Wesley Snipes’s Birthday (1962)/List Your Favorite Action Movies Day

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Mr. Wesley Snipes. He was born on this day back in 1962 in Orlando, Florida. He has been in many movies including “Blade”, where he played a half human, half vampire. That’s him in the photo there. I liked him in “Major League” and “Waiting to Exhale”. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Mr. Wesley Snipes!

Since Mr. Snipes has been in a few action movies, I also decided to make today “List Your Favorite Action Movies Day”.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Point of No Return
  • The Rock
  • Con Air
  • Underworld 1 & 2 (these are also horror, but there’s a lot of butt-kicking going on)
  • Die Hard
  • Face/Off
  • Aliens (again, it’s more sci-fi, but Ripley does take on a huge alien by herself at times)
  • Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2
What are some of your favorite action movies?



Thank you to all who contributed, and thank you to Butlerwebs.com for giving me ideas for some of the other days!

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Another Random Memory Reload: The Boyfriend Chronicles

Grade school was the time I had the most boyfriends. I don’t know why, perhaps I was too easy back then. During kindergarten I hung out with a kid a few streets down. He was so cool, he even played Barbies with me! We’d also hop the fence over to Cove Park and shoot some hoops. He gave me a Valentine’s Day card. Then I think he moved away.

In first grade I had a boyfriend named Billy. He was pretty nice, but I also learned that he could be competitive when we moved on into the 2nd grade. In 2nd grade I met Chris. He’s the one who I invited to my birthday party and he gave me Malibu Barbie. A love triangle developed. We were in gym class, learning to square dance. Chris was holding my left hand, Billy was holding my right. One of them kissed the top of my hand, so the other one had to mimic “the move”. Eventually after all was said and done, Chris won my little ole heart. I gave him a Valentine’s card and he kissed me in front of the teacher. Good times.

I believe it was 5th grade when I met my next self-proclaimed boyfriend, John D. We met because I kept staring at him across the desk. That’s my move. I think my logic was that he looked like someone else I knew, but don’t know who. He’d catch me looking and would ask “What’re you looking at?” I’d turn away smiling. This went on for awhile. He was impressed with my skill at reciting the spellings of “Mississippi” and “encyclopedia” by heart. We started chasing each other on the playground, poking each other on the arm pretending we didn’t do it, and kicking each other under the table during class.

I unintentionally got him in trouble one time. Our substitute teacher must’ve known the look of a kid kicking someone else under the table, so he made John stand next to him while we stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. Huh…I kind of feel bad about that now. Oh well, he wasn’t thrown into detention or expelled, he just had to stand still next to the mean teacher for a few seconds. Maybe that punishment threw him into a rage that erupted years later and he’s now incarcerated? Nah.

Anyway, he only hurt my feelings once, and now I’m wondering if it was before or after he got into trouble….He refused to sit next to me one day while working on a project. He sat down across the way and said loudly, “I don’t want to sit next to a weirdo.” Hmmph! You can be sure I vented about him in my little diary when I got home! That was way before Blogging was an option. Heck, that was even before “logging in” was an option! Jeez, how did we live?? Hehe.

He gave me a few things during the course of our friendship. He would always do this in the library of our school, too. Every time he gave me something, he had an excuse as to why he was giving it to me. He gave me a cool crystal one time. It looked like a giant diamond, but it was plastic. Still, it captured light and that’s all that I needed in order to be entertained. He gave it to me saying that he had tons of other crystals. My friends told me that he would probably give something else to me and would use the same excuse. Sure enough, he gave me a ladybug necklace. Awww! He didn’t say, “Here, this is for you.” He said, “Hey, here, you want it? I have another one at home.” Tee hee (Blush) . I didn’t ask him why he would have another necklace at home. I just loved my necklace and held onto it forever, or until I forgot where it was, like I just did. I wonder if I do still have it? Hm!

He mentioned “girlfriend” once during the course of our friendship. He said something like “My sister is teasing me now that I have a girlfriend.” Double tee hee! I think I just giggled in response. I went to the playground of our school one day during a weekend. Since he lived a few houses down from the school, I went with my friend and knocked on his door to see if he could “come out and play”. His sister answered and told him some girls were there to see him. The family had just settled down for lunch, so he wasn’t able to come out at the time. We had to leave eventually, and the next day while walking to school, he saw me coming and waited for me. I explained what happened and apologized, and he said that he was looking under every tree branch for me (I can picture that to this day). It did not taint our friendship.

