So This is What Cloud 9 Looks Like!

I wanted to see if I could get into our smaller break-off group in choir, but anyone interested would have to go through a small tryout with the director. This made me a little nervous, but he told everyone that it would be pretty easy. Last week he told us he would be letting people try out starting at 6:45 next Monday.

Well “next” Monday was yesterday, and there were two of us trying for a spot in the Chamber Choir. J is an alto and it’s her first year in our choir. She went first. Someone suggested to me that I should get it out of the way and go first, but this worked out better. I could find out what exactly he wanted us to do. I knew that he would have us sing some of the song, “The Star Spangled Banner”, sing some “Do Rey Mi Fah So La Ti D’oh!” and then sing some notes he would play on the piano. I just wanted to see how it would sound.

He actually had her sing the entire song first. I started to worry if I would forget the words out of nervousness, or maybe I’d start a giggle fit or go completely off key. That worrying wasn’t going to do me any good, so I sat there and waited for my turn. I figured that I’d be okay if I didn’t get into the smaller choir. I mean it would sting for awhile, but I’d survive. I pictured the Cackler finding out that I didn’t get in, and saying in her voice, “But the tryouts are so EASY! You didn’t get IN??” Ugh, no thank you. But I’d survive.

Anyway, the girl finished singing and left the chapel to talk to our mutual friend. It was just me, our director and the spokesman of our choir. He was getting stuff together for announcements and stuff.

I walked over to the piano and greeted our director, T, but he wasn’t ready for me yet. He asked me to give him a few seconds while he took down some notes. The seconds seemed like an eternity, but eventually he was ready for me. He chose a note for me to start on, and then let me sing “The Star Spangled Banner” without the piano. Although in the beginning I could hear the nervous shakiness in my voice, I plowed through that and just sang loud and clear. I don’t remember singing one note off key. I didn’t look at our director while I sang, I looked at the cross that was hanging in the chapel, and then eventually just closed my eyes while I finished the song. He seemed happy! Good sign. He didn’t have me do the “do rey mi” exercise, but he played some note sequences on the piano and had me sing them. That was tricky, but he nodded a few times and then it was all over. T said, “Okay, thank you!” I asked him when we would know, and he said, “Soon.” Alrighty then. I thought, “‘Soon’ as in next week?” I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else. He must’ve heard my thoughts a bit, because he said he wouldn’t keep us waiting. I told him I wouldn’t lose sleep.

I went out into the lobby to talk to my friends, and I asked my one friend how he told her when she had first tried for a spot. She said he told her the same night, so that gave me hope that I wouldn’t have to wait long. The doors opened and our director called in J, the first girl. They went back into the chapel and I heard him talking to her, but his voice was muffled. About a minute later they returned and he called me in. Before the doors closed, he said,

“The answer for you is ‘yes’! I liked your confidence when you sang ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.” Yay! I thanked him a couple of times, and told him I had been nervous. He said that’s why he doesn’t like to look at the people while they’re singing, so it makes things easier. He told me the Chamber Choir would start practicing next week at 6:40. Yeehaw!!

I thanked him again and walked back out into the lobby. The other girl told me she didn’t get into the Chamber choir, but she shrugged it off. I felt bad for her until she told me she’s in two plays at her high school! She’ll be okay, and she’s still in our larger choir.

Our regular choir rehearsal went well, we made some nice progress. I’m usually tired at the very beginning of practice, but this time my adrenaline held out much longer. I wanted to get home so that I could call my mom with the happy news!

I was beaming when I told my mom. She was excited for me and said she’d treat me to lunch this weekend. I also went on Facebook and found out my friend from work was online. I told her earlier that day that I was going to try for the choir. She was actually online waiting for me to give her any news. She was very proud of me and even bought me a “congrats” card! Good times. :)

It was a very successful night! I’m patting myself on the back, which is usually a weird thing to admit, but I am proud I went for it, and even happier that I got in! I won’t have to try for it next year. Once you’re in, you’re in! I’m thinking it’s like the mafia, only much safer.

Friday 5 Time!

It’s Friday, dontcha know? With Friday comes a new meme from “Friday 5”! Let’s get to it, shall we?

What did you do this week?
I worked, laughed with my coworkers, saved money and sold some books on Amazon!

Why did things turn out the way they did this week?
It was kind of crazy at the office because we’re getting ready for some renovation. Lots of people are packing up their offices and moving to temporary areas of the campus.

