“Write it on Paper, Save it for Later”

Thank you for all of your holiday ideas! I will put the calendar together later in the day.

The other night I followed some advice in the book I have called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. It suggests that I write down stuff that’s on my mind before I go to bed. That way there’s a transfer from mind to paper, which is supposed to make it easier to fall asleep without those thoughts in your head. Well it worked! Actually twice in a row, I think I wrote down some thoughts on Sunday night, too.

Now last night wasn’t so easy. I needed to back away from Facebook, because the wrong sort of thoughts were running through my head. I was taking things personally (just in my mind), I was expecting too much from others – ack. When I woke up this morning, I was tangled in my sheets and my cat was expecting me to get up and give her a treat. For a second I feared that I may have said something too whiney on Facebook and decided to check it out. Nope, nothing. My eyes were really puffy, but I had enough time to make them look less baggy before I had to head off to work. Now I’m feeling better.

I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday because, for the past couple of weeks, my jaw has been really sore. It hasn’t stopped me from eating, but there is initial pain and then it goes away. Now I’m thinking that it was because I was clenching my teeth too much, and it was causing too much pressure on a wisdom tooth. Since I have health insurance, I thought I’d get it checked out that way first, in case it isn’t my teeth. If the pain is caused by my wisdom teeth, however, I will still have to visit the dentist. Thankfully, unlike the doctor’s office, they have Saturday hours.

Anyway, enough of that crap! How is everyone else doing?


Q & A and Weekend Info

Hey everyone! What did you do this weekend?

I was invited over to my friend’s place for some dinner on her front porch. She will be moving to another state soon, and I’m really going to miss her. It’ll be an opportunity to visit her, though!

Anyway, after sitting out on the porch for a bit, we went back inside and watched a show on MTV called “Disaster Date”. People set up their friends with dates who are hired to do three things that annoy that person. The “disaster date” and everyone else in the restaurant or cafe or wherever they choose to go for their date are actors. The only one who isn’t in on it is the person who is being set up. The victim is paid a dollar for each minute they stay with the bad date, and the maximum amount of time is 60 minutes.

So….if someone asked you to list three pet peeves that would cause you to walk out on your date, what would be on your list?

Oh! July is almost here, too! Any holiday ideas are welcome!

Coaster Taxi

I hit the bed at 10:01 last night and don’t remember too much after too long. I was out, my system was making up for struggling to sleep the previous night. Before I knew it, my radio alarm was waking me up.

I dreamed that I was supposed to go to see “The Phantom of the Opera” at the theater (the musical, not the movie). My brother and mom were hurrying me along and I was bickering with my mom. She stopped talking to me and when I went off to find her to talk about it, I realized I still needed to get to the play.

Some guy with a taxi offered me a ride, so I hopped in, and the road became a steep, rickety roller coaster. He said, “I’m taking this route, it’s much quicker.”  The tracks looked like they stopped over the ocean, but the driver just shrugged and said that we’ll take a 20 mile leap and should be okay. We were, but then I was back to looking for my mom. Then for some reason I wound up with two guys who had to paint something, so I helped them. I don’t remember using paintbrushes, I think we used our hands. That’s when my alarm woke me up and the sun was streaming through my blinds.

Have you had any weird dreams lately?

Two Belated Celebrations!

I’ve been slackin’ again on the holidays, and although I don’t tend to look back at regular holidays I’ve missed, I do feel bad if I miss out on anniversaries and birthdays. Here are a few I’ve missed:

June 15th was BabyBull and BHM’s 17th Anniversary! Happy Belated Anniversary, BabyBull and BHM!! Here’s a cake for you to share!

Then Laura B’s Social Animal turned 21 on the 18th! Happy Belated Birthday, Social Animal!

Say, What’s that Beer You’re Wearing?

I had my brother, his family and our mom over yesterday for a Father’s Day picnic! They were supposed to come over at noon, so I went outside around 10:30am to claim a grill and picnic table. I didn’t have to fight over one, but I totally would have thrown down if someone had threatened me.

Once I had poured out some charcoal, then distributed and stacked it properly (so proper that my brother, the king of barbecuing, commended me for it), I followed my mom’s advice and stapled the table cloth to the picnic table because it was windy and I didn’t want the cloth to become a kite.

It was then that I looked up at our apartment’s gazebo and noticed the resident creepy guy sitting there watching me. Blergh. I wrote about him briefly awhile back, he used to greet people by kissing the tops of their hands. I don’t think he has a job (he once told told me while I was trying to pick up my mail), so he spends his days smoking outside and sometimes lurking in the lobby, holding doors open for people and chatting with everyone. Anyway, when I noticed him, we said hello to each other, and then I distracted myself with getting more things ready for the barbecue. Thankfully he eventually went back into the apartment.

Well things started to fall into place, the grill was nice and hot and my family showed up. I started the grilling and the menu included hotdogs and hamburger and baked beans, and my mom brought over her awesome potato salad and also a side of succotash. I had s’more fixings for dessert. My brother brought over some really good beer from Pennsylvania. It had a slight taste of marachino cherry to it. I had just opened a fresh bottle of the stuff when my brother reached over to get a hamburger bun and knocked over my bottle. Don’t worry, we were able to save the bottle before it all spilled out. I smelled like beer for the rest of the day, though. Beer and bbq – it drives the men wild, I’m sure.

Sarcasm about spilled beer aside, we all had a great time! My brother brought his fishing pole and went fishing in the nearby lake. One of my nephews read a book in the shade while his brother spent time catching really small fish with his dad and causing mischief with the poppers I bought for fun. They’re little pearls of gunpowder (at least I think it’s gunpowder) that you can throw on the ground and they make a loud “pop!” sound.

We eventually went back into my apartment, and while my brother and sister-in-law cleaned up for me (which was a super nice surprise), my nephew showed us a video he and his college friends made on YouTube.  It was an assignment for one of their multimedia classes. A commercial for beer – basically them dancing and lipsyncing to a heavy metal song and acting things out. It was hilarious. Check it out here. My nephew’s the one in the beginning who’s pouring the “beer” (I highly doubt it’s the real stuff….not that they don’t drink the real thing off camera, but this was for a class). Their class, including the instructor, loved it!

So how was your weekend? Happy Belated Father’s Day!

Clumsiness and Vacations

I walked into a door the other day! Yeah, it was a special moment for me, but thankfully my moment happened at home rather than at work. My linen closet door was wide open, which kind of blocked my way to my bathroom. I was preparing things for a shower, but I stopped to watch a scene from “The Holiday”. When the scene was over, I turned to walk into the bathroom, and that’s when I ran into the door of my linen closet. Like I said, it was a special moment.

Something bit my arm the other day. I don’t think it was a mosquito, and I doubt it was an ant bite like the one I had last year. It may be a spider bite or whatever else was lurking around. Nothing serious, it hasn’t caused me any grief. Just thought I’d share.

I’ve been on a mini vacation this week. I worked Monday and Tuesday, and then was off for the rest of the week. It was nice! One of my coworkers joked and said that I’m not permitted to take any more vacation days. She’s one of the three lucky women who get to sit up at the front desk while I’m out. I did tell her that I made sure I took my vacation on Wednesday, when there is more coverage, rather than Tuesday when one of the other coworkers are out. She felt better after that and said I was excused just this once. Buah ha ha. :D

This Sunday I’m having my local brother (I said “local”, not “loco”) and his family over for a barbecue. Just the standard choice – hot dogs or hamburgers, then my mom is bringing over her amazing tater salad, and I have the fixings for s’mores later on. Should be fun!