Eclectic Days of October 2009! “They’re heeere!”

Hey everybody! October starts tomorrow, isn’t that exciting? Not just a brand new month, but the official month of Halloween! Let the horror movie marathons begin. Thank you again for all of your ideas! They are all in the following list.

1. Be Your Better Self Day
2. Dance Like Your Favorite Peanuts Character or Talk Like Charlie Brown’s Teacher (Peanuts Comic Strip Debut – 1950)
3. Make One Change to Your Blog Day
4. It’s Not Winter Yet Day
5. Pick an Apple/Eat an Apple
6. Shout Something Random That a Comic Book Supervillain Might Say Day
7. Sing “a Little Diddy ‘Bout Jack & Diane” Today (John Mellencamp’s Birthday)
8. Secret Agent Man’s 23rd Birthday!
9. Caramel Apple Appreciation Day
10. Give in to the Dark Side Day
11. Black Eyed Peas Appreciation Day (either the Food or the Band)
12. Thanksgiving Day for Canada! – Eat Bacon, Pancakes and Maple Syrup, or Donuts and Coffee or Any Canadian Cuisine
13. Columbus Day – Take a Different Path and Discover or Try Something New Today
14. Stand On One Foot for 30 Seconds Today
15. Pull Yourself Over to the Side of the Road and Ask Yourself, “Do you know how fast you were going?”)
16. Create a Meme and Tag 16 People Today
17. “Southpark” Appreciation Day
18. Singular Sensation Day – Go to the Movies By Yourself
19. Horror Movie Legends Appreciation Day
20. Hold Your Breath as Long as You Can Without Passing Out Today (Healthy Lung Month)
21. Eat Your Veggies Day
22. Pizza Appreciation Day
23. Just Call Someone to Say You Love Them Today (Stevie Wonder recorded his first single, “Thank you for Loving Me All the Way,” at the age of 12)
24. Rosa Parks Appreciation Day
25. Draw a Distorted Smiley Face Today (Pablo Picasso’s Birthday – 1881)
26. Pamper Yourself Day
27. Time to Start Shopping for Christmas Day
28. Back Pain Awareness Day
29. Enjoy a Movie Starring Richard Dreyfus (Born this day in 1947)
30. Mischief Night (“But try not to get into too much troubles, okay? Hehe..”)/National Candy Corn Day
31. Happy Halloween, Everyone!/Trick-or-Treat Candy Trade Day (which piece of candy would you like to trade with someone?)


This was a pumpkin I carved a few years ago. I didn’t even carve one last year! Eek! Need to make up for it.


“A dizzying array of textures…and moments.”

– I made so much progress this weekend with organizing my bedroom. I still had some pictures to hang, and the closet was still hard to look at and close. But now the closet looks all tidy. Even better, I can close the doors! Yay!

– While trying to put up a crate of books on one of the shelves, one of the thick, heavy books slipped off and landed on the bridge of my nose. It hurt and stung and made me put the crate back down on the floor so that I could wait for the stinging to stop. I really should’ve put ice on it, because now there’s a lump and it’s tender to the touch. But I will survive!

– My coworker was chewing some mint-flavored gum today, and it smelled like window cleaner.

– I caught the mail person as I was leaving my apartment after lunch today, and she had one of the movies I ordered! Yay! I took the package from her, got in my car and tore the package open like it was Christmas. I will be watching “Ghost World” tonight! I got the CD on Saturday and enjoyed listening to it this weekend. “Cursed” is the last movie that I’m waiting for, and I hope it comes soon!

– Since I was hooked up with my new cable service, I am loving the fact that I can record stuff automatically without a pesky VHS/DVD player! I’m taking full advantage of it.

– I finally bought the movie “The Color Purple”…Not sure if I blogged about that already, but it’s true. I love that movie, even though the bulk of it is about her being separated from her beloved sister, and her husband, a young Danny Glover, treats her like garbage. But it’s still a great movie and it has tons of memorable moments. And that song “Sister” gets stuck in my head every time. Especially, “Sister, remember your name. No twister’s gonna steal your stuff away.” Love it!