One day our class was scheduled to go to Hail Farm & Village for a day-long field trip. Excitement! I had a small gaggle of friends, but we were supposed to pick a partner for that day. When I glanced over at my friends, they had all picked someone else. I felt temporarily abandoned, but then I glanced over at John. He was smiling at me, and shyly motioned that we should be partners. Hell yes! Course I didn’t shout that, but I believe I expressed it enough. I think I may have nodded my head “yes” to the point of muscle sprain. I was honored. So we sat together on the bus, amidst the buzz that we were sitting next to the opposite sex. My “friends” who sat in back of us tried to force us to kiss. We didn’t. I remember having a nice time on that trip, though. On the way back, though, he sat next to a friend of his, so I picked another seat. Another classmate decided to sit next to me this time. Another thing of the opposite sex. We had never really spoken too much in school, but we didn’t really hate each other. Not for a good reason, at least.

He was on a quest on the way back home. He wanted to kiss as many girls in his class that he could. It was a fine goal, to be sure…I guess. He sat next to me and during the course of the trip back home, tried to lunge at me. He’d try to put his arm around me and then sneak a kiss. Every time he tried, I’d push him away. Then more than half way home, he kissed me. I responded with an “Ewwww!!! (gag) Stop it!” He was ecstatic with his kiss list that was now longer by one name. “At last!” He shouted triumphantly, “One more down! Now onto Meg!” I remember now that my “boyfriend”…my bus partner, had not come up to defend me against the serial kisser. Perhaps that was the turning point in our relationship.

I think our class went to a camp in 5th grade for a few days. We talked, but it was back to being friends. No problem. Then 6th grade came and The Serial Kisser wound up in the my choir class. He asked me sheepishly if I remembered him kissing me. I said I did. After that, we became friends. Through peer pressure, we were boyfriend and girlfriend for two weeks. The term used around the school at the time was “going with each other”. We went with each other for two weeks. Then he broke it off. Hmmph. We went our separate ways in high school and then while in college I decided to send him a letter asking him how he was doing. He wrote back and we started a pen pal relationship. I invited him to a dance, he came, we danced, we said good-bye and the pen pal relationship continued. Later on he found me on MySpace and we send each other comments now and then.

There’s a story for you. Good night! Oh, wait I still have to post the calendar for August.

What Kind of First Impression Do You Make?

I got this one from Nick at Nicotine’s Ash, and had never seen it before. I like those undiscovered quiz things. Thanks Nick!

You Make a Good First Impression

You probably are making a much better impression than you realize.
Social situations can be a bit awkward for you at times, and you tend to over think what you say and do.
If you make a social faux pas, you remember it a lot longer than anyone else does.

Just relax and do your best. There are little things you can do to improve your social image.
Express more of an interest in the people around you, and be a good listener.
The secret of fascinating people is that they find everyone else fascinating!

I Miss School Supplies

When I go shopping at Wal-Mart or a drugstore like CVS, I see all of the school supplies stocked up for the upcoming school season. I see kids and their parents scrambling around trying to find everything that kid will need to start their first day. To this day, I’ve never found the need for a protractor.

I miss having to look for school supplies, though. I could easily go out and buy some now, but the excitement would be gone. I could go back to school, but that would just be for the sake of buying school supplies. Instead, I’ll just post about it like I’m doing now.

Back when I was in grade school, my friends and I loved getting the multiple-pocket folders called Trapper Keepers. They not only had the multiple pockets, they also had writing pads inside and a three-ring binder. Oh and you could choose from a selection of cover designs. Many people I’m sure have a unicorn Trapper Keeper. I think I had one with Garfield on it. The best thing about a Trapper Keeper was the smell. It was the new smell of plastic on the cover and inside. Good times. When I remember school supplies, I remember the smell of plastic.

My friends and I would also collect metallic markers. We loved the smell of those things, and I know we shouldn’t have. You’d shake the pen and it would rattle like a spray can because of the ink that was inside. Then you could draw all over the place with it with whatever colored ink you had in there. There was golden metallic, silver and I think a metallic purple. The teacher eventually put an end to any metallic pens in her classroom. The rattle was distracting, and so was the smell. Since then, they’ve lost their appeal. Not because the teacher didn’t like it, but just because at the time the pens were new and now they aren’t. Plus I guess growing up had a little something to do with it. Although I do still love the scent of rubber cement.

My parents would buy me the school supplies when I was younger. I hope I didn’t make them bankrupt, but I also know that I didn’t go nuts with the school supplies. I did a bit when I was older and getting supplies for myself.

What do you remember about shopping for school? Do you have a particularly happy memory of school supply shopping or do you have a favorite school supply that you remember? Discuss.