Astrological Sign: Gemini and Cancer

Birthstone of the Month: Pearl

Flower of the Month: Rose

1. Morgan Freeman’s and Oscar the Grouch’s Birthday

2. Bring in Bagels for the Office Day

3. Cliff Appreciation Day

4. Angeline Jolie’s Birthday (born this day in 1975..She’s freakin younger than I am)

5. Paper and Pen Day (Write blog entries on paper, scan and post them)

6. “The Omen” (reborn in theatres today – 6/6/06)

7. First Day Ice Cream Was Sold in the U.S. (June 7, 1786)

8. Stub Your Toe Day

9. Metal Mania Day

10. National Yo-Yo Day/Tara Lipinski’s Birthday (born this day in 1982)

11. Gene Wilder’s Birthday (born this day in 1935)/Full Moon

12. List More Simple Pleasures Day

13. Insult Intolerance Day (aka Tell Someone to “Screw off” Day)

14. Trekking day (Walk to Work Day) /Flag Day

15. Bring an Insect to Work Day

16. Pretend You’re 80 Day, Capt Georg Von Trapp Appreciation Day

17. Martyn Appreciation Day

18. Don’t Use Your Computer Day/Father’s Day

19. Favorite Artist(s) Day.

20. Geography Day (Where in the world would you like to live and why)

21. Bridge Day/First Day of Summah!

22. Your Favorite Channel Day (TV, radio, cable, satellite whatever)

23. Sweets Day

24. Treat Yourself Day (20 dollar/pound limit)

25. El Patro’s Birthday

26. Deer in the Headlights Day

27. Nachos and Cheese Day

28. Fine Wine Day

29. Nephew and Niece Appreciation Day

30. Useless Trivia Day/Superman’s Birthday

Thank you again for all of your help! And also to ButlerWebs for some of the other holidays!

If you do not see an appreciation day for you on here and you haven’t had one on here in the past, don’t worry, it will be on here in the following months! Don’t hate me! Pleeeeese?


Oh Deer!

I just realized that tomorrow is the first day of June and I haven’t even thought of a calendar for that month yet!

Suggestions are very welcome!

Simple Pleasures Meme


1. Being meme-tagged by Tijuana Tortilla. :D

2. Watching thunderstorms

3. Flipping through the channels on a slow weekend and coming across really good movies, edited or not.

4. Laughing at stupid stuff by myself

5. Hanging around with my friends and family and laughing at stupid stuff

6. A well-done steak, with a potato of some sort (baked, mashed or French), a
glass of wine (or beer) and a good movie.

7. Ordering something online and getting it quickly in the mail

8. Finding stuff I’ve been looking for.

9. Sleep

10. Vacation away from work

And the tags go to….(drum role…)

White Dade

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

I have been looking forward to seeing this movie since I saw the trailer for it when I saw “Underworld 2”, and I finally got to see it this weekend. There were some very cool looking previews shown before this movie too like “Ghost Rider”, “Superman” and “Snakes on a Plane”. There was also a trailer for the remake of “The Omen” which will be opening next Tuesday (6/6/06). I think, for the sake of watching a horror movie at the theatres, I will go see what the remake is like. The original creeped me out and I liked it, and I don’t usually like good horror movies being remade, but what the hell.

Anyway, X-Men 3 was very exciting. There were some moments I didn’t see coming, and I always love to see the special mutant skills being utilized. I found myself feeling a little restless during the last fight scene, but that didn’t last long and they were onto something else. I was happy and I want to see it again. I also need to watch the original X-Men again. It was on this weekend and I watched some of it, but was distracted. Just more useless info for you to start off the week.


This day has come. The one year anniversary of the blog called “Eclectic Spaghetti”. Here is some stuff for you: a song and a recap of some posts I have created throughout the year.

this is an audio post - click to play

(That recording was from the movie “So I Married An Axe Murderer“.)

May 2005: Hamlet’s Cat’s Soliloquy, Good Times
June 2005: Trip to Arizona, Annoying Alleged Psychic, The Day of Days
July 2005: Economics Is.., Cat-astrophe, Nicotine’s Teal Tiger, Felini
August 2005: Duets with Tara and Sarah, Office Supplies Are Evil, Dueling Garbage Disposals
September 2005: Mayo and Coffee, Bring in the Cheese Ball, Sing in an Elevator/Lift Day
October 2005: Mug Day, The Ooooo in School
November 2005: Zyrtec: My Hero, The Truth
December 2005: “I Saw Your Hill!”, The Digital Age
January 2006: Cat Calls 911, Jim Gaffigan
February 2006: Only A Matter of Time, Ragdoll E.R., Reuben Sandwich Day
March 2006: 7 Good Samaritans, Those Crazy Cats
April 2006: Mint Gets In Your Eye, Most Important Communication
May 2006: Favorite Song Lyric(s) Day

Thank you all for visiting my blog! Keep up the good work visiting my blog!

Lint Must Weigh A Ton

So it’s laundry day at Chez Tara. It’s more like an hour and a half of laundry day. When it came time to transfer my clothes from the apartment washers to the apartment dryers, there was some dryer lint wadded up into balls on top of one dryer. There’s a trashcan across the small laundryroom. There always has been for as long as I’ve lived there. Sometimes it still amazes me that people can be that lazy that they can’t transport that lint to the trash can. The last time I noticed, lint didn’t weigh a ton. You’re on your way out of the laundryroom, people, the trashcan is right near the only exit. How hard would it be to throw the lint away?

I guess I should count my blessings, at least they have the energy to clean the lint baskets, but let’s take it a step further shall we? Baby steps to the trashcan.

Either people are that lazy or I must have superhuman strength, and that two-ton dryer lint is a piece of cake for me to carry.