Small World

About a month or so after I started working at my current job, someone arrived at the office to meet with one of my other coworkers. While he waited in the lobby, he noticed my name plate (yeah, now I have an official name plate and some business cards, I’m official).

Visitor: “I used to work with a guy with that last name years ago!”

My name isn’t exactly common, so I asked him what business he was in. He told me he was involved with transportation and logistics. Hmm…

The guy elaborated a bit and said, “I think his name was Thomas W.”

“Yeah, that was my dad.”

“Oh wow, small world! What’s he doing now?”

It was an innocent question. He didn’t know that my dad had died in 2000. My dark humor and seemingly infinite storage of “Seinfeld” quotes almost kicked in and my inner George Costanza could’ve said, “yada”… But I went with the truth.

Since working at this new place, I have been encountering some of those “small world” moments and a lot of feelings like I belong there. I’ve never felt so in sync with a job.

Oh, and before I got my current job, I interviewed at the place my dad used to work. That is a story for another blog.

The Sinking of the S.S. I.T.T.

I can’t remember when we started hearing word about the fate of the post-secondary college I used to work for, but we weren’t getting word directly from HQ. Now at first, I didn’t look up the news because that’s when I panic. Instead, someone in another department would see the news online and then come up to me to talk about it so we’d both panic.

Still though, I admit I would go home and put my head in the sand by watching the shows I was addicted to like “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”. They were a nice escape.

Then the news started to get to me, along with the office’s atmosphere. The amount of mail was dwindling, our cleaning company seemed to be giving up and my coworkers were losing their spirit.

So….I updated my resume and wrote some cover letters and started to apply for jobs. I went on one interview, and even though it went well, the pay wasn’t the best, the office smelled funky and quite frankly I wasn’t ready to jump ship.

During one weekend, I watched the movie “The Poseiden Adventure”, and by the end of that movie there was only a small group of survivors. The theme song was “The Morning After” and my dark sense of humor kicked in. I compared the situation at work to the movie. Our school; nationwide, seemed to be turning upside down after being hit by a tidal wave.

In the end, we really were a small group. On the last day that wasn’t officially the last day, it was the Friday before Labor Day weekend. They had also conveniently told us we were given an extra day off. We waited for some kind of confirmation about…anything, so we were all huddled around the switchboard as the director of our school told us what she knew, and even that wasn’t quite solidified. One coworker said, “So do you think we should gather up all of our sh** before we leave tonight?” That was definite.

We all walked out of the building in a stupor, not knowing quite what to do. It was bizarre, and I don’t normally use that word.

Well, that was the last time we were a school. On Tuesday, September 6th, 2016, ITT Technical Institute was no longer a school. Diplomas for the September graduating class were mailed out, there wasn’t any graduation ceremony, etc. It was incredibly depressing.

I was only out of a job for three weeks until I was hired by the company I work for now. That was also rattling to me; just the whole experience, and even when I was hired, it didn’t register with me or I would’ve been in better spirits.

Anyway, so that’s my first actual update. Yay!



I haven’t posted an update in quite awhile. I don’t have a wild life, so there’s not much to tell.

My mom was in the hospital last month for about a week. It was due time, since she had been suffering from something and the doctor couldn’t quite nail down the problem. She had been weak for a long time, though, and the hospital staff found the problem and took care of it. Now she’s motivated again and moving about her apartment, garage sales, flea markets, etc.

Did I tell you that my friend at work got a new job and doesn’t work with me anymore? Yeah, that happened. She’s happy at her new job. We met for lunch last week which was nice.

Since my friend left, they hired someone else. She’s nice and a hard worker. I trained her to work the front desk last week. I was worried that I would leave something out, but eventually I had to let that thought go and realize that she would learn one way or the other. There are people in the office who won’t hesitate to tell her that she made a mistake. Thankfully our manager is tactful about it, but there are some others who aren’t and seem to nitpick when they’re in a mood which is every other day. She has already had experiences with those types, and I have warned her about them.

My mom and I were invited over to my brother’s house on the 4th of July and we had some of the best crab legs we’ve ever eaten. They were perfectly baked. I wish I had two stomachs so that I could’ve eaten more.