– Tonight I will skip choir practice. I plan to treat myself to Arby’s, have a bubble bath and just unwind. I had every intention of going to sleep early last night, but caught a second wind. It could’ve been the fourth cup of coffee that did it. Hmm. Anyway, then I thought I’d get up earlier, so I set my alarm. Woke up at 5am with not just the radio alarm, but a huge boom of thunder. Yuss. I rolled over so that I could watch the lightening (I saw only one flash before the storm went away) and listen to the rain. It was nice.

October is Coming! Let’s Scare Up Some Ideas!

Hey everybody, October will be here in a few days! Yay! So if you have any calendar ideas, please share! Anniversaries, blogiversaries, birthdays…anything! Sharing is caring!

Here is a photo of a dig site right here in Cleveland. It’s located in a playground so that kids can dig up dinosaur bones. Cool, isn’t it? I have more photos from that location, I’ll post those within the next few days.

Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?

Saturday Scavenger Shots: Jersey

I had such a crush on Bruce Springsteen back when “Born in the U.S.A.” was released. I loved his song and video “Dancing in the Dark” and wished I was Courtney Cox in the video, getting pulled up on stage to dance with him. I also dressed up as Bruce Springsteen for Halloween that year – guitar (made of cardboard), white shirt, jeans and my mom painted a 5 o’clock shadow/beard on me. I think I was in 6th grade at the time.

Later that night when a group of us went trick-or-treating, we saw the local TV station set up to interview some kids. We approached them, and the lady asked me who I was supposed to be, so I told her I was supposed to be Bruce Springsteen. “Oh? I’m not familiar with his music, could you sing one of his songs?” My shyness finally caught up with me, but not before I quickly sang one line, “Born in the U.S.A…” The lady said, “I couldn’t quite hear you, could you sing that louder? So I did, and I think that’s all she needed. She moved on to other kids, and I was so excited that I might be on the news.

I was! They were showing a funny montage of all the costumes that night, and I remember the lady showing a photo of a dog dressed up and said, “What’s a dog to do? Maybe ask Bruce Springsteen?” Suddenly I appeared and they showed the clip of me singing “Born in the U.S.A.”. My “fifteen minutes”…er…well seconds.

One of my brothers bought me a poster with Bruce Springsteen on it. The poster shows him lying down, wearing jeans and a black, leather jacket, looking all steamy and serious. I loved it, wish I still had that poster, because I would’ve posted that one instead of a photo I had to find online.

Anyway, the reason for me telling you all of this is because NoRegrets chose the word “Jersey” for this week’s Saturday Scavenger Shots. And since I never wear sports jerseys, I thought I’d talk about Bruce Springsteen who was born in New Jersey!

Skittles and Stuff!

It’s been awhile since I posted a photo of Ms. Skittles, so here are a few of her when we were first settling into this new place, when she wasn’t hiding in the closet. This is her…um….out of the closet.

Skootles 1

She made herself very comfortable on one of my tables.

Skootles 2

Then decided her fur needed to be shined up a bit, hence the anteater-like tongue making an appearance.

Skootles 5

This is a mellow shot of her on my chair while I was re-organizing my dresser.

– I ordered a few things through Amazon the other day, and I can’t wait to get them. I bought two movies: “Cursed” and “Ghost World”, and then I bought the soundtrack to “Ghost World”. The movie “Cursed” is very cheesy, but I have to watch it every time I see it on TV. And “Ghost World” isn’t about supernatural stuff. It looked weird when I first watched it, but several scenes stuck with me and some made me laugh. So there ya have it!


– Yesterday I took down my sensitive door bell and put up another lock for my door. It all happened within a short time frame and without too much fuss.

