Post a Photo of Your Costume

Okay then! Here are some photos of my costume:

In this photo you see me taking off into the wild blue yonder with my trusty Swiffer Max.


Fangs? I don’t need no stinkin fangs. I had two capsules of fake blood that would’ve been wasted. Not in this life! I just pretended that my sharpest teeth were fangs. I’m a wampire (witch bitten and infected by vampire).

Wicked Wampire 2

Mah vampire bite.

Vampire Bite

My work battery was running low. In other words…lack of motivation.


And now for some odds-n-ends…

“THE COMPUTER OF MORDOR: This computer responds to the one and only dark lord keeper of the one ring!” (a work-study student made that for me back when I first started, and I still have it on my computer now. Won’t part with it.)


My office needs serious dusting. So many webs.



I’m Such a Witch

Did you dress up for today? I got up an hour early because I wanted to see if I could put in some fangs. The package said that you have to boil water and then put these glue beads into a ceramic cup with the water. Then once they’re clear it turns into a clay type substance, and that’s what’s supposed to keep the fangs on. I bought another pair of fangs recently, but they didn’t work too well. Turns out the fangs I tried this morning didn’t work either. I would’ve been better off buying those plastic fangs that collect drool but actually stay in your mouth. Oh well. I did put bite marks on my neck. I’m a witch who has just been bitten by a vampire. Haven’t had time to turn into one yet. Instead of a classic broom, I have a Swiffer Max. I’m a modern witch….who’s been bitten by a vampire.

So far as I type this, I am the only one who has dressed up for Halloween. Not even the students are dressed up. I’m hoping that I’ll find some other creatures of the night down the hall in the other departments later on. Even if I’m the only one dressed up, it is definitely fun. The two receptionists I talked to this morning didn’t appear to be wearing costumes, but when I asked them why, they said “We are dressed up. We’re disgruntled employees.” Ha! Yeah.

I will take a photo of my costume today, so I hope you do too when you have your costumes on!


Here is the November calendar! Thank you so much to all of you for the suggestions! Could not have done it without you!

1. Smashed Pumpkins Day – Take A Picture Of The Pumpkins That Were Smashed The Night Before And Post Them On Your Blog Or Blog About The Time Your Pumpkin Was Smashed

2. Keith Emerson’s Birthday/A Pilgrims Vs Indians Sporting Event – You Choose The Sport

3. “Wizard Of Oz Day” – “The Wizard Of Oz” First Televised In 1956

4. Post About The Magical Power You Would Want To Possess

5. Kangaroo Day (Australia) – Hop Around And Embrace Your Inner Kangaroo

6. Digital Camera Appreciation Day

7. Bridge Day – Blog About A Bridge, Or Take A Photo Of One (Tacoma Narrows (Galloping Gertie) Bridge Collapses – 1940)/Asthmatic Chicken Awareness Day

8. Write About Something Green Day

9. Hoody Appreciation Day

10. Tim’s (Sparky Malarkey) Birthday!/Edmund Fitzgerald Day – The Edmund Fitzgerald Sank This Day In Lake Superior (1975)

11. Remembrance Day (Canada)

12. Your Favorite Comedian Appreciation Day

13. Write Your Own Silly Obituary Day

14. Thankful Day: Post All That You Are Thankful For

15. Throw Away Halloween Candy Day

16. Freddy Krueger Appreciation Day (“A Nightmare On Elm Street” Was Released On This Day Back In 1984)

17. “Youtube Day” – Make And Post A Video On Youtube Or Blog About Your Favorite Youtube Videos

18. “Mickey Mouse Birthday” – Mickey First Appeared In A Comic Strip And Animated Cartoon On This Day In 1928

19. Winter Is On The Way Appreciation Day

20. Come Up With A Blog Feature Day

21. Turkey Day – Celebrate The Country Of Turkey

22. Post An Obscure Fact About JFK/“Indiana Jones Day”- The Trailer For The 4th Movie Is Due To Be Shown In Theatres

23. Laugh At People Who Have To Go To Work Today Day/Shopping Day

24: Denise Crosby’s Birthday – Tasha Yar From “Star Trek”

25. Blog About Your Favorite Store Day

26. Post The Note You Wrote In A Mid-Sleep Trance No Matter How Messy It Is Day

27. Write A Pretend Drunken Blog Post

28. Mr. Giggles Turns Two Years Old!/“Spread The Love Day”: Post On Some Of Your Favorite Blogs That You Have Not Actually Visited Or Posted On In A Long Time

29. Solve A Puzzle Day

30. Computer Security Day (Observed The Last Working Day In November)

Topaz or Citrine


Astrological Signs:
Scorpio – October 23 – November 21
Sagittarius — November 22 – December 21


Chrysanthemum (Optimism and Cheerfulness)


Other November Observances Include:


Adoption Awareness Month (National)
Alzheimer’s Disease Month (National, US)
Child Safety and Protection Month
Diabetes Month (National, US)
Drum Month (International)


I am a Happy Camper

I don’t usually use that phrase, but I am happy. Nothing huge has happened, I haven’t won the lottery, it’s just one of those days. I’ve got stuff to do tonight, and since I go home for lunch usually, I might tinker with some of that stuff during my lunch break.

