Reformat’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Reformat of “Reformatting My Brain”, Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuu!!

Have a very, very, very special day, Reformat! Save your bloggers some cake! :)

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“Ah, August. It’s Absolutely Charming, Really!”

Hey peeps! August is here…er…well it will be on Friday. But the August calendar is here! Thank you again for all of the suggestions! I used em all, of course! The title quote is from the movie “Ever After”. The baroness was addressing her new husband named August after she stepped out of her carriage and looked at her new home, a castle. “Ah, August (she pronounced it Augoost). It’s absolutely charming, really!” Can you tell I like that movie?

Anyway, let’s move on, shall we? Here are the holidays for Augoost.

1. August Needs a Holiday Day

2. Sharpen Your Pencils Day

3. Blog About Someone You Met Recently Day

4. LB’s Kick Back Dude’s 23rd Birthday!/Popsicle Appreciation WEEK!

5. Useless Appliance Day (Get Rid of Something You Never Use)

6. Home Grown Herbs Day

7. Write a Song Day (Lyrics and/or Music)

8. Pimp (aka Promote) a Fellow Blogger Day

9. Sunscreen Appreciation Day

10. LB’s Love Bug’s 1st Birthday!/BabyBull’s BHM’s 51st Birthday

11. Hey Day

12. Sloppy Joes Day

13. Comic Book Hero Day/Left-Handers Day

14. Snapshot With Yer Camera Phone Or Camera Day And Post The Pictures

15. Raid Day… Kill Bugs Dead

16. K_sra’s Birthday!/Elvis Memorial Day

17. Post It Note Appreciation Day

18. Dance to the Music (Filming it is Optional)

19. French Fry Appreciation Day (Potato Day)

20. Daydream Day

21. RM’s Birthday!/”Know When to Hold Em, Know When to Fold Em” Day (Kenny Rogers’s Birthday, 1938)

22. Take a Photo of Your Kitchen Day

23. Toast Appreciation Day

24. Wave Your “Freak Flag” Day

25. Althea Gibson’s Birthday – 1927 (First Black Woman to Win Wimbledon)

26. Blank Day (Create Your Own Holiday)

27. Peter Stormare’s Birthday (1953)

28. Start Making Your Christmas/Holiday Shopping List Today

29. Blame Everything on The One-Armed Man Day (“The Fugitive” TV Series – Final Episode Aired August 29, 1967)

30. Organize Something in Your Home Day

31. Van Morrison’s Birthday (1945)

Astrological Signs:

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Virgo – August 23rd – September 22nd


Jade, Peridot


Gladiolus means “splendid beauty”

I took this photo at Perkins Beach, a little beach off of Edgewater Beach in Lakewood, Ohio a few years ago. The sand, rocks, trees and water (and fog) were just asking for a photo opportunity.

I Miss the Comics

When I was younger, I looked forward to the Sunday comics every weekend. Several of the comic strips were my favorites and I could actually laugh out loud reading some of them. My favorites were; “Calvin & Hobbes”, “For Better or For Worse”, “Crankshaft”, “Foxtrot”, “Dilbert”, “Funky Winkerbean” and sometimes “B.C.”.

Then something happened…”Calvin & Hobbes” didn’t appear anymore and some of the comic strips became very serious. Especially “Funky Winkerbean” where the wife of one character got breast cancer. It was a powerful, important subject and it took guts to make it into a subject in a comic strip, but when the wife died, I didn’t want to read it again. Not out of boredom, but I felt depressed about it.

Now I’m down to a few of the staples like “Dilbert” (which I can usually relate to), “Frazz”, “For Better or For Worse” and “Sally Forth”. Sometimes I’ll read “Flo” which is a comic strip about senior citizens, and sometimes that one is funny.

Course I think our sense of humor changes as we get older, but I still miss “Calvin & Hobbes”. I have some of his books that came out, but it’s not quite the same. I also have “For Better or for Worse” and “Dilbert” books.

