31 Ways to Celebrate January 2010!

You know it….you know it well. It is the Eclectic calendar which you helped to create! Tomorrow will be January of a whole new year. Thank you again for your special days, they helped a great deal! And thank you all for being fun, lovely, inspiring and awesome. Hugs all around!..They’ll have to virtual hugs, though, I don’t want to give you my cold. But the sentiment is definitely there!


1. Drink Some Hot Chocolate Day
2. Hibernation Day
3. Look Back at Your Favorite Blog Post of 2009
4. Girlie Girl’s 17th Birthday!/Eat an Apple/Apple Concoction (Issac Newton’s Birthday)
5. Buy a Coloring Book and Crayons and Use Them
6. Blog About One of Your Recurring New Years Resolutions Day
7. Show Us Your Closet Day (Post a photo of the inside of your clothes closet)
8. What’s in Your Handbag? (Take a Photo or Make a List of Things in Your Handbag or Purse)
9. Top Cat Care Tips
10. Top Ten Tunes – Listen to a Top Ten List of Songs Made up of Hits, One Hit Song from each Year in the Past Decade (2000-2010)
11. Live on Less than Five Dollars/Pounds for One Day
12. Three Wishes for 2010
13. Imagine Five Things You Could Do to Torture the Most Annoying Person in Your Life
14. Clean Off Your Desk Day
15. Pets Past – a Remembrance Day for Past Pets No Longer with Us
16. Poster Power – What’s Your Favorite Poster?
17. In a Deep, Menacing Voice, Implore Someone to Come to the Dark Side Today (James Earl Jones’s Birthday – 1931)
18. Commit Yourself Today (Whatever you plan on doing, commit to it!)
19. List Your ‘Top of The Blogs’
20. Find as Many Opportunities to Shout, “For God’s Sake Jim!!” Today, Even If You’re Not Talking to a Jim (Jackson DeForest Kelley’s Birthday – 1920)
21. Hugging Day (National – U.S.)
22. Feel Possessed to Donate to Linda Blair’s Charity Today (Linda Blair’s Birthday – 1959)
23. Make Something Out of Nothing Today Like McGyver (Richard Dean Anderson’s Birthday – 1950)
24. Get a Neil Diamond Song Stuck in Your Head Today (Neil Diamond’s Birthday – 1941)
25. Eleven More Months Until Christmas 2010! Start Shopping!
26. Say “G’day” Today (Australia Day)
27. Slipper Appreciation Day
28. Video Game Appreciation Day
29. Learn a New Word and Use it in a Post
30. Find Your Inner Animal Spirit Today
31. Arthritis Awareness Day (Twist-Off Bottle Cap Invented, 1956)



That Strange, Enchanted Time

I’ve got the eclectic calendar almost finished, but if there are any last minute suggestions, just shoot them over to me! We still have a few more days left.

It’s the last week of the year, and I’m back at work. It’s quiet and we’re pretty relaxed. Yesterday I reminded the receptionist that, if they let us go early, to please let me know because I feel isolated back in my little office. So about a quarter till 5pm yesterday, I got a call from her saying that a few people are making the rounds, turning off lights and checking offices. One of my coworkers came in and he said he was from the “No Coworker Left Behind Program”. Hehe.

The small group of us left work and spent a good 5, 10 minutes brushing the snow off of our cars from the “lake effect” storm we had the night before and during that entire day. “Lake effect” sounds scary. When we hear that on the news, we roll our eyes and know that some of it is bound to hit us.

During the past month, I kept thinking I was getting a cold. I’d wake up and have the sniffles and sneezes. Then they’d wear off during the day and I’d be fine. But now I think I have an official cold. My head is all stuffy, one ear is blocked and my throat is scratchy. I’m thinking New Year’s Eve will consist of lazing around on my comfy couch while drinking either tea, hot chocolate or coffee (or all of the above) and watching some movies. Who says we have to venture outside in the cold, into a crowded, public place just to watch the new year come in? The new year will be here no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

Christmas Details and Calendar Ideas for 2010, Please!

Hey everyone! How did Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus turn out for all of you? Our family enjoyed Christmas over at my mom’s place. She’s still adjusting from her stay at the hospital, but actually made the Christmas Eve meal of stuffed cabbage roles, potato salad and Christmas pastry. Very good stuff.

What sort of loot did you get? I know Christmas shouldn’t be about the loot. Heart to heart, hand in hand – God bless us everyone and all of that heart warming jazz. But….c’mon even Jesus got some loot on his first birthday. So….what kind of frankincense and myrrh did you get? I was given a gift card for the movie theater, a ticket to go tobogganing at the nearby chalet, two sets of colorful pajamas, some nutmeg & vanilla-scented soap, some mace (one must be careful while dashing through the woods, you know),  a cool canister for making salad dressing, a CD by the band called Spoon, a locket from my mom and other stuff. I actually got a Snuggie for Christmas! A pink Snuggie to be more precise. They’re a bit long, you have to be careful to not trip if you’re walking in one. But I have to say that the one I have has come in handy for when I got a bit chilly at the computer. I have a new pair of pink pajamas, so I put those on the other day with my pink slipper socks and then put on the pink Snuggie. I looked like “a pink nightmare” as they say in “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie reluctantly tries on the bunny costume. But I was comfy and warm without the bunny feet staring up at me. But the biggest surprise gift this season was a gift certificate to get a free, one hour massage at a nearby spa. My mom got it for me, thank you, Mom! I have never had a professional massage. Never. The closest thing to a stranger rubbing my shoulders was when I was working at McDonalds and one of our coworkers liked to sneak up and do that to us. I knew the guy, he wasn’t creepy or anything. But it did startle and annoy me from time to time. But I think I’ll be okay at a spa. I’ll let you know how it went, but I still have to schedule a time. Hopefully I can get it done this week some time.

