Reformatting My Brain Appreciation Day!

Hey all! When you get the chance today, hop on over to the blog called “Reformatting My Brain”. This blog is filled with great posts and photos from Reformat, plus the color scheme she has on there is very Springy. Something we all need!

Happy You Day, Reformat!



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Astrological Signs:

Aries: March 21 – April 19
Taurus: April 20 – May 20


(Modern and Traditional)

Flower of the Month:

Sweet Pea, Daisy
(April’s Flower is the Sweet Pea, which means “I think of thee.”)

1. Extend April Fools Day to April 2nd

2. Make a New Pandora Radio Station ( Using an Artist that You Hate

3. Go for a Bike Ride Day/Have a Water Balloon Fight

4. Star Trek Villains Appreciation Day/Update All Of Your Framed Photos

5. Bring Photos of Your Pet and Brag About Them at Work

6. Magic 8 Ball Appreciation Day (Make All Decisions Using the Magic 8 Ball)

7. Clean Out Under Your Bed Day/Clean Out Your Fridge Day

8. Do a 27 Thing Fling Boogie (Find 27 Things to Throw Away Within 5 Minutes)

9. Kiss a Stranger Day/Try a New Recipe Day

10. Make a Date Day (Date with a Friend for Lunch, Date with Kids to do Something They Want, etc..)/Procrastination Tuesday

11. Buy Flowers Just Because Day/Do Someone a Favor Day/Hill Rolling Day (Wear your grubbies and find a nice soft hill to roll down! You know you want to!)

12. Write Someone a Note Day (Stick it Somewhere They’ll Find it as a Surprise)

13. Random Acts of Kindness Day/Draw or Wear a Hawaiian Shirt Day

14. Watch a Movie that You Haven’t Seen Since You were a Kid Day

15. Commission a Tara Cartoon Day!

16. Paper Cut Awareness Day/Simpsons Appreciation Day

17. Write an Entire Post Backwards Day

18. 10 Reasons Why I Love ______ Day (you fill in the blank)/Crystal Ball Predictions Day

19. Take a Mundane Everyday Post and Make it Into an Action Flick Day

20. Create a Post Using Sexual Innuendos Day

21. UFO Appreciation Day/Post in Olde English Day

22. Spring Appreciation Day/Beam Me Up Scotty Appreciation Day

23. Clean/Organize Your Messy Closet Day

24. Winnie The Pooh Appreciation Day

25. Dirty Jokes Appreciation Day/Daniel Craig Appreciation Day

26. Soap Opera Appreciation Day (Make a Post As If You Are Living In A Soap Opera Day)

27. Halloween In April Day/New Avatar Day/Computer Mouse Day

28. Greet Everyone With a Nonsense Word Day

29. Thesaurus Day/Italian Duck Day

30. Bugs Bunny Day/FishMongers Day/Obscure President’s Day/Bubbles Monday (blow bubbles at work or home)

Thanks again to all who sent me suggestions! There were so many again, that I had to double or triple up on some of the days! So just in case you don’t want to celebrate one thing, you can celebrate another!

Oh, Twas A Good Day

Actually, it was a good week altogether. My manager was sick on Monday (that part wasn’t good), so he didn’t come in (that part was kinda good). A whole day I could devote to work without him coming in and interrupting me. What was even better, though, was that the three days that followed, he’d be off to manager land on a training trip. Three more days without managerial interruptions. Plus, the lady that is working for us while our other associate is on maternity leave, is on a week-long vacation. So I’m running the show. At least till tomorrow. By tomorrow, my car turns back into a pumpkin and…wait, that’s a different story. No, tomorrow my manager returns.

But that’s all good. And do you know why? Because I got stuff done. Stuff that he had no idea I could possibly get done without his supervision. He should be so proud of me. Hell, he’d better be proud of me, damnit!!

One of the reasons I’m feeling so good now is because about a week or so ago, he insisted that I had a certain document because he knew he gave it to me. It was a very important document as we both knew. I don’t recall him giving that document to me, but at his request and my worried mind, I searched my office for any possible places this document could be hiding. I knew that I would not throw it away, or put it anywhere else but my desk where my computer resides or the desk behind me. But I searched. I even looked behind my desks, just in case a little breeze blew the document in between the wall and the office equipment. Nothing. I remembered he had given me one thing, and that one thing I had filed so I wouldn’t lose it. He had given me something else for another student, and I stapled that document to that student’s paperwork. So if I didn’t staple this lost document to the other paperwork, or I didn’t find it in the file or on my desk anywhere, then odds are I never received that document. Whew! Anyway, he vaguely accused me of possessing this mysterious but important document. I even looked on his messy desk to see if he had it. No such luck.

