And Yet Another Holiday!

It seems we just finished wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, and now we’ve got another holiday. The new year, 2009, will be happier, healthier, funner (I can talk goodly) and friendlier for every single danged one of us. I’m raising an imaginary pint of beer to all of you now and I’ll raise real beer to you tonight! Happy New Year!!


I’m the Chosen One ….for the Next SSS Word!

Okay, just found out that Mistah Manuel chose me to be the next word chooser for Saturday Scavenger Shots. Let’s make this one count for the first Saturday Scavenger Shot word for 2009…Hmm…

How about…


There we go. That’s the new word.

Christmas in a Nutshell and Other Stuff

I was going to post photos of what I got for Christmas, but in the time it takes for all that, I might as well just list the stuff, right?

– One flower bulb to grow
– One awesomely Spring-green sweater
– Lots of cool Christmas ornaments
– One cinnamon-scented Air Freshener that doubles as a night light
– One loaf of very tasty cranberry bread (made by one of my brothers)
– The Wii game “Mario Kart” (which I’m addicted to already)
– Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and….

**Edit: One more thing I got was a cute little lamp from my mom! Have to get that settled in a proper location – probably on my nightstand or the other table with the greenhouse on it.**

Also received the following movies:

– “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”
– “Get Smart”
– “The Dark Knight”

Good stuff, people. Very good stuff.

Okay and what else…

– I miss choir practice! It’s not that surprising to me, it’s just that I’m so used to driving to the Methodist church to practice each Monday, and it’s just a little weird that I won’t be doing that for a few weeks. There’s a void there…in my heart. It hurts. No, seriously, I do miss it but I just have to wait a few more weeks for practice to start again.

– Saturday I invited an acquaintance of mine to meet for coffee at a shop. It was an acquaintance of the male folk. Not a date, just a chance to meet casually. It was nice, we chatted for a few hours. I hope to do that again with him, but I’m not confident he wants the same. But we’ll see. He’s a “challenging” guy to read. And by “challenging” I mean freaking difficult to know how he really feels. I sent him a Christmas card with fun stickers, he sent me a CD mixed with some catchy songs I’ve never heard of till now. I like that, so I told him so. But right now it’s a mental roller coaster (and I’m not talking about the CD).

– Now it’s time to get ready for a fresh new year. Yay! Not sure what 2009 will bring (besides an awesome new President’s future filled with nice promises), but I hope it’s a great year for all of us.

– I think that’s it for now, but just thought I’d add another bullet point.

Saturday Scavenger Shots: White

I have my days all messed up and totally forgot to post something for the Saturday Scavenger Shot word yesterday! Ack! Well better late than never, so let’s get started. This week’s word, “white”, was brought to us by Mr. Manuel over at Manuel’s View.


Here’s a bottle of Clorox bleach. It helps white clothes stay white. Next to the bottle are just a few trinkets for decoration.


Here are my Dove products: a white bar of Dove, hypoallergenic soap and a white bottle of deodorant. I don’t leave home without using these products. You’re welcome.


Here’s a white, LifeSaver mint.


A white greenhouse. Is that possible? This greenhouse is currently being used to display a Christmassy, Winter scene complete with white, fake snow.


Finally, here’s my snowman made of white, frosted glass that my mom gave to me. He sits on a white shelf in my bathroom and is illuminated by a little white, battery-powered tea light that goes underneath.

Lots of photos, but I figured I should make up for my lateness. There ya have it!

Party Like It’s 2009

Hey everyone! Here are the eclectic days of the first month of 2009! Woot! Thank you for all of your ideas!


1. Have a Happy and Healthy 2009!/Hangover Cures for New Year’s Day
2. Science Fiction Day (Science fiction pioneer, Isaac Asimov, born this day in 1920)
3. National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day/Ray Milland’s Birthday (1907)
4. Girlie Girl’s 16th Birthday
5. Break One of Your New Year’s Resolutions Day
6. Celebrate the 12th Night of Christmas and Raise a Glass to Your Friends and Family
7. Make Your Favorite Hot Beverage Day
8. English Toffee Day/Show-and-Tell at Work Day
9. Be an Optimist Day
10. Sleep Appreciation Day
11. Amelia Earhart Day (Start of Amelia Earhart’s two-day solo flight across the Pacific, 1935)
12. Milkshake Appreciation Day
13. Start a New Hobby Day
14. Sanitize Your Computer’s Keyboard Day
15. Eat Healthy Day
16. Religious Freedom Day
17. Make a Sock Puppet Day (Shari Lewis’s Birthday – Born this day in 1933 – creator of the puppet called Lambchop)
18. Cary Grant’s Birthday (born this day back in 1904)
19. Bald Eagle Appreciation Days (Held the third weekend of each January)
20. Watch a Classic Movie Day
21. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday/National Hugging Day
22. Answer Your Cat’s Question Day
23. National Pie Day and Compliment Day
24. TV Game Show Day (In observance of Mark Goodman’s birthday, January 24, 1915)
25. Create an Award Acceptance Speech for Yourself (First Emmy Awards, 1949)
26. Australia Day
27. National Chocolate Cake Day/Bridget Fonda, 1964 (Actress)
28. Elijah Wood’s Birthday (1981)
29. Binge on Corn Chips and Salsa while Watching a Movie Day (National Corn Chip Day)
30. Have a Picnic in Your Living Room Day
31. Bring “Sexy Back” Day (Justin Timberlake’s Birthday – 1981)

Astrological Signs

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19
Aquarius: January 20 – February 18


Garnet (symbol of constancy and fidelity)

Flower of the Month

Carnation and Snowdrop

New Ideas for a New Year!

Hey all, I’m sorry I’ve been a blog slacker. I know it’s normal from time to time, but I feel lately like I just missed the bus a few times on here. Anyway, I hope you’re all getting all set for the holidays! I’m excited now. Frazzled a bit, but excited. All the presents have been bought and wrapped, the bathroom is clean, the kitchen is half-cleaned and I bought a honey baked ham for the guests tomorrow night (I’m only presenting half of it so I have the rest for leftovers. Muah ha ha).

Okay, back to the point! January 2009 is coming up and we need a whole new list of zany, wacky, creative holiday ideas for the calendar. Any ideas are very, very welcome!

Grouchy Tara Face

Let me explain this photo. It was a very candid shot taken by my brother this past Summer. We were waiting for my nephew and his band to start their 4th of July concert in the park. My mom had brought candy and Fig Newtons for us to munch on. I got up to throw some trash away while I was sucking on a candy. I looked up and my brother had just taken a photo of me.

It’s obvious I didn’t check the mirror much before going on that picnic, and it’s also obvious I had a world of thoughts in my head. Obviously not happy thoughts either, although I don’t know what the hell was troubling me so much, I can only guess. Could’ve been the humidity, could’ve been my acne making me feel self conscious, could’ve been my weight or a combo of all sorts of stuff. But it all manifested in that expression on my face.

My brother sat there looking at the viewer on his camera and grinned from ear to ear. He said, “Well that’s gonna have to be deleted.” Not that I really believed him, he’s a bit mischievous. Okay, very mischievous. But I put it out of my mind until two of my other brothers visited later this year. My brother was showing them some photos and each time he did, I heard laughter. He finally showed me and…yikes. Then the other day my nephew sent me a back of photos for a project/gift we were all working on, and that photo was included. Out of an act of either bravery or boredom, I thought I’d share with you one of the worst photos of me.