat of ice over the snow. But c’mon.

The grinch’s heart can’t be too small for him to love anything, I mean he has a little dog living with him! How cute is Max, by the way? Isn’t he great? And where does one find a dog within the mountains like that? He must’ve plucked him out of some home in Whoville, because Max has the same eyes as Cindy Lu Who (who was no more than two).

Speaking of Max, who’s idea was it to hitch a huge sleigh to a little dog like Max, and expect the sleigh to move using only a small dog’s weight? That’s animal cruelty. Plus that whipping of the dog. No, that’s just wrong. Not to mention the antlers tied to his head, although the grinch did trim some of the branches off for him so that he could stand on all four paws.

Then he’s creeping into everyone’s houses and stealing everything. He must be making lots of noise, so how is it that just one Who wakes up during all that racket? I don’t care how many times you hold hands around the town square while singing a nice song, you’re bound to be scared or at least hear someone stealing all the food from your fridge.

Then once the grinch’s heart grows three sizes, wouldn’t he have some health problems? I’m sure he did when his heart was two sizes too small, too.

Oh and when he does have a change of heart and returns to Whoville with all their loot, doesn’t anyone question his motives? Isn’t there a Whoville sheriff? A mayor? Somebody?

I’m not missing the point of the story, but these are questions that popped up. Oh and yeah, during the end I did get teary eyed. Love that show.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Concert Flyer

Another member of our choir designed these flyers. This is just one design. They look great. Anyway, here are the details if you have problems reading them on the flyer:

The Southwest Community Chorus Foundation proudly presents:

“Grown Up Christmas List” (we’re singing more than just this song, but I guess this is the theme or somethin’)


Sunday, December 16, 2007


Gamble Auditorium
Kulas Musical Arts Center
Baldwin Wallace College
96 Front Street
Berea, OH 44017

Ticket Price: $7.00
Children Under 12 Free (They aren’t giving children out as free, kids get in without having to fork over money…Just wanted to clarify)

B.U.I. (Blogging Under Intoxication)

I don’t like getting totally drunk, so I try to avoid it as much as possible. I like being very relaxed, though. There’s a difference between being drunk and just being relaxed from drinking. One drinks just enough to help them chill. Sometimes it’s a social boost, but I don’t like to overuse that card. I like the natural highs better than the wine-induced option.

Do you remember when I posted that long rant about the guy who flat-out decided to de-friend me? I swore like I’ve never sworn on a blog before, I ranted, I raved…Remember that? It’s not even worth my linking to it. Well I had a few glasses of wine beforehand. I’m just throwing that out there. However, I don’t want that to devalue the feelings I had that night. I meant every single word in that post. I was hurting and had to get that out of my system. The wine kind of said, “Don’t hold back, just tell them how you feel right now.” So I did. The next day I woke up and remembered what I had blogged about, and I still didn’t feel too many regrets. When I see that post now, I do know that I’m not as angry anymore about the whole thing, so the swear words seem out of place. But they didn’t back then.

I don’t like to dabble too much on the internet when I’ve had too much. There’s this fear that I’ll do or say something I don’t remember at all. So when I’m feeling like I’ve had too much, that I’m becoming too extroverted, I’ll walk away from the computer, drink some club soda and watch something stupid on TV. Then I go to bed. I’ve only had a few instances where I’ve been out somewhere and kind of out of it, and I don’t want to do that again cuz I felt horrible and a little guilty the next day.

So that’s my post about blogging under intoxication. I hope you enjoyed the confessions of a nervous introvert. At the moment I’m blogging under mild caffeination, if that’s even a word.

And in a Church!

Our choir is sounding better and better. I know I’ve said that before on here, and each time I mean it even more, because we do sound better.

Even though we may sing like a chorus of angels (okay maybe I’m exaggerating a bit), we have the filthiest minds. Our poor choir director will give us the simplest, most…seemingly innocent direction, and we’ll start chuckling. Here are three examples of what he has said:

“I need louder ‘hoes’!” (There’s a song where we sing ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ and he wanted us to sing them louder)

“Let me hear the men, and…well…let’s throw the ladies on top.”

And then tonight he was giving us some direction on a song that doesn’t give us much chance to catch our breaths in the beginning. Our pianist has a brief part and then we go right into it. Our director said,

“You need to be ready, because Bob’s thing is very small.”

Giggling started out soft and then it started to grow until we all started laughing. Our director laughed too, but he shouted, “People, this is a church!” Hehe.

A church doesn’t hold us back, apparently.