The World’s Simplest Fruit Quiz


You are an apple! You have a smooth outer appearance and your friends are never surprised when you walk in circles. It doesn’t matter if you’re green or red … you’re still sweet!


Which Crayola Box of 8 Color Are You?

Thank you to L.B. for this quiz! I didn’t know I was an orange, but the results are in! Try it!

You are Orange

Brilliant and stunning, you provide a pleasant surprise to any room into which you walk. This is a hard color to pull off, but you do it well.

My Predicament: I’ve Got Issues

I’m comfortable enough now in the blogging world to discuss what is really the matter with me. Here goes:

I love living on my own. That’s not a problem, I’m not saying it’s a fault. But since I love living by myself, I hang onto that solo act a little too tightly. I hang onto it so much that if someone asks me out, it scares the hell out of me. I panic and I think too hypothetically. Almost a hyper hypothetical, okay? I think….”What if we go out together and he likes me and I don’t like him? Or what if I like him and he doesn’t like me?” I mean it happens, right? That’s why we go out. It’s almost like a social interview for the right person to see if we match up. Then I think, “Well, what if the guy likes me and wants to date me, and I don’t want to date him? How do I let him down easy?” I hate confrontation, I really do. I deal with it though. It’s just that I think too hard about it. About everything, actually. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, so I freeze. Socially.

Really, I don’t think it’s wrong to want to take things slowly. If I meet someone online, I want to test the waters and wait till I’m completely comfortable with jumping into the transition from online to face-to-face. Problem is, a nervous person like myself is rarely totally comfortable. I’m my own problem.

If I do like a guy enough to want to go out, and it has happened that I do feel a connection, I’ll get this push-pull effect in my head…I’ll want to go out with the guy, but the independent side of me that wants to stay home alone and watch movies and play on the computer and stuff, speaks up and I hold myself back from meeting people.

I’m not asking for a solution to this. I figure that, by finally writing it and confessing this dilemma, it’ll be part of my therapy. But I’m trying to be brave here, so I’m asking you…What are your thoughts on this? Have you felt this before or are you backing slowly away from the computer with an expression of shock and horror frozen on your face?

6 Weird Things About Me

I’ve been tagged! It’s been so long since I was tagged in the blog world! Even better, I got tagged by this lady who has a cool blog.

Here goes: Six Weird (or Semi-Weird) Things About Me

  1. I can put on my lipstick without using a mirror
  2. I love eating lemons
  3. There might possibly be a descendent in my family who acted with Charleton Heston (in the movies, not in the N.R.A.)
  4. I used to be able to sing as high as Mariah Carey
  5. It’s very hard for me to find six unique things about me.
  6. I’m allergic to the perfume from “The Body Shop”

Now….let the tagging begin….(crack of thunder, streak of lightening lights up the sky and all that jazz)

Six people who MUST do this meme:

  1. Alien
  2. ESB
  3. L.B.
  4. F.W.
  5. BabyBull
  6. Solipsist


Well you all did it again! You filled up the whole month with some fun and unique holidays! There were so many suggestions, in fact, that some days have two holidays instead of the one! That’s why this calendar will be the Special Edition December list.

Thanks again! You’re all the best! But of course you already knew that, right? Anyway, here is the holiday list for December! The last holiday list of the year.


Astrological Signs:
Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21
Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Birthstones of the Month:
December Birthstones: Blue Topaz or Turquoise (modern)
Zircon, Turquoise, or Lapis Lazuli (traditional)

Flower of the Month:
Narcissus (The Narcissus stands for self-love)

1. Happy Birthday to SilverNeurotic’s Mom and Her Best Friend!

2. BabyBull Appreciation Day/Make a Snow Angel Day

3. Stay in Your Pajamas All Day/Look Forward Day (list what you look forward to)

4. Eat Breakfast for Dinner Day

5. Celebrate Fire Day (safely, of course)

6. Make a Snowman Day (use of snow optional)

7. Read Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Book (besides the Grinch)

8. One Day Without Christmas Carols/Boycott Commercial Holidays Day

9. Give the Gift of Your Time Day (even if it is for just one person)

10. Deflate Large Outdoor Inflatable Front Yard Decorations

11. Tell Us What You REALLY Want For Christmas Day

12. Have a Slice of Fruitcake or Mincemeat Pie Day

13. Join in Some Reindeer Games Day

14. Wear a Red Nose Day

15. Make Up Your Own Conspiracy Theory Day

16. Post Useless Trivia Day

17. Pancake Sunday

18. Wave at Pensioner Day

19. Kiss a Good Looking Stranger Day

20. Wear a Jaunty Hat Day

21. AlienCG’s Birthday!!/Favorite Ghost Story Day

22. International Dog Fur Knitted Cardigan Day/Adopt an Elephant Day

23. Hug a Person Day/Festive Boogie Day (what’s your favourite Christmas song and why)

24. Sing Nothing But Christmas Carols All Day

25. Merry Christmas! Eat Christmas Pudding Day

26. Read To Your Child Day/Festive Food Day (list your favourite food of the festive season)

27. Love Your Family Day

28. Eat as Many Snowflakes As You Can Day

29. Procrastination Day/Snuggle in Front of a Warm Fire Day

30. Look Backwards Day (list things you’ve done this past year)

31. Funny Bone Day (post an anecdote of the funniest thing that happened to you this year)/Party Like It’s Almost 2007 Day!

Joy to the World!…Or at least my little corner of the world…

I’m taking the whole, gosh-darned (I really need to stop swearing so much) week of Christmas off of work. Yuss! This was a sort of spur-of-the-moment decision this morning. Our receptionist asked me if I was taking any days off in December for the holidays, and I said I wasn’t. Then I realized that I have a handful of days left in my vacation day reservoir. If they aren’t used, they’re lost. Then in January, of course, we start over and get to replenish that reservoir.

So seeing as how we already have Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th off already, I requested vacation days for the rest of that week. It’s not very often I take off for a whole week, so I think it’s due. I need to fight for my right to party. Yeah.

I’m happy about this decision. I even warned my manager ahead of time today that I was taking some days off. After he panicked a little (even though he’s off for more days and we’ll have someone else working in our department), he was fine. Everything is set now, signatures are signed, and everything is in order, Mr. Bond.

Oh! And today, according to the November holiday list, I’m supposed to call my cat/pet by a different name. Skittles, for today, will be Natashia.