November 2009!!

Well Folks, it’s here. The November 2009 Eclectic Calendar list, that is. I am a few days early, yay! Thank you again for all of the holiday ideas! They’re all in there. Celebrate the ones that appeal to you. Enjoy!


1. Fall Back on a Bed of Pillows Today (Daylight Savings Time Ends – Fall Back One Hour)

2. Jess and Manuel’s 7th Wedding Anniversary!

3. Dance Day

4. Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal and Guest List Day

5. Go for a Long Walk and Clear Your Mind Day

6. Blog About Your Favorite Holiday Day

7. National Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day

8. Dunce Day

9. Chaos Never Dies Day

10. Someone’s Birthday/MapQuest Directions on How to Get to “Sesame Street” Today (“Sesame Street” Premieres, 1969)

11. Veterans Day

12. DR’s Birthday!

13. Watch a Movie Directed by Gary Marshall Today (Gary Marshall’s Birthday – 1934)

14. Clothes Swap Day (Swap your clothes with someone or get rid of old clothing and donate it today.)

15. National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

16. Sing “Oklahoma!” at the Top of Your Lungs Day (Oklahoma becomes the 46th US State, admitted to the Union on November 16, 1907)

17. Jump in a Pile of Leaves Day (Be Careful)

18. Save Your Money for Christmas Today

19. Spice Up Your House Decor Day (Discuss home-improvement/beautifying projects)

20.Take and Post a Picture of Your Favorite Spot in Your House Day

21. World Hello Day and False Confessions Day

22. Deer Appreciation Day

23. Wave Your “Freak Flag” Today

24. One Month Till Christmas Eve Day!

25. Go Climb a Rock Day/Watch a Bad Movie Day

26. Show some Love for the Turkey Day

27. Turkey Leftovers Day

28. Free Some Space on Your Computer Day

29. Square Dance Day

30. Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day

Red-Orange Leaves - Lake-to-Lake

Here are more Fall leaves for ya – Still clinging on to those branches!


“Let’s [Stumble] Out to the Lobby…”

Right, so now that I’ve depressed my readers with a sad story about a cat and a plaque, I thought I’d brighten things up. I typed out the following memory two months ago when I had to visit the library to check my email. Then when I reread it, I got the giggles all over again and saved my progress. Anyway here it is:

My mom and I have seen many movies together. We generally like the same stuff and laugh at the same things. When we lived in Lakewood, we’d go to the Detroit Theater. We’d usually have some kind of experience while going to the movies, but one experience sticks out to this day.

We’d buy a drink and some popcorn, and then whatever was left of the popcorn would be saved and brought home for my dad (he was usually doing his own thing – shopping at his favorite hardware store or indulging in rare solitude). So we had just bought our pop and bucket o’popcorn and sat down to enjoy the movie. I can’t remember which movie it was…may have been “Robocop” at the time.

Anyway, we were sitting there, enjoying the movie, when out of nowhere it seemed, some tall, lanky guy with a beard (looked like the guy from “Knocked Up”) came swiftly trampling through our aisle. He meant to step over us, but instead slipped and stepped into our bucket of leftover popcorn. I’m sure he meant to then step out of that bucket, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the stranger tripped over our legs and into the next aisle, looking back at us in contempt as if we had intentionally caused his embarrassment. Then he left in a silent huff. I think my mom said something like, “What in the world??”

Without any snickering or laughter of any sort, I glanced at my mom who then calmly looked ahead and said, “Well, I guess we won’t be taking any popcorn home for your dad.” It’s no wonder I can’t remember the movie, because the rest of the time was spent snickering and snorting at the clumsy stranger who had entered our lives so briefly.

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Honored


Okay here’s a roundabout story for this week’s Saturday Scavenger Shot word, “honored”, brought to us by Ananda Girl…

In September 2002, I was only about 5 months into my current job. My cat Claudia, seen in the photo above, was sick. To put it briefly and avoid the heartache of telling the entire story, she died before we could find out what was wrong with her. I was very distraught, so I called off work that day, failing to choke back the tears while explaining it to the receptionist. She understood.

So we handled the situation, said our good-byes to poor Claudia who had already moved on, and the rest of the day was kind of a blur amongst various errands. This happened on a Thursday.

I returned to work that Friday and was up at the reception area talking to some coworkers. One of them turned to me and said, “Congratulations!”…Um….okay.. I must’ve given both her and the receptionist a weird look because the receptionist, S, said, “Oh she doesn’t know!” (to the coworker) and then (to me), “There was a staff meeting yesterday and you were nominated Employee of the Month!” I was shocked and honored but still tried to register the news. The director of the school walked in, saw me and said, “I’m so sorry.” It’s funny now, the timing of everything. I told him, “I heard the other news that I’m Employee of the Month?” His facial expression changed to cheerful and he confirmed it.