– During the past couple of weeks while adjusting to my new place, I was getting quite tired of people telling me that I wouldn’t have a balcony in my new place. Let me break it down this way:

When choosing an apartment during that crazy time, there weren’t many vacancies left, and some had already been reserved for a later time. My options were to take one of the remaining places, or get moved to another one of their other apartment complexes in different towns. Hmm, let me think. Move further away, making things way more inconvenient for me, or simply move over to another building within that complex.

I chose the place that made more sense to me. My mom was with me and said, “But you won’t have a balcony!” The women in the leasing office said that there was one available with a balcony, but it wouldn’t be ready for a few more weeks. Which presented me with the thought of my mom and I living together for two more weeks with one bed, one couch and two cats who don’t get along. Hence my decision to choose the place on the first floor without a balcony that would be ready in a few days. Even the leasing office women looked at me like I had just kicked a puppy and said, “Won’t you miss the balcony?” I told them I would, but at the same time I didn’t really use my balcony that much anyway.

Let me tell you, I must’ve heard the “But you won’t have a balcony” five or six times after that day, and I was just inches away from flipping out like George Costanza shouting, “I am aware!!” I visited my old building during my “vacation” just to see if I had left anything else behind. I ran into one of the maintenance guys who recognized me. We cheerfully greeted each other and he asked where they had moved me. I told him which building and the number and he said, “Aw, you won’t have a balcony!”….I was actually able to laugh about it, rather than scream and told him, “Everyone keeps telling me about the balcony!” He laughed and said, “Well did they lower your rent? They had better!” I told him they had, so we both figured it was a fair trade. During my week of unpacking, I talked to my mom over the phone a lot, and she said she told my brothers that I wouldn’t have a balcony. I finally told her without getting all mad, that I was so tired of hearing about how I don’t have a balcony. I told her it would be one more place for me to store clutter, and we finally saw eye-to-eye on it.

– Today I had what Dane Cook calls a weep-a-thon. It was unexpected, though. Thoughts were running through my head while I was still trying to make sense out of my bedroom which still had frames that needed to be hung up, and a closet that needed to get organized. The moving crew just put boxes wherever they could, but I wasn’t able to close my closet, and looking at my messy closet day after day was making me even more frustrated.

I tend to blame myself for lots of things. LOTS of things. Stupid stuff. I blame myself before I blame people responsible for hurting me. So that was another thought going through my head, and I just had had enough and the tears started coming hard. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t in the middle of eating and trying to get ready for work. This was the kind of cry where I’d have to take in a few deep breaths. I almost choked once, inhaling a bite of chili. I finally had to put the bowl down and just wait for the weep-a-thon to take its course instead of try to multi-task.

My mom found an article the other day that talked about the healthy benefits of crying. We all know that a good cry or laugh is healthy, but they listed different types of tears, especially the emotional tears which help flush out stress hormones. I was able to think of this article during my little episode today and knew it was a good thing to get this all out.

Shut the Bell Up!

During this annoying little move to the other side of the apartment complex, I transferred the bell my mom had given me when I first moved into my original building. She encouraged me to attach it to my door, kind of like a little alarm system. Anyway, I put the bell up on the door I have now, and started to realize that many people on my floor slam doors. I doubt they’re all having arguments, I know some doors, like the one to the mail room, can’t help it.

Anyway, whenever the doors are slammed, I hear the bell on my door. At first it was a bit alarming because I thought someone was coming through the door. Well when my mom starting coming over last week to wait for the delivery people, she noticed the bell too, and was getting annoyed. She also imagined that my neighbors heard it too, and she didn’t want angry people complaining to me.

On the first day of what I thought would be a delivery day for my cable, internet and phone (we won’t go into that false delivery day, it makes me frown), I came home to have lunch with my mom. I glanced at my door bell and it was stuffed with napkins. It amused me a little more than it probably should, and I said to my mom, “Ah, so you gagged the bell?” My mom confirmed with an air of frustration, “Yes, I gagged the bell.”