I watched the first season of “American Horror Story” through Netflix and I absolutely loved it. I ordered it through Amazon so that I can watch the season whenever I feel like it.

Oh, I almost forgot! Last weekend, I went to a few events for my 20-year high school reunion! We were invited to the high school for a tour. I wasn’t alone thinking that the school would look the same, but there were some major changes made since we graduated in 1993. It was so strange, but thankfully the auditorium, art wing and the tryout theater were all the same. It brought back some nice memories.

Then that same day we had a picnic in the valley/Metroparks. I should’ve stayed longer. I met up with a former classmate who’s boyfriend worked at the school I work at now. We swapped some memories, and then they left. I didn’t want to hang around, so I left too. It was a beautiful day, though, perfect for a reunion!

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Storm

Long time no blog, right? Hey there, people! Ms. Laura gave me the heads-up that I was tagged for the new word. I’m almost out of steam with blogging, or at least it has felt that way for a few weeks now, maybe longer. Anyway, I’m still around sometimes for the Saturday Scavenger Shots, so I picked the word “storm”.

The following photos were taken in my kitchen after I cooked up a storm. Today is the last week-day of my vacation. Damn, that went fast. Anyway, I felt like playing around in the kitchen.




AlienCG, you are it! Let the word choose you. Be the word.

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Delicious

Happy Saturday! It’s time to play Saturday Scavenger Shots, and I chose the word “delicious”.

Someone once told me they could grill me up a soy hotdog and I cringed. Recently, though, I was curious enough to buy some at the store. I wanted to try something new. Well I tried them today, and although they weren’t the nastiest things I have ever eaten, they were not delicious.

Vegan Dogs

Vegan Dogs

These cookies were a little challenging to assemble, but in the end, my coworkers and I thought they were delicious. The cookies were made of chocolate chip cookies, red frosting, mini marshmallows and almond slivers.

Dracula's Dentures

Dracula’s Dentures

Now pot roasts….slowly simmered in a crockpot for hours with potatoes and carrots and then served with a tall glass of milk….(Sigh)…That’s a heavenly, delicious meal.

Pot Roast

AlienCG, I tag you for the next word! You’re it!

“Time to Face the Strange Ch… Changes….”

Well hi! Ms. Laura picked the word “change” for last Saturday’s focus for the game “Saturday Scavenger Shots”. I finally dusted off my camera and took some photos.


This is where I change my appearance each day with my favorite earrings, sometimes necklaces and sometimes bracelets. That pretty, light green jar on the top there is where I keep my change.


This stuff helps change my hair from frizzy to not-frizzy in just a few seconds. It’s good stuff.


This is my closet. I know you were all anxious to see my laundry. You’re welcome. Anyway, this closet holds most of my clothes that I change into each day.

Laura knows I like to be tagged, so she chose me to pick the next word! The new word is: delicious.

“Summer Wheatley?!”

Hi there! Last Saturday’s word was “summer”. Here are mah photos:

Scan 131540000 1

I loved playing on the beach when I was a kid. In this particular shot, I was on my way to building some kind of sand castle with a waterfall. I attracted some other beach dwellers who were just fascinated by my high-quality sand-thingy-building skills.

Scan 131540000 2

I love summer, honestly! I can’t explain the look on my face in that shot, but I really did enjoy spending some summer days in the Arizona heat one year.
Outside on Saturday

This is NOT summer.

I’ll tag AlienCG of “Swamp Gas and Moonlit Reflections” for the next word-chooser!

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Celestial

Happy Sat…er…Sunday! I hope that you’re all having a fun weekend, whatever you’re doing! Ms. Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This?” picked the word “celestial” for this weekend’s edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots. I had at least one photo in mind, but then procrastinated and now I’m late with posting something. Blah!

Anyway, here are a few photos:


As you can see from these photos, I am a fan of the tea brand, “Celestial Seasonings”. They’re all very good. They have so much flavor packed into each teabag that I don’t even need to add sugar. This one is one of my favorites.


Here’s my little collection. I have a few more boxes, but they’re from a different company.