“Let me hear the dead cells shout…”

Today’s word, “cell” has been brought to us by AlienCG of “Swamp Gas and Moonlit Reflections“. I had a few seconds where I drew a blank, but then it hit me. Here’s a photo of me in a jail CELL:

A volunteer took this photo of me back in 2006 when I went on my first ghost hunt at the old and spooky, Mansfield Reformatory. I’m grateful that none of the ghosts felt like locking me in there. Once the photo was taken, I got the hell out of that CELL.


“Who are You Wearing?”

We had more snow this morning! It must’ve happened overnight, because the day before things seemed slushy but bearable. I woke up to the sound of the lady doing the traffic report, and her report sounded bad. Thankfully the girl I usually drive to work didn’t need a ride, so I could get started as soon as I was ready. The roads were terrible, but I was careful, I kept my distance and I made it into work. It was quite empowering, actually. I felt more cheerful. I felt even better when two of my favorite coworkers were there with me.

Some students didn’t think to check in to see if classes were canceled. They fought through that thick snow only to find out it wasn’t necessary. Most of them were very understanding. One conversation, though, went a little somethin’ like this:

Me: Did you know morning classes were canceled?
Student: Well that would’ve been helpful to me an hour ago.
Me: For future reference you can check (particular website)…
Student: So I’m supposed to check every single website out there?
Me: Not every site, just….
Student: I f****ing hate this school, I f***king HATE it!”
Then he stormed out. I do hope he had safe travels, but dang!

Another student called ahead and found out she didn’t need to come in. Then she asked me why I was there, and I said that staff still needed to show up. She told me to be careful on the way home. That was refreshing.

Since I volunteered to work this past President’s Day, I was able to leave work at 11am. The streets weren’t much better, but it feels different when heading home.

Anyway! Here’s the Friday5 meme!

Who in your life should win Best Director for his or her work in 2010?
That would be my coworker who is the director’s assistant. She is a good friend of mine and my team leader for the walkathon, and she puts up with so much crap from people at work and still maintains her sense of humor and strength. We have joked in the past about our inner “filters” so that we avoid saying the wrong thing to the person who’s really asking for it.

Who in your life should win Best Actor and Actress in Supporting Roles for their performances in 2010?
My mom and my friends. Thank you, all. I will give you an Oscar and the best chocolate.

For what 2010 project, display, or outfit will you win the Best Visual Effects award?
Well my favorite dress is black with large, purple blossoms on them. That dress always makes me feel pretty and powerful.

What terrific display of self-restraint or self-correction in 2010 earns you the Best Editor award?
I did mention we’ve gone through a renovation, and although my coworker has received the brunt of the complaints, I have received a few myself. The bulk of those were from coworkers. They’d complain if there was a double rainbow outside. They’d say it was too cheerful and distracting. I would love to be snarky with them. I have been mildy smart-assy since I know they’re receptive to it, but sometimes they weren’t even worth that effort.

Of these Best Picture nominees, which title could best serve as the title of your 2010: 127 Hours, Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids are All Right, The King’s Speech, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit, or Winter’s Bone?
“The Fighter”, since today I fought the incredibly snowy streets and won.

“I’m Goin’ Down to Alphabet Street…”

I decided this past weekend that I was going to go through all of the movies I have collected so far, and watch them again, one by one and by alphabetical order. So far I have watched: “Aladdin”, “Alien”, “Aliens” and “Along Came a Spider”.

I noticed that in both “Alien” movies, there’s that scene almost near the end when she’s back on the ship and on her way home, but there’s an alien stowaway who has to give Ripley one more fight. I like the one in “Aliens” better, though. The little girl, Newt, is being stalked by the alien queen, and Ripley gets to shout one of my favorite lines; “Get away from her, you BITCH!” Then Ripley and the queen get into a proper smackdown.

“Along Came a Spider” was a movie I was thinking of giving away. It’s based on the book of the same title, written by James Patterson. I watched it last night, though, and figured I’d keep it a little longer. Even though they really changed a lot for the movie version, it was still a pretty good flick.

The next movie to watch is “The American President”. It’s one of my favorite movies and, like “Moonstruck”, I can watch it again and again without getting tired of it.

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Wind

Hey everyone! NoRegrets chose this week’s word for Saturday Scavenger Shots, and she chose “wind”. It’s very appropriate, since we’ve had some wacky weather this week, and the winds have been whipping up along with the warmer (and much welcomed) temps.

This is what my hair looked like by the end of my walk today. The wind tousled it a bit, wouldn’t you say?

Who will NoRegrets tag for next week’s word? We shall see!

Random Shouts and Some Thinking

– I was standing at the curb today, waiting for the walk signal, when a car sped by with their passenger-side window opened. There were two guys in the car; one of them shouted at me while the other guy smiled and waived. It sounded like they shouted “whore”. Hm. Well, I can see that. I was wearing walking shoes, jeans and a pink, hooded jacket with a breast-cancer awareness ribbon pinned on the collar. I was just asking for it. Or maybe they were talking to the imaginary whore behind me. By the way, this is the second time someone has shouted something at me through their vehicle. A guy a few weeks ago honked at me, and then pulled into a nearby lot to ask me if I was the “lady who’s been married for 20 years”. I don’t know, people. Am I in the wrong neighborhood, or just a neighborhood filled with people who suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome?

– Next topic. I was looking at all the movies I have stored up and thought that I should watch them all again by alphabetical order and then maybe comment on them on here. It would be nice to match a post with the original trailer, too. We shall see, but I’m definitely planning on watching all those movies again just for kicks. I’ll start with the VHS and then move to my smaller DVD collection.

Enough thinking for tonight. I’ve got some whoring around to do.

My Hip Broke My Fall

I started training for my walkathon yesterday. They tell us to start with a 3-mile walk and then gradually move up throughout the 24 weeks of training. I realized that the route I’ve been walking just for fun equals out to 3.2 miles, so I was happy.

So I went out yesterday wearing my toning shoes. That was a bit of a mistake since there was still ice on the ground. I managed most of the walk without falling, but on the way back home I slipped and landed on my right elbow and thigh. I landed on more snow, though, so the snow broke my fall! No big deal, I was more embarrassed than anything, and I laughed the rest of the way home….partly because I fell, partly because I’m sure people could see me laughing and wondered what was up.

Anyway, my teammate and I will walk a bit on Monday. It’s President’s Day. We don’t have to work a full day, so between shifts we’ll walk a bit! I’m glad we’re walking together, she’s so much fun to work with at the office.