February 2007 Holidays






Astrological Signs:

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18
Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Thank you so much again to all of you for the ideas! You da bloggers!

1) Work an Abba Song Title Into the Conversation Day (without the other person knowing)

2) Photograph a Food Label Day (close-up of some everyday food container)

3) Journey Day (describe a journey but replace the modes of transport with names of exotic fruits)

4) David in DC Appreciation Day

5) Injuries of Unknown Origin Day

6) TCP Appreciation Day

7) Do Something Different with Your Hair and See if Anyone Notices Day

8) Make a Bird Feeder Day

9) Solipsist Baby’s Due Date Day! (tentative)

10) Create a List of Your Favorite Comedians Day

11) Share a “When I was 21…” Story Day.

12) Take a Picture of a Parking Lot Day

13) Horror Movie Appreciation Day

14) LB’s Birthday/Write a Love Letter to a Celebrity Day/Wear All Black for Valentine’s Day

15) Start Reading a Classic Novel You Have Never Read Day

16) Invite a Complete Stranger to be Your Friend on MySpace Day

17) Iced Tea Appreciation Day

18) Pay a Bill Early Day

19) Send a Handwritten Card Day

20) Ashburnite’s Birthday

21) Find an Old Friend on the Internet and Contact Them Day

22) Bad B-Movies Appreciation Day

23) Hug A Complete Stranger Day

24) Love Your Pet Appreciation Day

25) Sebastien Appreciation Day

26) Wear All One Color Day

27) Go Out for Coffee with a Coworker Day

28) Create a Blog Post Where Everything Ends in an Exclamation Point Day!


File Your UK Tax Return Day/Take a Weird Close-Up Shot Day

Today you can file your UK tax return. However, if you have another day in mind, go ahead. But today is also a good day. I am finally able to prepare my U.S. income tax return because just the other day I received my W-2 form in the mail. Better late than never, right? I’m gonna use my refunds that I get back to save for the trip to Canada to see my nephew. I still need a passport, though, but I do have a photo for the passport. It’s hideous, and no that is not the closeup shot I will use for today’s holiday.

I did take a picture of the mysterious scratch on my arm, but I’ll have to wait till I’m home to get it on the computer. Stay tuned.

A Story and a Shout Out for February Ideas

First, I have to share this story with you. Well I don’t have to share it with you, but I will, and nobody can stop me. I woke up this morning with a huge scratch on my arm! I’m not talking a thin little my-skin-is-dry scratch. I’m talking it was a gouging scratch! You could probably see it from a satellite! It’s quite impressive, actually. I washed it off and put some stinging sanitizer on it, and then just stared at it trying to figure out what happened. A few things could’ve happened:

  • I’m 95% sure I did it to myself while asleep. I probably had an itch, and seeing as how my nails aren’t perfectly manicured and I have a few rough, pointy edges, I probably scratched myself then. I would think though, from the deepness of the scratch, that I would’ve woke up in a shallow pool of blood with my arm throbbing in unfathomable pain. Should I make this more dramatic? But I didn’t.
  • Another option is that I may have had my arm too close to my slumbering cat, and she may not have felt the need for my arm to be in her sleep zone while she naps. She has exceptionally long and sharp claws, so that’s another option. Still, though, I would think I would’ve felt that. Unless I woke up in a stuper that I don’t remember now, and just shrugged it off and went back to sleep.
  • Or, last option, Freddy Krueger could’ve done it. He is well equipped for that kind of thing, and he likes to attack while people sleep.
Anyway! February is in a few days now, so please send me your wild and crazy ideas! I need 28 ideas, but the more the merrier because any leftovers can be used for March!

Solipsist Appreciation Day!

Today is Solipsist Appreciation Day. Solipsist owns a blog called ArtBag and is from Vancouver, Canada. His blog is also fun and interesting to read.

He and his wife are currently waiting for their family to be extended!

So drop by the blog on my menu called “Artbag” sometime today and wish Solipsist a happy day and the best of luck with the family’s upcoming delivery!

Happy You Day, Solipsist

That photo of Vancouver, along with some other tidbits, was found here.

What’s Your Element?

Your Element Is Air

You dislike conflict, and you’ve been able to rise above the angst of the world.
And when things don’t go your way, you know they’ll blow over quickly.

Easygoing, you tend to find joy from the simple things in life.
You roll with the punches, and as a result, your life is light and cheerful.

You find it easy to adapt to most situations, and you’re an open person.
With you, what you see is what you get… and people love that!