Party Like It’s Almost 2007 Day!

Or to people who are in the tomorrow time zone, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year

To those of us who are still in December 31st, I wish you all the best of luck in 2007 and that the new year brings us all lots of happiness, excellent health and success!

January Time!

Astrological Signs:

December 22 – January 19
January 20 – February 18

Birthstone of the Month:

The Garnet is the symbol of constancy & fidelity

Flower of the Month:
Carnation and Snowdrop

Now for the holidays you thought up! Thank you!

1) Happy New Year! Welcome to 2007!/Nurse Your Hangover Day

2) Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
3) Beer/Alcohol Appreciation Day
4) Apply “Star Wars” Lines to Everyday Life Day
5) Take Down Your Holiday Decorations Day
6) Apply Seinfeldisms to Everyday Life Day
7) Scream at the Top of Your Lungs for No Reason Day
8) Elvis Presley Appreciation Day
9) Blogging Appreciation Day
10) Read as Many Dr. Seuss Books All in One Day Day
11) Count Your Blessings Day
12) Buy the CD of an Artist You’ve Never Heard of Day
13) Run Up and Down Your Street in PJ’s Day
14) Donate a Box of Stuff to Charity Day
15) Send a Postcard to Day
16) Write a Letter to a Long Distance Friend Day
17) Sleep in a Makeshift Tent in the Living Room Day
18) Bring an Annoying Toy to Work Day
19) Modify a Co-worker’s Ergonomic Chair Day
20) Ride on the Cart at the Grocery Store Day
21) Pretend to Get Offended by a Joke Day
22) Make Your Own Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice Day
23) Submit Your Own Greeting Card Idea Day
24) Eating Graham Crackers in Bed Day
25) Double Dog Dare Pole Licking Day
26) Post a Spam E-mail on Your Own Blog Day
27) Tim Appreciation Day
28) Fake Funeral of a Friend Day (in which we wear black to work and sigh a lot and sniffle into a Kleenex)
29) Nicotine’s Birthday!
30) Solipsist Appreciation Day
31) File Your UK Tax Return Day/Take a Weird Close-Up Shot Day

Procrastination Day

I’m very good at procrastinating. Sometimes it has paid off, other times I could kick myself for not moving on something faster. I can even talk myself into procrastinating.

Today I had to shop for some ingredients for wantons. My mom and I enjoy them during the holidays. I don’t usually get the ingredients, though, I usually help make them once all the ingredients are mixed together.

Well I had a short list of things to get this time, and I knew that some of the stuff should be snatched first before getting the other more common things, or else they’d be sold out.

There was a shopping cart traffic jam by the ground pork section. That’s one of the most important ingredients. I’m not usually impatient, but I could feel my nerves starting to get rattled when nobody would give me just an inch to look at the meat. I turned and bought some other things while I waited. Finally I was able to snatch a pound of pork. The next item I had to get was the package of wanton wraps. Those are a challenge to find, but once I figured out where they were located, I bought two packages so that I wouldn’t have to look for them if we ran out. Seems lots of people have some eggroll making to do this weekend, because there wasn’t much of a selection. After that, everything else was fairly easy to find.

So….I guess…maybe I didn’t procrastinate this time. Well I probably could’ve bought this stuff a few days ago before the rush, but my paycheck was entered today. There was a reason for procrastinating. Right? Right. :)

I Feel Kinda Old!

We had some visitors yesterday. Our former neighbors from our old neighborhood flew in from North Carolina to visit some relatives and then me and my mom. We went to the movies, saw “Casino Royale” (second time for us, first time for our friends), went to Borders for some coffee and book perusing and then some photo opportunities. We all had a great time!

Their son came with them. He’s 16 years old. I used to babysit the kid when we were neighbors. I remembered him when he was five. Wow. It’s been awhile, and he is still one of the nicest kids I’ve ever run into! The whole family is nice and whenever we meet up it’s like it was just yesterday since we saw each other. They’re very comfortable to talk to, which is very enjoyable.

I feel kind of old, though, whenever I think that I used to make the little kid lunch or dinner and then played baseball with him. He’d have wise one liners too. When we would take him to the movies, we’d hold back on getting popcorn. He would say “What’s a movie without popcorn?” Wise words, very wise.

Such a Heel

I bought some new ankle-length boots a few weeks ago. They are brown and they have that length and thickness of heel seen in the photo. I’m thankful they’re comfortable.

What I like about them is that I feel taller. Well naturally I’m taller when I’m in heels. I’m eye to eye with lots of people in those boots. Then when I get home for the day and I take them off, I go down several inches it seems. I’m back to being 5’1. It almost reminds me of Cinderella and turning back into herself when the clock strikes twelve. Almost, but a little different.

Anyway, I did my grocery shopping today in the afternoon. My checkbook has a pocket in there that I put change into, and at the time I had five dollars worth of quarters for the apartment laundry machines. When I took out my I.D. and my debit card….Well whaddya know, most of those quarters fell out and scattered across the floor while I was in line. Good times. Thankfully people were very nice today (actually they usually are nice) and a lady helped me pick up the quarters.

That’s my story for today. Best of luck to all of you in getting everything together for the quickly approaching holidays!