“…into the Further you go.”

I recently rented two movies from Netflix. Although I heard both movies were scary, I had to watch them and be the judge. I rented “Paranormal Activity 3” and “Insidious”. I’ve been a Doubting Tara for awhile now with horror movies, so I didn’t have any expectations. I did rent the third movie in the “Paranormal Activity” series, though, because the second movie was impressively creepy.

Now I don’t know if this had anything to do with the affect the movies had on me, but the weekend before last was not my best. That weekend left me feeling weak, sensitive and paranoid but at the same time it made me feel empowered and determined.

My nerves were vulnerable, though. I decided to watch one of the movies I rented on Netflix, so I watched “Paranormal Activity 3”. It is based on the fictional sisters who started all of this ruckus that released the PA demon in the first place, but this movie backtracks to when they are kids. I jumped so many times while watching that movie, it was ridiculous. A figure appeared and disappeared from under a sheet, a child was grabbed by an unseen force and dragged across the room into a crawl space….(Shiver) Well, I was impressed.

Then this past Friday, I had the chance to watch the 2nd rental, “Insidious”. Although I was having a good week, we had a blood drive at work that Wednesday. They turned me down to donate because my iron count was low, and I was feeling paranoid and sensitive. Again, my nerves were frayed. Anyway, watching that movie creeped me out. I still think about that one and it makes me nervous at night. A family moves into a beautiful new home. I started to wonder why all of the beautiful houses wind up haunted, but if I were a ghost, I wouldn’t want to leave a home like that either. Anyway, one of their sons falls into something like a coma soon after they move in, and then weird things start to happen. The freaky occurrences get so bad that they move, but the hauntings continue. They find out that it’s not the house that was haunted, it is their seemingly comatose son that’s attracting all of the ghosts and one of the creepiest demons since “Poltergeist”. What’s creepier than the demon, though, is the use of an old upbeat song that the ghosts and demon love to listen to on the record player. Then there’s the realization of what’s really happening to their son and….well you’re just going to have to see it for yourselves if you’re up for it.

My mom came over on Saturday and we watched “Insidious” together. She liked the movie too, but said, “If I wake up with nightmares tonight, I’m calling you to complain.” She’s thick-skinned like I am about horror movies, so that was a good sign.


Saturday Scavenger Shots: Exquisite

Hey there! Saturday’s word was chosen by the lovely librarian extraordinaire Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This”! She picked the word “exquisite”.

Here’s a pretty glass perfume bottle I had in my corner cupboard. I guess you could call it exquisite. It is very pretty and quite delicate. I doubt those little glass leaves would stand a chance if I dropped that bottle. I don’t want that to happen, so the bottle will go right back into my cupboard.


“Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?”

I’m so late for last week’s word that it’s almost time for this week’s word! Oh boy. Anyway, here’s my photo for the word “drive”, chosen by AlienCG from “Swamp Gas and Moonlit Reflections”.


I took this awhile back, at least two or three years ago, after a big snow storm that involved lots of drifting snow. I’m grateful that our director at the time closed the school I work for, because it would’ve been a treacherous drive into work.

That’s what I’ve got this time. Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This?” chose the word “exquisite” for tomorrow’s game!


The other morning when my radio alarm started up, the local station played the song “Ballroom Blitz”. I love that song, it gets me moving in the morning, so I decided to download it from “Amazon”. I realized that the band that sings the song is called “The Sweet”. Perfect, since this week’s word, brought to us by Ms. Laura, is “sweet”!


I thought that I’d have an excuse to post a photo of chocolate or something else that’s sweet and sinful, but I am trying to behave (“trying” is a loose term). The old Google machine kept me in check.

“My Mr. Mercurial”

Hey there! Saturday’s word was “mercurial”. It was up to me to pick the word, and I glanced down at my desk and spotted my copy of “Fifty Shades Freed”, the third and final book in the “Fifty Shades” trilogy.


Once Anastasia gets to know more about Christian Grey, she describes him as “mercurial” because he switches from one mood to the next without warning. The more she learns about him and grows closer to him, she starts referring to him as “My Fifty” or “My Mr. Mercurial”.

“‘Much as I’d like to kiss you all day, your breakfast is getting cold,’ Christian murmurs against my lips. He gazes down at me, now amused, except his eyes are darker, sensual. Holy cow, he’s switched again. My Mr. Mercurial.” – from “Fifty Shades Freed”

Hey Ms. Laura! Tag, you’re it!