Tonight I’m going to get my costume ready to wear to work tomorrow. I have everything ready, but since I wake up at 6am on the mornings I have to be in at 8 (which is four out of the five days), I want to make sure I can just slip everything on without a fuss. I expect everyone to take photos of their costumes if you do decide to dress up. Then please post those puppies on your blog.

Thanks to all the suggestions for November holidays, I will be composing that list today as well. There might be enough to fill up the whole month.  

Banter Mania

As I said in my other post on Friday, I had to work this Saturday. My manager was supposed to come in for an hour to help me, but he instead left a message telling me not to call someone because it’s a sensitive issue. Whatever. One less thing to think about on a Saturday. He also informed me that the class was today (as if I didn’t know), and gave me some vague instructions.

I went into the class with a semi-informative handout. The room was full, it was an introvert’s nightmare. Plus, there was a group of guys who wouldn’t shut the hell up even when they knew someone was talking to them. I could’ve shushed them, and I don’t know why I didn’t, but instead I shouted over them and told everyone that my visit would be blissfully brief. They all clapped. I aim to please. Anyway, I gave them all the informative thingy and then told them that I’d be in my office till 2 and to see me if they still needed to set up appointments.  Then I left. I didn’t care if the instructor wanted me to stay longer, didn’t care if my manager intended for me to recite a sonnet. I’m better with one-on-one, because when I’m nervous about speaking in front of a class, my voice sounds like I swallowed a paint-mixer….Or I sound like “Elmer Fudd sitting on a juicer”.

About fifteen or twenty minutes later, a group of students came in to schedule appointments. Huh! Apparently they were listening! Two of the guys stood in my office..One of them was pretty mellow, telling me that he needed to meet with me and didn’t get the packet we gave to them last week because he wasn’t here. So I gave a packet to him and this other guy. The other guy I’ll call Mr. Rant. He questioned the importance of setting up this pretend interview. If I had a dollar for everytime someone had an issue with a pretend interview that only lasts about half an hour at the most, I’d be able to pay for psycho therapy. Just quit yer bitchin and do the damned interview, mm kay? Anyway, he bragged about how he didn’t need the practice interview because he already had a job. I informed them both that it’s just something to help them practice and also that this was part of their class grade, and neither of them knew that piece of info. Well they know now. Then Mr. Rant lived up to his name and started telling me, the other student and anyone else who was in that area how horrible the school was and how it’s a waste of money. I felt bad that he hated us all so much, so I asked him if he wanted to talk to one of the deans of the school. No, he wasn’t interested. Then he caught himself and said “I’m just bitter.” I put up two fingers and sarcastically said, “Just a little.” He laughed and said “You shouldn’t have to hear me rant, I’m sorry.” So with that, he left. I took a deep breath before talking to the other guy, and said, “Well on that note! How can I help you?” Mr. Rant heard me and laughed more. Again, I do aim to please. It helps me sleep at night.  The other guy was just the opposite. We laughed, we talked, we discussed our mutual interest in the same comedians because he noticed my photo of James Gaffigan. Then we shared our passion for Halloween. It was fun. He’s married, though, dammit. And even if he wasn’t, he’s a student. Double dog dammit. Oh well, it was a fun conversation anyway.

I was able to leave finally, so I went home, ate, slipped into my jeans and slipper socks, did the laundry and then sat down and watched some horror movies and that thing on Bravo called “Even Scarier Movie Moments”.

On Sunday I went to my mom’s place. I had a coupon for Max & Erma’s where we could buy one meal and get the other one free. We were both hungry for burgers. She had a tomato basil burger and I had something called an “O O O Burger” Yeah, no comment. I felt weird ordering it for some reason. The “Os” stood for three kinds of onions…fried onions (which were the best, they reminded me of fair food), raw onions and caramelized onions. It’s safe to say that after eating that gigantic burger, I had onion breath. Still do, even though I bathed in Listerine, flossed and brushed my teeth last night and this morning. My teeth are white, though. We also ordered the sundae bar, and helped ourselves to the numerous ice cream sundae toppings. Scrumptious.

When I got home last night, I carved my pumpkin while watching “Not Another Teen Movie”. Simple amusement.

“Well you’d better ba-ring it.”

“Oh, it’s already been ba-rought-it!”  


Here’s my Jack-O-Lantern, or rather Cat-O-Lantern. I’ve never carved a cat pumpkin before. I cut too much and the face kind of fell apart like a puzzle. It did make the pumpkin easier to gut, so I took out all the gooey guts and baked the pumpkin seeds. Sure, I could’ve saved the trouble by buying them at the store, but I love the smell of seeds baking in the oven. The smell reminded me of when my mom bakes Christmas cookies. Anyway, the seeds are very tasty.