Create a Blog Post Where Everything Ends in an Exclamation Point Day!

Of all the days to forget posting something for the listed holiday, I almost forgot about this one! The horror! I love exclamation points as you may have noticed in the past!

I’m hungry! Yet, we have already been served cake today for one surprise party! Cake! At 9:30 in the morning! It was tasty, too! There’s another party in a few hours! With more cake! I can’t wait!

I got such a great night’s sleep last night! No skunks were in the vicinity! There’s something magical about realizing that you have slept through the night! I don’t even remember hitting the pillow! That happened the other night too, the night after the skunk incident! I could breathe deeply!

So today is Wednesday already! I don’t have to work my usual late hours tonight or tomorrow, because night classes are pretty much finished for the quarter! Thursday night I’ll actually be able to get home in time to watch “A Haunting” on The Discovery Channel! They used to play it at 9pm which was nicer, but then they moved it down to 8pm so I kept missing it because I had to work till 8:30 or 9pm! The nerve! But this week I’ll be able to see it in all its glory! Yay!

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy it! Love it!


March, mars, Marzo!

Astrological Signs:

Pisces: February 19 – March 20
Aries: March 21 – April 19


Aquamarine, Bloodstone



1. Celebrate Your Newest Family Member Day (includes Births, Marriages, New Pets, etc.)

2. Scrape Off Your Neighbor’s Car Day

3. Pringles Appreciation Day/Refer to Yourself in 3rd Person Day

4. Breath Mint Appreciation Day

5. Recast a Famous Movie Day

6. Try a New Beverage Day

7. Dinah Appreciation Day

8. Double Knot Your Shoe Ties/Laces Day

9. Write Everything in Past Tense Day

10. Give Someone Your Favorite Snack Day

11. Daylight Savings Time…(aka Lose A Precious Hour of Sleep Day)

12. Watch a Movie with Subtitles

13. Link a New Blog Day

14. Sell Something to a Pawn Shop/Steak and Blissful Joke Appreciation Day

15. Tell a Really Stupid Joke to Everyone You Know

16. Play a Board Game with Someone

17. St. Patrick’s Day/Drink Green Beer Day/Wear Funky Green Nail Polish Day/Sober on St. Pat’s Day

18. Bake Something and Take it to Work to Share on Monday

Guinness Appreciation Day

20. Send a Resume for a Job Posting Day (Whether You’re Looking or Not)

21. First Day of Spring!

22. Throw Away Old Medicine Day

23. Give a Box of Things to Goodwill Day

24. Shutdown Day (Turn Off Your Computer for 24 Hours)/Read Someone the “Riot Act” Day

25. Tara Turns Thirty-Three!

26. Back to Back Day (Watch a Film and All Its Sequels Back to Back in One Session)

27. Pretzel Appreciation Day/Go for a Drive to Nowhere Day (weather withstanding)

28. Jump in the Air Day (Do an Extravagant Jump in the Air at Random in a Public Place)

29. Elbow Appreciation Day (Paint a Picture with a Paintbrush Taped to Your Elbow)

30. Watch a Scooby Doo Movie Day/Pull a Van Gogh with Your Self-Portrait (ie: Remove a Part of Your Face or Other Piece of Your Anatomy from a Photo)

31. “Reformatting My Brain” Appreciation Day

Thanks so much to all of you who contributed! I had to double or triple up on a few days because of your cool ideas!

Wear One Color to Work Day

Aww, look at this little tulip in the photo there. Such a cute little skunk. Yeah, well, whatever.

I woke up at 1:30am this morning to the very, very pungent smell of skunk. I had opened up my bedroom window a crack so that fresh air could come in while I slept. That was the idea, but other air comes in at that time too. The smell was so strong that if I hadn’t known any better, I would’ve thought the skunk was either on my balcony on the second floor or on my window ledge bungee jumping, or in my apartment eating all of my junk food. It must’ve been rooting through the bushes under a first floor window. Someone once said that the exhaust fumes of a school bus emit the same kind of scent. I doubt there was a bus parked right outside at 1:30am. No, I know what I smelled.

Well I got up and closed the window which seemed to trap the smell in the room. I turned on my fan to circulate the air and it circulated the odor all around the room. Because I wanted to get back to sleep and couldn’t do that with the smell so strong, I grabbed a clean hand towel that smelled of clean dryer sheets, and had to inhale that everytime I smelled skunk. Eventually I must’ve dozed off. I can’t imagine how bad it is when someone gets sprayed by one of those lovelies. All I did was get a back draft of the rodent.

I wonder if skunks are happy about being known for their bad smell? Are they proud of it? Do they like the fact that people run from them just at the sight? I would think they’d get a complex.

Oh and today is “Wear One Color Day” or something like that. I have mostly red on, and the skunk certainly isn’t wearing just one color. It’s up to you, my readers.

Sebastien Appreciation Day!!

Check out Sebastien’s blog when you get a chance, because today is Sebastien Appreciation Day! He and his faithful German Shepherd pup named Rambo live in toasty Arizona, and he’s the master and commander of his blog called Chronically Sick But Still Thinking. Sebastien is an awesome artist and his posts are thoughtful, funny and very inspiring. I’m so glad I stopped by his blog the first time, because now I’m hooked.

So go over there, check out his blog and get hooked yourself.

Happy You Day, Sebastien!

March In Those Ideas!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend so far! Congrats to Solipsist and his family for their new baby boy, and another congrats to Solipsist’s sister, BabyBull for becoming an auntie!

March will be here very soon, so please send me your ideas! Remember, the weirder the better or come up with an appreciation day for your favorite food or beverage or piece of furniture. You get the idea.

Enjoy your weekend!