What I’ve Done, What I Will Be Doing

– I worked a half day on Friday because I had to work on Saturday for a bit. I didn’t expect to work this Saturday, but it works out well since working the next two Saturdays are out of the question. My friend is getting married this coming Saturday and then that next Saturday I’ll be finishing up my week-long vacation.

– Anyway, my Friday afternoon was hectic. I must’ve gone to Wal-Mart four times in that afternoon. Not because I love that place so much, but because I kept forgetting to buy stuff, and at one point on the trip home from one of those trips to Wal-Mart, I heard a pop, and the right lens of my glasses fell out because the molecule-sized screw popped out. Crapsicord. Thankfully, I’m not blind without my glasses, so I made my way home (it’s a short drive), found my old pair of glasses with a slightly weaker prescription, and went for the eyeglass-repair kit I have in a drawer. I thought I had spare screws. Nope! That meant I had to go back to Wal-Mart. This was the same day I decided to buy my first sewing machine, too. I was picking up stuff for that thing too during these excursions.

– Oh, and on a recent trip to my Wal-Mart, I was strolling past one aisle and noticed packs of beer. I stopped dead in my tracks, thinking this was a figment of my strange imagination. My Wal-Mart has never sold alcohol! I glanced down the aisle and saw not only beer but wine on the shelves. Then I looked up and they have a huge sign now that reads, “Yes, Tara! We sell beer now!” At the risk of sounding like an over-eager alcoholic, this discovery made me happy. This meant, in my head, two things; one, it might be a sign that the regular store will be made into a Super Wal-Mart in the near future. The papers have said it’ll become one, but until I see proof, I’m gonna be skeptical. And 2, I don’t have to go to two different stores if I want a little wine. If I’m at Wal-Mart for other crap and want some wine, I don’t have to go to the stinky gas station nearby that constantly smells like burned pastrami.

– Anyway, I hemmed the petticoat that’s part of the sari I’m wearing for my friend’s wedding, my mom helped me take out the top so that it would fit better (if I had known how easy it was to fix that top, I could’ve done that myself, but I consider it another useful lesson), and I practiced more on how to wrap my sari. It is not like wrapping a towel after a shower, there are more steps, and five different styles (that I know of) to choose from! I also experimented with some hairstyles for the big day. I have bangle bracelets now, but I should buy more, my coworker has some Bindi that I can have, too. I’ve got the jewelry that I ordered months ago, and I’m just about ready for it all. The one thing that is a minor problem is my shoes. I wore them around this weekend, stretched them out, put cushioned tape in the back of them, and although they are more comfortable than they were when I first bought them, they are still hard on my heels. I’m gonna put a bunch more cushioning on the shoes and on my heels so that my shoes don’t cause anymore discomfort. I intend to dance till I can’t dance no mo’ this weekend. Shoes will not slow me down.

– Do you want to know where I’ll be vacationing next week? I’m sure you are just dying to know! It’s a nice place. The skies are usually a fairy-tale blue, the grass is fresh-n-green, the weather is….er…one surprise after another and the locals are fairly decent. The food is eclectic, local wildlife surrounds the area, there’s even a cat that even visits regularly. If you’re looking for swimming excursions, there’s a lovely pool nearby. You can even fish in the nearby pond. Have you guessed yet? No other place but the tropical, luxurious Chateau de Tara, located off the coast of Ohio in the United States of America. I’ll send you all a postcard.


The Eclectic Days of July 2008!

Here’s the list for July, hot off the presses. Thank you for all the ideas you came up with! They are all in there along with a few national holidays, and a few I put in with some birthdays.

Heeeeeeere’s July!

1. Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day/Canada Day

2. Reformat’s Baby’s First Birthday!

3. Baked Potato Day (Idaho Became the 43rd State This Day Back in 1890)

4. Independence Day!/The Beginning of Tara’s Vacation!

5. Walk Down the Aisle Like Ya Own It Day (Ksra Gets Married Today!)

6. Lock the Door When You Take a Shower Day (Janet Leigh’s Birthday – 1927)

7. SilverNeurotic Starts Her New Job Today! Good Luck, Silver!

8. List Your Favorite Kevin Bacon Movies Day (Kevin Bacon’s Birthday – 1958)

9. Find a Balcony and Sing “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina!” Day (Argentina’s Independence Day)

10. Create a Miniature Sculpture of Devil’s Tower Day (Wyoming Became the 44th State – 1890)

11. iPhone Appreciation Day (iPhone is Launched in Denmark)

12. Wish List Day (Make A Wish List Of Things You Would Like To Do That You Were Afraid To Do Before)

13. Evil-E’s Birthday! (Monkeys and Midgets Appreciation Day)

14. Make An Invention Day

15. Cow Appreciation Day

16. Churlita’s Birthday!

17. Take A Road Trip To Some New Place Day

18. Create an Illustration of the Bat Signal Day (“The Dark Knight” is Released in Theaters Today!)

19. MPR’S 17th Birthday!

20. Reveal Your Blog Crushes Day

21. French Toast Day (Post About The History Of French Toast)

22. Phrase Your Answer in the Form of a Question Day (Alex Trebek’s Birthday – 1940)

23. Sunflowers Appreciation Day

24. Wonder Woman Appreciation Day (Lynda Carter’s Birthday – 1951)

25. System Administrator Day (Observed Annually on Last Friday of July)

26. Have Some “Sympathy for the Devil” Day (Mick Jagger’s Birthday – 1943)

27. Take Your Plants For A Walk Day (Yup, it is a Holiday)

28. Accountant’s Day/National Milk Chocolate Day

29. How Yer Garden Grows Day

30. Talk Like Morpheus from “The Matrix” Day (Laurence Fishburne’s Birthday – 1961)

31. Reformat’s Birthday!

Other info for your amusement according to Butlerwebs.com:

Astrological Signs of the Month of July:

Cancer: June 21 – July 22
Leo: July 23 – August 22

July Birthstone: Ruby

July Flowers: Larkspur and Water Lily

July is also:

Hot Dog Month (National)

Fireworks Safety Month (June thru July 4th)

Ice Cream Month (National)

Blueberry Month (National)

Read An Almanac Month

Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness Month


First Week of July:

National Unassisted Homebirth Week
Freedom From Fear Of Speaking Week

Second Week of July:

Therapeutic Recreation Week (National)

Third Week of July:

Hug Week

Fourth Week of July:

Salad Week (National)

Jeweled Flag


This afternoon I not only bought my very first sewing machine (foot pedal and all), but I also threaded it AND hemmed something with it! Woo hoo! My mom has helped me hem stuff in the past, but I wanted to see if I could do it all by myself this time. I am in-dee-pendent.

Just don’t ask how many times I swore. Or about the straightness of the hem. Not bad, though!

July’s Coming! Ideas, Please!

July will be here before we know it, bloggers, so if you have ideas for me to post on the eclectic July calendar, please post them here! I think some of you have birthdays coming up, so please post them. It’ll be fun, we’ll have cybercake, we’ll sing, we’ll have a bonfire with cyber s’mores…C’mon, it will be fun.

Remember, the goofier and more obscure of an idea, the better. Or if you’d like to appreciate someone in your life or a celebrity of some sort, let me know about that too.

Thank you again and again for being you!

Thank you, Mike Birbiglia!

Well bloggers, I am extremely content. My friends and I fought through Downtown, rush hour traffic to see Mr. Mike Birbiglia perform at Hilarities last night. Well actually my friend fought through the traffic because she was driving. But we were backup fighters. Anyway, we arrived with a little more than a half hour to spare. We weren’t right up by the stage, but we were still very close with a perfect view of the stage.

We had an opening act who was pretty funny, but I was ready for Birbiglia, and he came out shortly after the opening act. Very funny stuff, he mixed in stuff he has talked about on his CDs with stuff I had never heard before. He told stories of frightening stuff that has happened to him and was able to add some humor to it. One of the things he talked about was when he had to have surgery once on his bladder. “When they tell you they found something in your bladder, it’s never anything good. Like, ‘We found something in your bladder and it’s season tickets to the Yankees!!'” In that same story he talks about how terrifying it is for a hypochondriac to actually have something wrong with them, and how it unfortunately validates all of their biggest fears. As a hypochondriac myself, I was feeling pretty anxious just having him talk about his own experience! I can’t imagine how frightening it was for him during that time.