Anyway, I got a plaque and I think something else…maybe a gift certificate. But I still have the plaque on the wall in my office.

Are You Spooky or Kooky?

You Are Spooky

You put the trick in “trick or treat,” and you won’t stop scaring people until you scare yourself.

You love horror movies, dark spooky nights, and the darker side of Halloween. You save the kids’ stuff for the kids.

Speaking of kids, you avoid the little candy grubbing monsters at all costs. Well, unless you are looking to give them a little scare.

You think Halloween has gotten a bit to sugary these days, and you don’t mind injecting a little fright into things.

Okay some of this is true. I do like horror movies and dark spooky nights (especially when I’m safe at home), but I do miss being able to hand candy out to kids.

“We’ve covered quite a lot in this lesson!”

I’m dragging my blogging feet this week so far. Didn’t get much sleep the night before, then yesterday while doing a stupid, tedious assessment test for work, I got a tension headache that didn’t go away until the end of the day. I went to bed at a decent hour, but was wide awake for a good chunk of time. Now I feel like I didn’t sleep at all.

I was mixed up with that test at first. I did what I thought was the whole thing last week, but got three wrong and they didn’t pass me. The nerve. Two questions I got wrong I could kick myself on, but I just wasn’t thinking right that day. So they let me take it again and I took it on Monday. I got a 90% which was a good passing grade. I thought I was all done with the test, but then I received an email yesterday saying that my test was past due. Turns out there were three other sections I had to get through! Argh! My manager got the same email about me (they forward it to my manager, isn’t that nice of them?), and he told me to get it done as soon as possible. By the time he told me, I was into the last segment anyway.

Each section took the test taker through a lesson of up to 68 pages. Some were less, but I was so afraid of missing some piece of info, and I didn’t want to flunk again. I realize that after a certain number of years working there that I should know this stuff automatically. But I’m better at actually working on the stuff, knowing what to do rather than reading through it all again and taking a test on it. I resent the fact that I have to show people who don’t know me how much I really do know. Most of the answers were very obvious to me, but then they’d come out with a few that took me by surprise, or they’d ask me the policy number to something. Anyway, every single dang section of that test was completed and I have certificates of successful completion to show for it all. I should hang those suckers up on the wall.

Anyway, enough about that crud. How did the weekend pan out for everybody? I looked to see who was hosting SNL this past Saturday, and it was one of my celebrity crushes, Gerard Butler. I did not watch the show, though, but figured maybe I could use my new DVR powers and record it. I’m glad I did, because I watched it the next day and actually liked it. I don’t like it when the hosts break into song in their montage, so I was prepared to fast forward through his little number. But they added some funny things to it, so I kept cool. The rest of the show was pretty funny, and they also inserted some outtakes from their dress rehearsals.

Went to see “Where the Wild Things Are” on Sunday afternoon with my mom. It was kind of cute, pretty intense and dramatic at times, and also sad. There were some good messages within the movie, and I got a little very weepy during some scenes. The movie’s pace slowed down a little too much in the middle, though. My mom fell asleep, and I would’ve nudged her awake if she was about to miss something, but the movie didn’t move fast enough to miss that much. I did explain one little detail to her, though. Anyway, I still liked the movie. If it made me emotional, it obviously got to me.

Later in the afternoon I watched some TV while getting ready to do laundry. The Discovery Channel aired a show called “I was Bitten”. It’s a program that shows victims of various animal and insect bites, and shows the effects of bites. One guy was bitten on the hand by a snake called the Diamondback. I’ll leave out the gory details and just say that he suffered and almost died. He did survive, though, and although his hand is distorted (the bones grew back weird), he is back to being healthy. I could handle watching the details of his story. I was doing laundry while watching this show, so when the commercials started, I went to get my laundry from the dryers. When I came back, I must’ve missed a bit, because the next story was even more disgusting than the snake bite. This one involved insects and that is all I’m gonna say about it, because I still have the image in my head. If I’m that affected by something like that, the smart thing would be to stay away from those types of shows. But I’m curious and part of me thinks that if anything like that happens to me, I’ll know what to do. It’s fascinating stuff, too.

To thank you for reading this whole thing, here is a cheerful image of a huge tree that’s bursting with Autumn color. Bursting.