Anyway, he was afraid to call that particular person and ask for the information again. He called, but never left a message. He told me he was too frightened to leave a message. Meanwhile, I’m nervous about this missing paperwork. The nervousness came out of the fact that I knew that he blamed me for losing it. I don’t like that kind of blame, when I don’t even know if he really gave it to me or not. I don’t like misplacing things that are important at work (let alone stuff at home like my birth certificate, but I try not to burst into tears at work). It’s just not like me.

So I decided to bite the bullet and call the person who filled out the document in the first place. I left a message for that person to call me back. They did today, and I gathered the info I needed. Then she said the most blessed words I could hear that day, “I don’t remember him giving me that document to fill out!” Oh, how I wish she had written that statement in blood. I heaved a huge sigh of relief. Sure it wasn’t definite that she was mistaken, but the doubt of it made me feel I wasn’t going crazy. I thanked her, I made a shrine for her in my office (not really, but I did thank her profusely), and then I eventually got off the phone with her.

I don’t like proving my manager wrong…..Well, okay, maybe I do most of the time, because he has arrogant tendencies, but I like proving that I wasn’t insane.

Anyway, I just got lots of work done, and with much success. I’m happy. I think my manager will be happy. And it’s Friday tomorrow.

What’s Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

Thanks L.B.! This was interesting:

Your EQ is 113

50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!
51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you’d have better luck understanding Chinese.
71-90: You’ve got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely.
91-110: You’re average. It’s easy to predict how you’ll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that.
111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.
131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.
150+: Two possibilities – you’ve either out “Dr. Phil-ed” Dr. Phil… or you’re a dirty liar.

Houston, We Have Contacts

It was time for my yearly trip to the eye doctor, so I went yesterday. Thankfully I didn’t have to do that stupid test where the numbers are camouflaged among little colored dots, and I have to tell which number is hidden within those dots. Apparently, if one passes the other tests, then one doesn’t have to take the dot test. Any test I don’t have to take is a wonderful test afterall.

Anyway, long story short, I’m trying contacts again. I’ve tried them before and wound up getting tired of the tiny struggle of putting them in my eyes each morning only to discover in pain that there was an eyelash in one or that they were inside out. Plus, even though it’s nice to not have to put on my glasses for once, I can’t see as clearly with contacts. I can see, don’t get me wrong. But my eyes have to get used to the things again. My eye doctor wants to see me in a week just to find out how things are going with the lenses.

I would love to get special contacts for Halloween, like the contact lense I have posted here. But I keep hearing that they cause eye infections. I don’t think I want that, ya know? Nah, not for me.

Elbow Appreciation Day (Paint a Picture with a Paintbrush Taped to Your Elbow)

We should try this and then post our results up on our blogs. I could probably do this at work, but I don’t have a paintbrush. Just markers. You’d probably have a hard time doing this with Microsoft Paint. The mouse would have to be taped to your elbow, and well it could get very awkward.

Because I haven’t painted anything with my elbow yet, I still wanted to leave you with a photo. So the following picture illustrates what tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) looks like, so you know to be careful during the sporty months of the year.


I went to the post office earlier today because the presents I had ordered for myself had arrived from Amazon. Not the Amazon rainforest, but So I rushed over there and everything I ordered was in one box. How do the mailmen at the counter always know when I’m anticipating a package? They tease me! What, do I have a “tease me” target on my forehead? I must. Anyway, he came back from the depths of the mailroom to hand me the box, but instead of handing it to me, he pulled it back and acted like he was going to throw it away. I just glared at him, he grinned, I grinned then he let me take my package. Must everything be a joke? What, am I like a clown to you? Do I amuse you? Okay, I’m done acting like Joe Pesci.

Even before I got in my car, I was already ripping off the tape on the box. The cosmos were on my side, the tape was somewhat easy to peel off. There they were, all taped together in the box:

The two DVDs I ordered:

Kill Bill Volume 1 and
Kill Bill Volume 2

And one CD:

The Spice Girls

I opened up the case to the Spice Girls CD. That was easy too, sometimes it’s not.

On my way back, I listened to the nostalgic tunes of Scary Spice belting out, “YO, I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really, really want!…”

Bliss. Now this calls for me to jump in the air in a public place, but I don’t have a camera on me at the moment. I’ll postpone till I get home.