July 2009 Is Here!

Okay, the July calendar is ready! Yay! Thank you for the ideas again! You are some of the most cooperative bloggers I have ever known.

JULY 2009!

1. Secure Yourself Day (Change your critical passwords online)
2. Clean Up Your Computer Day
3. Try a New Recipe Day
4. Barbecue Appreciation Day/Independence Day
5. Romancing The Spouse Appreciation Day!
6. Celebrate Nothing Day.. Do Nothing All Day and Celebrate It!
7. Share a Sizzling Summer Memory Day
8. Cool Off Day (Post a photo of your favorite way to cool off)
9. Popsicle Appreciation Day
10. Spot a Vulture in the Sky Day
11. Color Coordinate Your Pajamas Day
12. Buy a Box of Pudding Pops Today (Bill Cosby’s Birthday – 1937)
13. Evil E’s Birthday!
14. Bastille Day (Eat something French–French Fries or French Toast or Crepes)
15. Start a Diary Day
16. Churlita’s Birthday/Dance Around Like a Fun Dork Today
17. Refer to Your Car as “KIT” All Day (David Hasselhoff’s Birthday – 1952)
18. Chrysanthemum Day
19. MPR’s 18th Birthday!
20. 30th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing (Do the moonwalk all day or move like an astronaut on the moon)
21. Double Over with Laughter Day (Two Comedian Birthdays: Jon Lovitz – 1957 and Robin Williams – 1952)
22. Grumble, “I’m too old for this shit” each time someone tells you what to do today (Danny Glover’s birthday – 1947)
23. Birthday of the Ice Cream Cone (Eat an ice cream cone)
24. Individuality Appreciation Day (Celebrate Your Own Personality)
25. Germ Awareness Day
26. Take Control of a Speeding Bus with the Help of Keanu Reeves Today (Sandra Bullock’s Birthday – 1964)
27. Learn to Greet Someone in Another Language Day
28. Comic Strip Appreciation Day
29. Space Out Day (NASA’s Anniversary)
30. Father-In-Law Day
31. Enroll Yourself in Wizard School Today (Harry Potter’s Birthday)


Ideas Pleeeez!

Hey again! I just posted for Saturday Scavenger Shots (on Sunday), but it’s also that time to ask for your wonderful, playful ideas for July holidays! July will be here very soon!

Any ideas, please share in the comments section! Thank youuuu!

Looking for Loonacy?

Looking for Loonacy?

I took this photo maybe five years ago, back when our company actually had company picnics and we’d all get discounted admission to Six Flags Amusement Park. I loved this sign, I had to take a photo of it.

Conjunction, Junction, What’s Your Function?

Hey everybody! Time for another belated shot from me for Saturday Scavenger Shots. The word, Function, was chosen by Mr. 3GirlKnight. I immediately got the song from “School House Rock” stuck in my head called “Conjunction, junction, what’s your function?” Hence, the title.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to post – I could’ve taken photos of appliances and stuff and shown how they function. I was vacuuming yesterday with my lovely green and white vacuum cleaner. There’s a self-cleaning feather duster attached to the side, but it hadn’t occurred to me how it could self-clean. I found the lever for it and was just so excited, because all it did was open a latch to the functioning vacuum and the air would suck the dust off of the feather duster. I went around with the duster and took care of all the hard-to-reach corners and crevices in my apartment. Fun (I’m not being sarcastic)!

I had just finished a little Saturday shift at work and wanted to vacuum before my mom came over. So I was still in my work outfit, but I had taken my shoes off. I was rushing around and managed to jam my little toe into a chair leg, stopping me in my tracks if only for a moment. After some choice words and a bit of whimpering, I looked down at my pinky toe (it already had a blister on it from wearing some uncomfy shoes) and it was now larger than its sister toe on the other foot. By the time I was done vacuuming, my foot was throbbing. So I taped up the toe, put on my sandals and my mom and I went shopping at Wal-mart. Later that day I soaked my foot in some icy water and then bandaged the toe up with tape and cotton balls.

Is my toe broken? I don’t know. I’m not in constant pain, it’s just when I lean on that foot a certain way or…touch it. It’s going to be a little challenging to function with this toe (and by functioning I don’t mean things will come to a stand still, it just means it’ll be hard to walk properly – especially when I have to put work shoes on tomorrow – and then I’m supposed to get my new MP3 player this Wednesday and I was planning on going for more walks with the cool gadget), but I will manage and survive.

Here’s mah poor toe -The flip-flops I’m wearing have a picture of the United States in red, white and blue. Patriotic! Don’t be jealous.

Functioning with a Sore Toe

Functioning with a Sore Toe


I was driving around to find a parking spot at my apartment during my lunch break, and had to stop for a family of geese. However, the goslings in that family have grown to the point that they have the adult feathers. They still look weird, though, because they still have the lighter colored feathers on their face. They’re a smaller version of their parents, for the most part.

So since geese take their sweet old time to cross in front of people, I was very careful steering my car. One of the adult geese looked at my car and hissed at it. I said out loud “Oh yeah, hiss at my car, that’s a good idea.”

I parked and, as I walked toward the door to my building, I noticed that the young geese had already been taught how to hiss. Their beaks were open – didn’t hear them hiss, but that’s what they were doing.

I’m Honored!!

Thank you very, very much to LB for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award! Yay! Here it is:

As if that isn’t awesome enough, this particular award is attached to a meme! Here we go:

5 Obsessions

1. Checking my email – if I don’t want to check Facebook at work or my blog, I know that whatever happens will trickle into my Inbox.

2. Walmart – I’ve actually simmered down about that for awhile – I only go in there three times a week rather than five, six or seven. Once they finish renovating and the transformation from regular Walmart to a Walmart Supercenter is complete, I can’t make any promises.

