Friday Five – Shopping Edition

Hey there and happy Friday! Most of you are acquainted with “Blogthings”, but did you know that there’s also a blog? It’s called “The Blogthings Blog”. She has her own “Friday Five” that includes a Blogthings quiz! Here is this week’s list o’questions.

Friday Five – Shopping Edition

1. What are your favorite stores to shop at?
Walmart, Pat Catan’s, Gabriel Brothers, Old Time Pottery, Tuesday Morning, The Dollar Tree, Marshall’s and Burlington Coat Factory

2. What do you like to shop for?
Movies, crafts, food, makeup, cleaning supplies, sometimes clothes and shoes

3. Where do you prefer to shop? Online? At an indoor mall? An outdoor mall? Downtown?
I prefer to shop in an actual store most of the time. When I’m shopping for clothes, I like to shop in the store because I need to try things on. I try to avoid going to the malls, they make my eyes burn and there just aren’t that many shops in the mall that I like to visit. I haven’t been Downtown to shop in a very long time. If I’m looking for music or movies, sometimes I’ll shop online.

4. What’s the best thing you’ve bought in the past year or two?
My dollhouse kit, dollhouse furniture and some outfits for work

5. Take What’s Your Shopping Stereotype? – What do you get? Is it accurate?
My shopping stereotype is Economical. Yes, it’s very accurate!

Your Shopping Stereotype is Economical

Cheap. Thrifty. Frugal. These are all word that you can (and likely do) use to describe your shopping style.
Why pay top dollar when you can get a bargain? You love to save money, and you’re really quite good at it too.You’re most likely to be found shopping in discount stores, but you also know how to rock the clearance rack at top end places.People are always complementing you on your finds, and they can’t believe how cheaply you get everything.

Relaxation Vacation

I had a week long vacation last week and it was really nice. Even though all vacations seem to go by super fast, this one had a nice, steady pace that let me enjoy my time off.

My mom and I went to a flea market at the local fairgrounds. It’s set up every weekend, and in the winter they have it inside. I bought a few movies; “Not Another Teen Movie” (“You’d better ba-ring it.” “Oh, it’s already been ba-roughten.”) and “The Professional”. Then there’s a lady who buys lots of stuff at Costco or some place like that and resells the stuff at a lower price. I bought a huge bottle of Scope, because that stuff’s not cheap, and some nice perfume. Then there was a stand nearby that sold hotdogs, sausages and fries. There’s something about buying fries at an outdoor event….the smell tortures me into buying some.

We also checked out a place I’ve been meaning to visit called “Tuesday Morning”. I went to one years ago in another city, but it just seemed to be a shop filled with candle stuff. I half expected to run into the same thing at this different location, but I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the stuff is decorative, and it’s so cool and affordable. They also had some DVDs available and I bought Ellen Degeneres’s DVD called “Here and Now”. I’ll have to visit that place again this weekend since it’s payday weekend.

I also walked to the library and checked out some books, but I talked about some of those already. It was a shoppy, crafty, exercisey, movie-watching kind of vacation and I loved it. There are two more vacation days on deck in a few more weeks. Then I have a week off in July, then the day after Halloween and two days off after New Year’s Day. I still have 8 days left, but I’m hanging onto them to see what kind of good excitement pops up through the rest of the year.

“Let them eat cake.”

Today’s word for Saturday Scavenger Shots was “cake”, brought to us by Mr. AlienCG of “Swamp Gas and Moonlit Reflections”. Let’s preheat the oven and get the batter prepared.

I’m not a big cake person. I don’t like buying cakes from most stores because the frosting is too sweet or there’s a bitter aftertaste. I prefer to make the cake myself with Dunkan Hines products.

Anyway, I baked this cake awhile back without the help of Dunkan Hines. I did follow an online recipe, though. I was so pleased that the Pineapple Upside Down cake turned out so well. I jumped up and down in my kitchen, clapped and screeched a bit. After that, I took a photo of the finished product:

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

“Wing”in’ It!

Howdy! Ms. Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This” picked the word “wing” for Saturday Scavenger Shots.

I’m late, but here are my photos:


Here’s my Angry Bird! A friend and coworker bought one for me! A few of us were really competitive with that game. It doesn’t look like my bird has any wing(s). Maybe that’s why the birds have to be launched by a slingshot. I’d be angry too!


I walked to the local library today and took out a few books about sketching and drawing nature. Here’s one about drawing birds. It doesn’t take me step-by-step with drawing instructions, but it does tell me which colors I need from my collection of colored pencils.


Here’s a basic drawing of a cardinal. One wing had lots of detail in the book, but I’ll be able to draw that one in more detail on paper.

New Toy!

Hey there! I bought myself a new toy. It’s not a techie toy, nothing expensive or flashy. I bought a whiteboard with dry erase markers and an eraser. Look at it:


My first thought was to buy a bigger white board, like the size we use in our classrooms. That would’ve blown my mind. I did find one at Walmart that was not only affordable (under $10), it was also just right with the size. I told myself that I didn’t need a gigantic, wall-hogging board, just one that’s big enough to get my creative juices flowing. I can be very responsible with my money if I really concentrate.

Anyway, I hung it up by my bed and everytime I walk past it, I feel compelled to draw something new. It’s so much fun, I recommend that you buy yourself a whiteboard with some dry erase markers.

Two Spider Visitors in One Day

When I was getting ready for work yesterday, I glanced at the wall by my alarm clock and noticed a little spider strolling down the wall. I was still in my pajamas, but I grabbed a Pyrex container and guided the visitor into the container. Then I quietly opened the door to my apartment, after making sure nobody was there, and sent the spider on its way. It was a fast little thing.

Then last night while in the shower, another spider graced me with his/her presense. It came out from behind my shampoo bottle, noticed me, then walked back behind the bottle. I wasn’t offended, I appreciated that the spider gave me some privacy. When I was ready to leave the bathroom, I noticed it had crawled out, into the open again. I wonder if it would be happier by my plants? It seemed lost.

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Bubbles

Twas my turn to pick the word for Saturday Scavenger Shots, so I went with the word “bubbles”. I can’t remember if I had something else in mind at the time, but I went with somethin’ else. On days I really need to unwind, I run myself a hot bubble bath. I did that today, even though Fridays aren’t usually hectic, and it wasn’t today, but I was just glad I was done for the week.

Running a bubble bahth:


Lots of pretty bubbles…


I will tag the fabulous Ms. Laura to pick next week’s word! Take it, Laura!