The rest of the time was spent just being lazy or doing other things that weren’t on any itinerary. I shopped yesterday – had some gift money to spend. The inner child in me wanted to spend the money on a Wii game. But then I started looking at clothes, and knew I needed a pair or two of jeans. My favorite pair was wearing out and unless I dared to wear them a few more times until they suddenly dissolved at the most inopportune time, I figured I should look for some right then and there. After trying on a few I picked out from one wrack, I started getting discouraged and irritated. And then I looked a little farther and found the magic words “relaxed fit” and “slimming”. I bought two pairs after trying them on. They will have to be hemmed, of course, but they feel great otherwise. Oh and I also bought a black sweater. No, I’m not depressed or in mourning. I’ve never had a black sweater, and I liked the way it looked when I tried it on with my jeans. Anyway, that was all for my spending spree until my next paycheck arrives.

Now, if you managed to read through all of that blabberish babble,  it is now time to ask for ideas for January 2010! Eros has already suggested some great ideas! Thank you, Eros! Let the suggestions commence! Actually they’re much more than suggestions, they are the final decision on what we should celebrate. Remember; random, funny ideas are very much appreciated! Birthdays and anniversaries are very much welcome as well!

Here’s a photo of my cat, Skittles, and my mom’s cat Joshua. They don’t get along – Skittles really can’t stand the poor cat. But she was nice enough to share a spot on the window sill with him one day, and I had to capture the moment on camera.

“Don We Now Our Gay Apparel”

It’s time for one of those posts that include bullet points.

– My mom is living on her own at home now, and, aside from the expected tiredness that comes from a senior citizen having to endure three weeks of hospital stay due to pneumonia in both lungs while still dealing with blood pressure problems and stubborn arrhythmia , she seems to be recuperating quite well. She moves around most of the time without the use of her walker, and is back to doing things she likes…mostly. Thankfully two of my brothers are reminding her that she shouldn’t be moving furniture around. Nagging her into submission, that’s the key. I can’t do all the nagging myself, you know? I do hope that she eventually does get the strength back to give her the freedom she misses. My mom is very independent, and she has expressed how frustrating it is to not be able to do the things she used to do on her own. I don’t blame her, I would be frustrated too.

– I have 97% of my Christmas shopping finished! I have to get something for my nephew’s girlfriend who will be joining us this year on Christmas Eve, and I should get a few more stocking stuffers and some cat toys and treats (our pets need to be included in the Christmas festivities too, dontcha know??). But aside from that, I’m happy to say that I’m all done with both the out-of-staters and the in-staters. My mom and I will be grocery shopping tomorrow for the Christmas Eve gathering at her place.

– We had our choir concert today! It went really well. Our director messed up a few times, forgot to cue us on when to sit down. He joked about it and it got us laughing and smiling. Our other leader told us before the concert to smile a lot. It’s hard to keep smiling when we’re concentrating on getting the songs right in front of the crowd. But our director helps us loosen up.

– During dress rehearsal, half of our row was confused about whether we should sit or stand. A lady next to me, I’ll call her “R”, said to me, “Someone should say something to him, I think we should be standing.” I agreed, it was weird that half of our row was standing while the other half was not. The usual rule is, the first row will sit through the whole thing. People who aren’t able to stand through most of the performances. Well we were the 2nd row. Nobody else was bringing attention to our little issue, so I eventually spoke up and asked about the seating issue. Many others clarified for me, and voila, our entire row stood up. Problem solved. R was satisfied. Why she didn’t propose the idea herself is still a mystery. But I got the chance to hesitantly fight against my shyness and ask a question awkwardly among the entire choir ensemble. Check that chore off of my list of things I wasn’t expecting to do this year.

– Back to our concert. It’s hard for me to be 100% optimistic about some of our performances. Maybe I’m just as picky as our director. We still make little mistakes our director has told us about during previous rehearsals, and I think that the entire audience will notice it. Then when I meet up with my mom or other family members after our concert, and they rave about how awesome we sounded, I figure the mistakes weren’t as obvious as I thought they were, or my family was just humoring me. I will choose to think we sounded awesome. At the same time, though, I look for an expression on our director’s face after each song. Usually he seems pleased, and that’s also an excellent sign we’ve done well.

– I bought myself a little gift at Borders the other day. It was an “Office Space” kit – it came with a little booklet about the movie “Office Space” and came with a little baggie of pins, or “pieces of flare” that had different quotes from the movie on each one. I love the gift I bought myself. Selfish, yes, but I don’t care.

– Um..what else? I think that’s it….So far.

No wait. I’ve been on vacation since last Thursday and it feels great. I continue my vacation this week too and it’s the first time in a long time I have not given a crap about what’s going on at work. I love it.

Wear Pastel Colors and Sunglasses Today (Don Johnson’s Birthday – 1959)

When I was in junior high, my friend and I were into the whole Miami Vice thing. I still love the theme song, and another song called “Crocket’s Theme” is on one of my “Pure Moods” CDs. We wore pastels, and one day I wore a new, white jacket and…of course, rolled the sleeves up. My friend was totally jealous. Totally.

Today is Don Johnson’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mr. Johnson!

Crockett - n - Tubbs