“Come on, Yolanda, what’s Fonzie like?”

I’m late for Saturday Scavenger Shots, but I have some photos. They’re not new, but they’ll do. Hey, that rhymes! The theme this time was “cool”.

I was in a frenzy this morning and not feeling too good, either. Plus, I burned my arm on the iron and it took a few hours for it to stop hurting. But I’m cool now.

Our first drink on the 2004 cruise. Cool!

Cool art on the "Lake to Lake" hiking trail.....

A cool stream on a walking trail...

Now I must check out the cool blog, “What Fresh Hell is This?” and find out what the word will be for next week! Sound cool?


“The Heat, My God the Heat!”

Hey, whatdoyaknow, it’s Friday 5 time! Have a super, super weekend!

1. What transformation do you undergo on summer Fridays at midnight?
I change from mild-mannered receptionist and morning person to The Couch Potato Night Owl

2. What super power do the kids in your neighborhood seem to have?
They can raise their voices to super-human decimals – especially in my building where they can get an echo.

3. Who (or what!) is your nemesis in these warm summer days?
Humidity – it saps my strength and ruins my hair.

4. What is your trustiest weapon against the evil heat monster?
Relaxing in air conditioning and eating lots of ice cream is my kung fu.

5. What seems to be invading your life lately, and how will you fend it off?
Boredom – I need to hang out with more friends, read some books, go to the movies, have some barbecues, etc.

Blog Post Ahoy!

– Well I wanted to post a photo of the Mexican Pinwheel recipe I made for the office last week. Unfortunately, the photo didn’t accentuate the most attractive side to my dish. If I could’ve taken a photo of the actual flavor, then that would be different. I’ll just say that people liked them. Yay! Mission accomplished.

– My mom had some medical tests this past week. Always a stressful time; to be waiting for the results. The mammogram turned out normal and the heart test was cautious for a woman her age, but majorly optimistic. She just has to keep doing what she does, which is taking her regular meds. Thank God they didn’t give her new stuff, because the last time they did that, it almost drove her right back into the hospital. Anyway, good news all around!

– My lovely friend has made me an addict of the show “Dexter”. I took out the 2nd season from the library and finished it last night. I’ll need to move to the next season and the next.

– I sold some stuff on Ebay! Yay! I spent a good part of Sunday night preparing things for shipment. The things my mom gave me to sell have sold and will go towards my charity. I’m getting closer to my donation goal, but it’s been a struggle. I will never do this again. I’m sure I’ll do a walk-a-thon again for charity, but nothing that asks for more than a thousand dollars. I really appreciate all of the help and support I have received so far, though. When I do go on my walk next month, I will take photos. Not sure if my friend will be able to join me. She’s having problems reaching her goal too.

– I might be spending Thanksgiving in Arizona this year! At least three of my brothers will be there. My mom and I were invited too, along with my brother who lives in Ohio. I don’t think he’s going to go. It is so expensive to fly anymore. My mom told my brother that we wouldn’t be able to afford it this year if both of us travelled, and my brother suggested that I could travel myself since my mom didn’t feel like it. So it’s a thought! I’d love an actual vacation where I could actually go somewhere else. I love my home, but I miss the excitement of planning, packing and flying.

Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Soft”

Welcome to another edition of the game called “Saturday Scavenger Shots”! Ms. Laura B. chose “soft” for our magic word, so let’s get down to it!

I bought my very first “body pillow” last weekend. I love sleeping with it because it’s very soft.

Here are some other items I can safely say are soft; the stuffed-animal shark I bought years ago at Geauga Lake, the white, cuddly teddy bear that came with a bottle of perfume my coworkers gave to me for my birthday, and then that blue blanket underneath them is perfect for a chilly morning or night.

The word for next week will be “cool”. We’re looking for more people to play Saturday Scavenger Shots with us! Come on over and play!

“Around the House”

Well it’s Friday and tomorrow’s Saturday! Isn’t that poetic of me? Here’s this week’s version of “Friday 5”. Play along!

1. Of the products you use just to keep yourself clean and presentable, what seems to be the most overpriced?
Mouthwash – I just go to the Dollar Store to get it now, and it is just as effective!

2. Where in your house is a reliable place to get a few quarters?
If I do have quarters, which I don’t at the moment, they would be in a little jar on my dresser.

3. A rare yes-or-no question on Friday 5: Have you ever dropped your cell phone onto your face?
No…but I wouldn’t rule it out in the future!

4. What did you last take out of your freezer?
Some ice cream – I bought some orange, sherbety push-up pops for myself. They’re tasty!

5. How many rolls of wrapping paper do you have in your house?
I think I have three or four rolls; mostly for Christmas.

“Dexter” and H’or d’oeuvres – Together at Last

Hey! I’m still here.

– My coworkers have been working and worrying extra hard recently, because of one of our yearly, intimidating audits. A manager from a particular department looked especially frazzled and ready to go postal. I felt bad for all of them, so I had the urge to make some appetizers to share the next day. I didn’t even have to cook; it was a nice, simple, Summer recipe involving cucumbers and cream cheese. I didn’t feel like making something sweet. People really liked what I fixed, so…mission accomplished!

I want to make more appetizers this week, so I’m heading over to the store to get a few ingredients. I like making stuff for the office sometimes. Not all the time, because sometimes we’ll have potlucks and I’d rather eat what other people make rather than make something myself. But when I get that feeling to play in the kitchen, I shouldn’t ignore it.

– Last Friday I found out that there was a package waiting for me at the post office. The card said the package was from my New York friend, K. It’s been awhile since we’ve sent anything to each other, but I figured it was something I’d like. We used to mail each other horror movies because, as she stated it, we are “kindred spooky spirits”. Anyway, I went on an errand run last Saturday. I actually thought out my route a bit. Everything I needed to do was located on the same street. I stopped to get my car washed first, then stopped to get some pricey gas. Then I went to the post office and picked up my package. On the way back home I renewed the tags on my car. Whew! Well actually, I didn’t go home, I went to my mom’s place to pick her up and then go shopping at Old Time Pottery. Eventually I could go home and enjoy what my friend sent me.

She sent me the DVD set of the first season of “Dexter”! Yay! We were talking about that show recently and I told her I had never seen it since I don’t subscribe to Showtime. She wanted to convert me. I love it, I am addicted. Now I need to get her hooked on “Justified”. Anyway, I watched every episode of the “Dexter” set, and reserved the 2nd season at the library. My copy is ready to be picked up. Double yay!

Game On!

I almost forgot about Saturday Scavenger Shots! I’ve been running errands since 9am this morning, and then my mom and I went to Old Time Pottery to browse around. Wow, that place is amazing. We had fun there. Then we went home to eat tacos and watch “True Grit”.

Okay, so I chose this week’s SSS word, “game”. Let’s play!

September 9th, 2007 was the first Saturday we started to play the Saturday Scavenger Shots game. The word, “fall” was chosen by Mr. EvilE. I miss him! Evil E, where are you? Come back!

Anyway, here is a photo that represents the very first word of our favorite game.

I choose Ms. Laura B. to choose next week’s word! We’re always looking for more people to play along!