“His mamma call him Clay…”

I needed a laugh the other day and thought to myself, “What’s a movie that always makes me laugh? Ah ha, ‘Coming to America’!” I catch it on TV sometimes and I have to watch it, but I also have my own copy and it’s so much better when the swear words are left intact. Anyway, here’s a clip for your viewing pleasure:


Who has Two Thumbs and is Ready for Friday?

I’m sleepy and I think a mosquito just bit me. Today is my 12 to 9 shift at work, and this is around the time it gets quiet and boring. I do like when a few students walk through and we chat a bit.

Our class of June 2012 graduated yesterday. I had made what I considered to be a big mistake with graduation earlier on in the quarter, but I told my manager right away, asked her how I should proceed and then I was told to tell another employee because it affected him. The fire was put out and there wasn’t any drama. Aside from some minor mistakes during the ceremony, I think it went really well, and my manager told me I did a good job again. Yay!

After the ceremony I stopped by Target and found out that my favorite club soda brand has a new flavor called “peach-pear”. I snatched up a box and took it home as a post-graduation planning treat. I know how to party.

“…another brick in the wall.”

Hi! What’s up this weekend? I hope everyone’s doing well! AlienCG chose this week’s word to be “brick”, and I finally got moving, or rather searching through photos; doesn’t involve too much moving, and found a few photos to represent the word. Shall we?

Cleveland’s Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and Museum was built with bricks, glass and I’m sure other stuff.

Okay, well this was a photo of the sunset when we went to Ohio’s Amish country to shop, but those buildings nearby were built with stuff that included brick.

AlienCG chose me to pick next week’s word! Let’s do: turbulence. The word just popped into my head, so I went with it. Welcome to my brain!

Super Terrific Morning Scramble Time

We have a mini fridge under the desk at work that we fill with bottled water for any guests who arrive. It’s really nice to have, until the supply runs low and we have to go out to get more.

There was one bottle left at the end of the day yesterday, so I thought I’d run over to Walmart before work today and pick up a 24-pack. Walmart isn’t usually busy that early in the morning (between 7 and 7:30), so I thought it would be a quick trip. Nope. They only had two registers open and a bunch of Walmart employees were buying stuff for themselves in the 10 items or less line. Eventually I got out of there with my water.

While I was in line, though, my Murphy’s-Law-o-meter was alerting me to the feeling that, even though we usually have someone open up the school before I get there, it was quite possible that nobody was there to take care of it this time. Usually I’m early enough to open the school myself in case the official opener isn’t there, and I really don’t mind at all. But I figured I’d really have to scramble if my Murphy’s Law-o-meter was accurate.

It was accurate! I lugged my 24-pack o’water into the building and saw one of my coworkers, who doesn’t usually open up on that day, unlocking the double doors to one of our hallways. I put the water on the desk and then started unlocking things on my side of the building. I unlocked some doors, ran down hallways (that felt really good, I liked getting in some exercise), turned on lights and then made the coffee. I met my coworker in the hall and she unlocked the last door. It was a good bit of teamwork! Then I put the water in the fridge and took a deep breath. Whew!

More Good News!

Yay, my mom’s home! She was able to go home yesterday. My brother took her home, set up the guest bed for me and replaced a few of her smoke detectors.

We watched some movies last night and then finally called it a day. I didn’t get much sleep at all, but thankfully my mom said she slept really well, and it has been a long time since she’s been able to say that kind of thing. We suspect that she hasn’t been sleeping well because she probably had to sit up in bed during the night to catch her breath. Scary stuff.

Anyway, after I left for work today, a nurse from the hospital made her rounds, took my mom’s vitals (which were really good) and called the local pharmacy to order her new medication. Ta da!

Anyway, I’m on zombie mode, but my bed and I will be reunited when I get home from work tonight. Yay again!

Saturday (Belated) Scavenger Shots: “Chips”

Well, due to the hospital drama, I completely forgot that we had a game to play on Saturday! I don’t have any photos, but today I thought of taking a photo of some potato chips or saying something like “let the chips fall where they may”, but that’s the bulk of my creativity. I don’t have any potato chips and I haven’t been gambling, so I don’t have poker chips, either.

Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This” chose “Chips”, and this time AlienCG from “Swamp Gas and Moonlit Reflections” chose the word “brick”! Yay! Let’s get down to it for next Saturday!

Happy Update!

First off, thank you so much for all of your kindness and support. I’m a lucky girl to have concerned friends like all of you, so thank you from the top, bottom….well, the full circumference of my heart.

I went to visit my mom today, thinking that she’d still need lots of rest and have the oxygen mask. I turned the corner into her room and found her sitting up in a chair and eating a really tasty-looking meal! Talk about a wonderful surprise! She had left me a message at home, but I was out running errands. It worked better this way, though, because I was so relieved to see her looking and feeling so much better.

While I was there, they eventually moved my mom to a regular hospital room, and they had switched her back to the regular oxygen thingy with the little plastic tubes up her nose so that she could eat and talk properly. Her oxygen level was turned down too.

We learned that she didn’t have pneumonia like they thought and like what the x-rays implied. Her congestive heart failure was the real culprit; and couldn’t properly drain fluid out of her lungs.. Her severe breathing problem was caused by her heart overworking itself. Yikes. Anyway, hopefully the meds they switched will do the trick from now on!