During his act, he noticed a spark up on the balcony, so that became part of the show too, as he tried to solve the puzzle of what caught on fire. In the end it had something to do with a burned burrito and a flaming napkin. I don’t know, I wasn’t up on the balcony to see it all, but the mystery was sort of solved in the end. Just the process of Birbiglia cracking the case, though, was hilarious.

After the show, a guy from Hilarities got up on stage and told us where we could meet Mike Birbiglia and buy his CDs and DVDs. I was prepared just like I was when I met Jim Gaffigan. I had a blue marker, his “Secret Public Journal” CD and my camera. We found the table right away and instead of a line, there was more of a horseshoe shape around the table. I chatted with another fan and before we knew it, we heard someone say, “Oh there he is!”

There he was up by the table, ready to meet people! The girl I was chatting with went up first. He chatted with her a bit, signed his autograph and then my friend Elfid said, “Go on up there!” I found myself, again, face to face with another one of my favorite comedians! I shook his hand, he had a nice handshake and I gave him my blue marker to sign. He joked, “I’m sorry, I only sign with black marker.” For a second I actually took him seriously, but he said, “Just kiddin.” He signed his autograph on the CD and then I asked awkwardly if I could take a picture with him and he said sure or something like that. It’s funny how when I’m so anxious and excited to meet these guys, my mind goes on autopilot and things become a blur. I remember meeting him, but I don’t remember everything I said, or everything he said to me at that moment, or if I had Chipotle-style chicken between my teeth or what. My friend took the photo and then before I left I told him that I’m on his blog and that I am the person who left that last comment on his most recent blog post. You know, just in case he needs to know that info. Heh. Afterwards I wondered if I even told him my name, but I know I did.

Amazing show, that guy knows how to entertain. We had a pitcher of margaritas, but I didn’t drink too much. I almost choked on my drink from laughing so hard, but that’s good comedy right there. Hehe. I’m still giddy. Thank you, Mr. Birbiglia!

And now for some photos:

Me and Mike Birbiglia!

Here’s the man himself, Mike Birbiglia, posing with an enthusiastic fan. I was grateful to see I didn’t have any sauce on my face during this shot. We had ordered a basket of hot wings, and those are quite messy. I’m glad the waitress gave us plenty of wet-naps to use.


Here’s a photo of my friends. I don’t know who let those characters in, but I’m writing a letter to management. We can’t have that kind of odd behavior at Hilarities.

Make English Muffin Pizzas for Lunch or Dinner Day (Comedian Mike Birbiglia Performs at Pickwick-n-Frolic Tonight!)

Sorry for the manic, multiple posts already today. Variety is food for the mind, though. I don’t know if anyone has ever said that originally, but it just came to me.

Anyway, tonight I get to see one of my favorite comedians at Pickwick & Frolic/Hilarities! Mr. Mike Birbiglia will be there on his “What I Should’ve Said Was Nothing” Tour. Yay! I’m very excited about this. Giddy and excited.

But I will not be that girl in the audience who makes a fool out of herself by screaming stuff like, “I love youuuuu! Woo hooo!!” It hasn’t happened yet, I am not a heckler, I wasn’t raised by hecklers and I’m quite sure I wasn’t a heckler in a previous life. As evident by my unwillingness to speak up in class.

One of Birbiglia’s favorite things to do is make English muffin pizzas. I made those awhile back and dang they’re tasty. I can totally see where he’s coming from. I probably won’t make them today, because there won’t be much time. But you should make them for the blog holiday.

Here’s a recipe:

English Muffin Pizzas

1 package (6) English muffins
1 can pizza sauce
1 8-ounce package shredded mozzarella cheese
Desired toppings

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Split English muffins and arrange halves on a cookie sheet. Spread desired amount of sauce on each muffin half, top with favorite toppings. Bake for 5 to 10 minutes, until cheese melts. Serve with soup, salad or cut-up vegetables. Store any leftovers in a plastic bag in the refrigerator and reheat under the broiler.

I’d let them cool a bit before you start enjoying them. You don’t want your lips burned if that cheese slides off.