If you read comic strips in the paper, which ones are your favorites?

August is Comin Back ‘Round These Parts

Hey everybody, if you have some holiday ideas for the month of August, or if there are any birthdays you want mentioned on here just c’mon over and leave them in the comments section! Here are some past ideas from contributors to get your brain gears turning:

Gaze into a Subatomic Particle Day
Kiddie Pool Appreciation Day
What’s in My iPod Day
Double Knot Your Shoe Ties/Laces Day
Give a Box of Things to Goodwill Day

Thanks to all of you who have contributed in the past and thank you in advance for new people who’d like to play!

I Didn’t Even Know I Could Auto Write

I had a very restless sleep last night. So I’m sleepy AND I have to work overtime today! Joy! I was in and out of a weird sleep and had another strange dream that I must share. You’ve been warned.

Bare with me…I was apparently roommates with Kate Beckinsale in a two-bedroom apartment. She went out for the evening, so I was sitting up in bed reading. There was a bathroom next to my bed and my cat was wandering around in there. She walked out, but then she looked up to the top of the doorway and got freaked out at something. Her back was arched and everything. Then the door slowly closed by itself. Freaky.

When Kate (we’re on a first name basis, but in the dream I forgot her name) came home with some friends, I tried to tell her what happened. She didn’t believe me. Hmmph. So I went into another bedroom and tried to get some sleep. I heard a voice say in a creepy way, “I want to talk to you”, and I was suddenly overcome with the urge to write something on paper. Conveniently, there was a blank notebook on the nightstand, so I grabbed it and started auto writing like people sometimes do during a séance. When I read it back, the only thing I could really understand was the name “Matthew” something or other. I could read it better in my dream. It was definitely a full name. I shared it with some people and laughed at my messy handwriting, and the rest of the evening was haunt-free.

Woke up and my radio alarm, which I think is on its last days, was between frequencies or something, because although it was on I could barely hear it. So I turned it to a clearer channel and tried to sleep without dreaming. But by then it was time to get up. Ugh.

Rockin on the Plastic, One Dollar Flute

I was wandering around the dollar store on Friday afternoon and came across a package of two plastic, toy flutes/recorders. It took me back to grade school when our teacher gave us more professional-looking wooden recorders and taught us how to play “Hot Crossed Buns” on them. Anyway, I picked up the package of flutes.

Then that night I rocked out with one of the flutes. Please don’t be jealous of my talent.

Oh and this was supposed to be a longer video. I spliced a few videos together, but apparently YouTube and Yahoo don’t do spliced videos. Youtube just played the first part and Yahoo video freezes after the first section. Anyway, this’ll do.

Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Local”

Cricket chose a great word for this week. This time it was “Local”. My intentions today after leaving work (I had to work this Saturday but only till 2pm) was to drive down to the local rec center and take a photo of it exclusively for today’s word. But I got kind of lazy and took a few other photos of nearby things during stop lights. I did want to post a photo of the rec center, though, so here’s a shot (cheating, I know) from the city’s website:

That is just the main entrance of the huge, sparkling rec center (which doubles as a senior center) in Strongsville, Ohio.

I took the next three photos while waiting for stop lights, so here they are:

Local restaurant – The Mad Cactus (Excellent tamales, but their jalapeño bites should have a warning next to them on the menu and should come with a free pitcher of cold water and a fire extinguisher)

Here’s a Thomas’ English Muffin truck parked in the lot of a local strip mall.

Here’s a double sign for The Home Depot and Wal-Mart…And I must add that the Wal-Mart sign will eventually be changed into a Wal-Mart Supercenter sign! They’ve already begun construction and have traffic lights up! Woo hoo!

So that’s about it for now. Stay tuned for tomorrow to hear some…eh…music. It’s what you get when I impulsively buy a 2-pack of toy flutes at the dollar store.