How will this week’s events affect next week’s, both positively and negatively?
Well once everyone moves out of the areas that are supposed to be torn up, it’ll be easier for the contractors to get to work, so that’s positive! As for any negative outcomes, we’ll just have to see. With people setting up shop in other departments, things might get a little stormy since the personalities might clash. There was a bit of friction in one area the other day, so it may have already started.

What were this week’s pivotal moments where things might have happened differently and changed everything?
Not sure about this week, but I was just thinking about where I’d be if I decided to leave this place when my original position was eliminated last Spring. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to lease a new car, and with all of the problems from my previous car, I’m guessing things would’ve been bleak.

How was your week?
It went fast, for my first week back from vacation!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

Make a Mixed CD Today

You should make a mixed CD today! You can make one either for yourself or for a friend or family member. I love finding CDs I mixed a long time ago, and then listening to the different songs I had decided to put in the mix. It’s like a gift to myself.

Once everything was taken care of last Saturday, and my mom and I were ready to drive home with my new car, I started thinking up songs I could put on blank CDs. I made two so far. Here are some of the songs I have on the CD that’s in my car now (in order of what I remember off the top of my head):

1. Africa (Toto)
2. Say, Say, Say (Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson)
3. Hot & Cold (Katy Perry)
4. Bathwater (No Doubt)
5. Luka (Suzanne Vega)
6. Lose Yourself (Eminem)
7. Mizzunderstood (Pink)
8. Overkill (Men at Work)
9. I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)
10. Coldhearted Snake(Paula Abdul)
11. Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
12. Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty)
13. The Longest Time (Billy Joel)

Blog About Your Best Fall (Off a Bike, Down the Stairs, etc.) – First Day of Autumn

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn/Fall, and it was also the day we could blog about our best fall. Was there a time you fell (off your bike, down the stairs, off of a building) that was particularly memorable for you?

– I’ve blogged before about falling off of my bike, landing kneecap first onto a sharp rock and scarring up my knee in the process. Good times.

– Let’s see….I fell on a slide, once, at the park. I was trying to walk up the slide rather than down, and I slipped and banged my nose against the metal. Didn’t break it, just caused a mess.

– I fell in gym, once, while we were all playing soccer. I kicked the ball but somehow managed to miss and I landed on my knees again, bruised one up really good. I was proud of it because it was a sport-related injury.

– A few years ago I got up to walk past my manager. I tripped over a box of graduation supplies and fell flat on my face (at least I didn’t land on a knee again). I was mortified, but was able to laugh at it later when my manager joked that I could fill out a worker’s comp. claim.

Anyway, those are some of my proud moments. Feel free to share some of your own! Happy (Belated) Fall!

Coworker Appreciaton Day (and Other Stuff)

It was actually nice to return to work today. I was filled in on all the stories I missed while I was out, and my coworker and I could catch up with each other on “Seinfeld” quotes we had been storing up.

A few other coworkers noticed my absence, too. I like being missed. It makes me feel important at the work place. I know I am important there, but it’s nice to be reminded from time to time.

Well today was a big day for us. Our department managers and our campus director gathered together with our district manager and our company’s C.E.O. for an operations review. We don’t normally have our C.E.O. join us, so this was a bigger event than usual. I had only seen the guy during staff webinars, where he would give us a recorded message while sitting on his desk. I had never seen the guy in person. He and our district manager arrived this afternoon, and the C.E.O. actually introduced himself to me and we shook hands. Usually we kind of have to guess who people are just by their corporate-type presence. It left me feeling all giddy. I only saw him two more times after that first encounter; first to point him in the right direction of the restrooms and second to just say hello while he was walking through the lobby. After that, they all went into a room for their meeting, and a half hour later I was able to go home. I hope everything went well. I’m sure it did.

Then I was able to FINALLY go to choir and register for a new season. My new car was all trustworthy and stuff. We’re singing songs from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, a really pretty, unusual Irish song, some seemingly standard Christmas songs and also “I want a Hippopatomus for Christmas”. We’re singing more, but those are a good start. The Cackler was there, but I was able to sit in back of her and next to a friend of mine. Between two of my friends, actually. The Cackler had a cast on her arm due to a car accident. We caught up on her accident, and I was eager to tell my friend that I finally read the “Twilight” series. She had read all of the books, so it was fun to discuss them before choir started. I hope I find more books that interest me as much as those did.

Anyway, that’s that for today! Oh and buried in this post was a celebration of today’s holiday, “Coworker Appreciation Day”. I appreciated all of the coworkers I missed during my week off.