3. Movie Quotes – I love them, what else can I say? I love recognizing and appreciating a great quote, I love remembering a good quote, quotes have made me laugh…You get the point.

4. Facebook – Damn you, “Fashionista” and “Farm Town”! (waves fist in air)

5. The International Movie Database (aka http://www.IMDB.com) – When I’m in a memory frenzy and need to look up who played who in what movie, I stop whatever I’m doing and look it up on that site.

5 Dislikes

1. Having an unreachable itch in the middle of my back in the middle of the night.

2. The whole “Jon and Kate Plus 8” saga. I hate waking up to the radio stations talking about it, I hate seeing their faces everywhere…..I don’t get it, nor do I want to.

3. Speaking of radio stations, I hate dislike the fact that 106.5 got rid of the DJs named Brian and Joe. My mom told me about it, and it was a shock to me. Cutbacks I guess, but I was so annoyed by their replacement that I finally converted to another radio station. And then yesterday that other radio station annoyed me too. Guess I’ll have to go station hopping for awhile.

4. Being pressured into confrontations or presentations – our school director wants me to do two teaching sessions this quarter. Doesn’t seem like much to some, but it’s an anxiety nightmare for shy people who don’t like speaking in front of groups. Plus, it’s about resume writing and my associate and I have different opinions. So do I teach what he believes in or do I teach my way and upset the applecart as they say? Or do I wait until we have a department manager and ask his opinion?

5. The situation at work – My associate and I have been stuck in a “steal-caged death match” for too long now, like George Costanza and Lloyd Brawn from “Seinfeld”. There’s talk of a new manager coming soon (waiting on background check), so I pray that he is a very good manager and can lay down the good law and everything will start looking up. Because believe me, when I’m looking for jobs for students and grads, my eyes are peeled for myself as well.

5 Tagged (If you don’t feel like doing the meme, that’s okay – I still love you all and your award privileges will never be revoked)

BabyBull @ The Northern Sky Chronicles
Ksra @ You Learn Something New (Almost) Everyday
Suze @ Suzel’s Sass
SilverNeurotic @ Quarter-Life Chronicles
Abroad @ Gifts from Abroad

I chose the blogging chicks too like LB did, because the award does have a flowery, feminine goodness to it. Gentlemen, your time will come. Thank you again for the award, LB!

A Short Summer Reading List and Food Cravings

Hey everyone, I kind of skipped a few days of blogging, but I think I’m back.

So the other day while looking at the list of holidays, I noticed Laura B’s suggestion for a Summer reading list. Normally, I wouldn’t know what to write because I’m not as big of a reader as I should be. I can go months and months without picking up a book. This time, though, I’ve got two of them! Woot!

– “Bridget Jones’s Diary” – by Helen Fielding (I loved the movie and wanted to check out the book – I love reading the book so far!)

– “The Bad Place” – by Dean Koontz (Haven’t done much with this one yet, but the beginning made me feel anxious, so that’s a good sign. My mom recommended the book to me, she said it was pretty twisted.)

Next topic: I woke up the other day with a craving for French toast. I have not had homemade French toast since I lived at home with my mom. I had the necessary ingredients (except cinnamon, but my mom never used that stuff in her recipe) and went to work on it. I knew it would turn out right when the familiar French toast smell wafted through the air. They tasted great too. Success.

Another topic: A friend and I went to see a movie on Saturday for some comic relief. Instead of going with “The Hangover”, we went to see “Year One”. Erm…..yeah. It was one of those instances where they picked out all the things I thought were funny and put them in the trailer, just to fool me into thinking that this wasn’t a movie that led us from one crass, obnoxious gag to the next. But what should we have expected, it’s a movie about cavemen. Two cavemen buddies (Michael Cera and Jack Black) venture past the mountains to find out that there is life beyond their territory. They go from an Adam and Eve situation (eating an apple from the forbidden tree of knowledge), stumble upon Cane and Able, and…well you get the idea. There were some funny scenes in it, I’ll admit. In fact, this is one of those painfully stupid movies that I’ll buy for emergency situations, when I need to laugh at something stupid. They’ll join the ranks of the rest of my collection, right next to my “Scary Movie” collection. Plus there are outtakes at the end of the movie. Can’t beat that.

And um, I think that’s it for now.

Before I Can Sleep, I Must Share!

– While getting into my brother’s car once, I slammed some of my hair in the passenger side door, up near the top of the window. We both kind of laughed (he laughed more), because a few strands of my hair were still in the door. Although this happened years ago, I suddenly remembered it tonight while I was trying to fall asleep. Laughed hysterically.

– I was designing the school’s bulletin board earlier today, when one of my coworkers who is also now a student, came up to me and asked me a question. Now it sounded like she asked, “What’s that for?” I told her that it was for the visit from HQ. She looked at me very confused and I sensed that I misheard something in the middle there. I asked, “Wait..What was the question?” She laughed and asked again, “I said, where’s lab 4!” (One of our classrooms) We both giggled and then I pointed her in the right direction.

– Later on, I wanted to put the ladder away (or the maintenance guy would never trust me again). The door to the storage room was locked and I didn’t feel like going all the way back to my office. So I asked another coworker for her keys. Mind you this is all while I’m lugging around a handy but heavy, metal ladder (not the tall kind, just three or for steps). She gave me her keys and I went to what I believed to be the storage room door. The keys did not work. When I told her, she was surprised and told me to try them again because at least one key should work. On my way to the door, I realized I had been trying the wrong door. I was trying to unlock the door to our computer guy’s office. Eek! I told her what happened and we had another good laugh over it. She said, “You’re tired.”