What Kind of Breakfast Are You?

You Are Toast

Old fashioned and a bit of a homebody, you totally go for comfort food.
You’re the type who loves to cook for friends, and they love you for it.
You truly know what tastes good, and you can often pick out the best dish at a restaurant.
You don’t fall for food trends. You stick with what’s been food for a long time!



Thanks again for all of your help with holiday suggestions! Your commented suggestions almost took care of the whole month! That’s awesome! YOU are awesome!


Astrological Signs:
Virgo – August 23 – September 22
Libra – September 23 – October 22






This is also the month for these holidays (found on Butlerwebs):


Marriage Health Month


Children’s Good Manners Month


Fall Hat Month


Library Card Sign-Up Month (Watch out, L.B., we’re all coming to get library cards from you! Hehe.)

1. FW’s Birthday/Welcome to September!

2. What’s In Your Wallet Appreciation Day

3. Labor Day/Baby Appreciation Day

4. Survey Appreciation Day (Do a Poll or Survey Today)

5. Take A Picture Of Yer Favorite Room Day (Work or Home)

6. Awards Day (Post About Any Awards You’ve Won and Make Up a New Award for Yourself)

7. Batch Processing Day (Invent a Computer Program that Completes a Mundane Task for You)

8. Swapsies Day (Write a Blog Post and Have a Friend Post It On Their Blog, While They Give You a Post to Blog)

9. Clouds Day (Photograph the Sky and Post it to the Blog)

10. Ham and Eggs Day (Prepare a Meal with Ham & Eggs and then Post the Recipe)

11. Re-arrange Your Life Day (aka Organize Your Shtuff Day)

12. Learning Day (Post About What You Learned Today)

13. Random Object Day

14. Hairy Man And Babybull Getting Married Day

15. Money Appreciation Day

16. Garbage Day

17. Remember the 70’s Day

18. James Spader Appreciation Day

19. Photo Scavenger Hunt Day

20. Lawyer/Reptile Appreciation Day

21. Inside-out Underpants Day

22. Use a Latin Phrase Day

23. “A Prairie Home Companion/Garrison Keillor” Appreciation Day

24. Render All Numbers in Roman Numerals Day

25. PC Game Day

26. Yahtzi! Appreciation Day

27. Finally Throw Away Things You’ve Been Meaning to Throw Away Day

28. Blog About Your Favorite Color Day

29. Before and After Photo Day (Take a Photo of Yourself When You First Wake Up in the Morning and then Take a Photo of Yourself Later in the Day…After Coffee or Applying Makeup)

30. Wear a Name Tag So “Everybody Knows Your Name”/The Show “Cheers” Premiered This Day Back in 1982

National Toasted Marshmallow Day


Here’s a photo (brought to you by AllPosters):


Toasted Marshmallow on Stick

How much do you toast a marshmallow before it’s edible for you? Do you get it lightly browned, or do you like it to burst into flames first, blow it out and then eat it? That’s what I do, I like it to burst into flames first. I’m not a pyromaniac, honest. But when I want a toasted marshmallow, I don’t want to wait patiently while all sides are lightly browned. That marshmallow had better be toasted quickly and completely. I don’t mess around with toasted marshmallows.

A Proud Moment

After posting that thing about my having to check lots of stuff before I go to bed at night, I wanted to try giving myself a little therapy. I’m proud to say that last night I checked the doors and the phone only once. Even the toilet seat cover received one glance to see if it was down. I couldn’t get to sleep right away, but that was just because I think I went to bed too early.

So that was kind of a proud moment. I won’t say every night will be a check-free night or a minimal checking night. Depends on how moody and tired I am. But last night was a good night.

Thank you all for your comments on that post! How much do you charge for therapy? ;)

Ingrid Bergman’s Birthday (1915)/Play Your Favorite Song Again Day

Born this day in Stockholm, Sweden in 1915

Her first role was in an uncredited part as a girl waiting in a line in the movie “Landskamp” (1932)

A few more of her many movies include:

“Joan of Arc” (1948)
“Notorious” (1946)
“Casablanca” (1942)

Happy Birthday, Ms. Bergman!

Since it is Ingrid Bergman’s birthday, and she was in the movie “Casablanca”…and in that movie she has Sam play her favorite song, “As Time Goes By”…well today it is up to you to play your favorite song or songs over again.

What are some of your favorite songs that you don’t mind playing over and over again? Mine are:
  • “Manic Monday” by The Bangles
  • “Sand in My Shoes” by Dido
  • “Kiss” by Prince
  • “U Got the Look” by Prince
  • “Calling All Angels” by Train
  • “Ordinary” by Train
  • “Don’t Come Around Here No More” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
And there are many, many more.