June Days!

PearlsHere are the holidays coming up in June. Oh and when I say “coming up” I mean tomorrow. I’m all messed up, I keep thinking tomorrow is the 31st. But nope. Today is the last day of May. A crisp, fresh new month starts at midnight! Yay!

Thank you all again for your fun ideas! If I missed any, let me know!


1. North American Grizzly Appreciation Day

2. Laura B. Begins Moving Into Her New Apartment!/Write About a News Story Day

3. Discuss Your Favorite Computer/Video Game Day (“LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures” comes out for Nintendo Wii)

4. Appendix Appreciation Day

5. Tongue Twister for a Blog Post Title Day

6. Montana Appreciation Day/Convoy Day

7. Dress in Something Purple Day (Prince’s Birthday – 1958 )

8. Gaze into a Subatomic Particle Day

9. Quote from a Johnny Depp Movie Day (Johnny Depp’s birthday – 1963)

10. Messy Activity Day

11. Take a New Route to Wherever You’re Going Day

12. Pick Some Flowers Day

13. No More Teachers, No More Books Day!/Watch a Scary Movie Day (Friday the 13th)

14. Bachelor/Bachelorette Appreciation Day

15. Talk About Your Favorite Nostalgic Music Day/Father’s Day

16. Bright Idea Day

17. Be Randomly Nice to Someone Day

18. Social Animal’s 19th Birthday!

19. Assign a Post to Another Blogger Day (Give Them the Topic and Make Them Write It)

20. Favorite TV Shows Day…Both Past and Present

21. First Day O’Summer!/Kiddie Pool Appreciation Day/Krishna Appreciation Day

22. Favorite Commercials Day

23. Least Favorite Commercials Day

24. Fan Letter Day

25. Make English Muffin Pizzas for Lunch or Dinner Day (Comedian Mike Birbiglia Performs at Pickwick-n-Frolic Tonight!)

26. Bobby McFerrin Day (Mantra for the day: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”)

27. Barbecue Memories and/or Appreciation Day

28. Quote from a Mel Brooks Movie Day (Mel Brooks’ birthday – 1926)

29. Get Up Off the Couch and Change Channels Manually Day (The remote control was introduced back in 1964)

30. Enjoy a Tropical Drink Day

Astrological Sign

Gemini: May 21 – June 20
Cancer: June 21 – July 22

June Birthstone:


June’s Flower:


Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Letter” (now with Febreze-scented update!)

AlienCG over at Alien’s Planet chose this week’s word to be “Letter”. One photo opportunity came to mind, so here it is:

I think my mom ordered this online somewhere one Christmas and gave it to me as a gift. The letter “T” stands for Tara. Just wanted to clarify.


UPDATE! I’ve been tagged! So the word for next week is:…….”Shine”. Have fun.


June Ideas, Por Favor!

Hey all, if you’d like some funny/unique holidays up on the June calendar, let me know! Please let me know if any birthdays are coming up, too! You know how I love to bake cyber cakes. It’s the easiest form of cooking, and no mess either!

Anyway, if you’re new to my blog and don’t have the faintest idea what I’m talking about, I create calendars each month for my blog and I ask that people provide ideas for each day of the month. They can be birthdays and they can be made-up holidays. For example, I’m already planning a Bachelor/Bachelorette Appreciation Day, and there will probably be a day related somehow to movies, too.

So if something pops in your head that you want celebrated (Bright Idea Day?), let me know! List them in the comments section of this post.

Thank youuuu!

Free Gifts = Simple Bliss

On Tuesday of this week, I got a call from the front desk at work saying that there’s a package up there for me. Hmm, I’m not expecting anything! So I went up there and there was something from UPS. I opened it up to find some very cool items:

– Two good pens: green and burgundy
– A pink water bottle
– Sunglasses!!

Then there was a note in there from UPS. I have a contact through them and I let them set up in our school for recruiting events. They were just showing their appreciation! Awww! It was a very nice surprise! The receptionist, L, kidded with me and asked me to make an acceptance speech like, “I have so many people to thank! I never expected this!” Then I emailed my contact to thank her for the gifts and she said she told her manager to send me the best stuff. Double awwww!

Anyway, here are the free shades I received. They’re a little tight on the head, but did I mention they’re free? Yay!

What Do YOU Want Me to Post?

That’s right, I’m asking you! Put down your beer or coffee or whatever you’re holding there. Er…yeah. Anyway, I know that I ask you for holiday suggestions for my blog, but this time I’m not asking for holidays, I’m relying on you to tell me what you want to see posted on here. Anything, as long as it’s not X/R-Rated.

How bout the illustrated Weeklies I was doing for awhile there? If you want me to draw more of those, let me know what you want them to be doing. Remember, the last time we saw them, Friday had just given birth to Monday’s love child which was how holidays are born.

So again, suggestions? Ideas? Tell me what you want me to post.

Did You Know This?

FYI: “When Isaac Newton was conducting a light experiment in his attic, his cat kept coming in and out, interfering with the scientist’s need for darkness. To solve the problem, Newton cut a small opening in the doorway and covered it with a piece of felt attached at the top, unwittingly creating the first cat flap.”

I didn’t know that! Found it out just moments ago while leafing through the pages of my Page-a-Day cat calendar. Each day has either a fact about historical cats or some info about the cat featured that day.