I haven’t posted an update in quite awhile. I don’t have a wild life, so there’s not much to tell.

My mom was in the hospital last month for about a week. It was due time, since she had been suffering from something and the doctor couldn’t quite nail down the problem. She had been weak for a long time, though, and the hospital staff found the problem and took care of it. Now she’s motivated again and moving about her apartment, garage sales, flea markets, etc.

Did I tell you that my friend at work got a new job and doesn’t work with me anymore? Yeah, that happened. She’s happy at her new job. We met for lunch last week which was nice.

Since my friend left, they hired someone else. She’s nice and a hard worker. I trained her to work the front desk last week. I was worried that I would leave something out, but eventually I had to let that thought go and realize that she would learn one way or the other. There are people in the office who won’t hesitate to tell her that she made a mistake. Thankfully our manager is tactful about it, but there are some others who aren’t and seem to nitpick when they’re in a mood which is every other day. She has already had experiences with those types, and I have warned her about them.

My mom and I were invited over to my brother’s house on the 4th of July and we had some of the best crab legs we’ve ever eaten. They were perfectly baked. I wish I had two stomachs so that I could’ve eaten more.

I watched the first season of “American Horror Story” through Netflix and I absolutely loved it. I ordered it through Amazon so that I can watch the season whenever I feel like it.

Oh, I almost forgot! Last weekend, I went to a few events for my 20-year high school reunion! We were invited to the high school for a tour. I wasn’t alone thinking that the school would look the same, but there were some major changes made since we graduated in 1993. It was so strange, but thankfully the auditorium, art wing and the tryout theater were all the same. It brought back some nice memories.

Then that same day we had a picnic in the valley/Metroparks. I should’ve stayed longer. I met up with a former classmate who’s boyfriend worked at the school I work at now. We swapped some memories, and then they left. I didn’t want to hang around, so I left too. It was a beautiful day, though, perfect for a reunion!

Relaxation Vacation

I had a week long vacation last week and it was really nice. Even though all vacations seem to go by super fast, this one had a nice, steady pace that let me enjoy my time off.

My mom and I went to a flea market at the local fairgrounds. It’s set up every weekend, and in the winter they have it inside. I bought a few movies; “Not Another Teen Movie” (“You’d better ba-ring it.” “Oh, it’s already been ba-roughten.”) and “The Professional”. Then there’s a lady who buys lots of stuff at Costco or some place like that and resells the stuff at a lower price. I bought a huge bottle of Scope, because that stuff’s not cheap, and some nice perfume. Then there was a stand nearby that sold hotdogs, sausages and fries. There’s something about buying fries at an outdoor event….the smell tortures me into buying some.

We also checked out a place I’ve been meaning to visit called “Tuesday Morning”. I went to one years ago in another city, but it just seemed to be a shop filled with candle stuff. I half expected to run into the same thing at this different location, but I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the stuff is decorative, and it’s so cool and affordable. They also had some DVDs available and I bought Ellen Degeneres’s DVD called “Here and Now”. I’ll have to visit that place again this weekend since it’s payday weekend.

I also walked to the library and checked out some books, but I talked about some of those already. It was a shoppy, crafty, exercisey, movie-watching kind of vacation and I loved it. There are two more vacation days on deck in a few more weeks. Then I have a week off in July, then the day after Halloween and two days off after New Year’s Day. I still have 8 days left, but I’m hanging onto them to see what kind of good excitement pops up through the rest of the year.

New Toy!

Hey there! I bought myself a new toy. It’s not a techie toy, nothing expensive or flashy. I bought a whiteboard with dry erase markers and an eraser. Look at it:


My first thought was to buy a bigger white board, like the size we use in our classrooms. That would’ve blown my mind. I did find one at Walmart that was not only affordable (under $10), it was also just right with the size. I told myself that I didn’t need a gigantic, wall-hogging board, just one that’s big enough to get my creative juices flowing. I can be very responsible with my money if I really concentrate.

Anyway, I hung it up by my bed and everytime I walk past it, I feel compelled to draw something new. It’s so much fun, I recommend that you buy yourself a whiteboard with some dry erase markers.

Two Spider Visitors in One Day

When I was getting ready for work yesterday, I glanced at the wall by my alarm clock and noticed a little spider strolling down the wall. I was still in my pajamas, but I grabbed a Pyrex container and guided the visitor into the container. Then I quietly opened the door to my apartment, after making sure nobody was there, and sent the spider on its way. It was a fast little thing.

Then last night while in the shower, another spider graced me with his/her presense. It came out from behind my shampoo bottle, noticed me, then walked back behind the bottle. I wasn’t offended, I appreciated that the spider gave me some privacy. When I was ready to leave the bathroom, I noticed it had crawled out, into the open again. I wonder if it would be happier by my plants? It seemed lost.

“I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really, really want.”

Someone called this morning to speak to one of my coworkers and both times he called he told me that I sounded like a recording. Would you consider that a compliment or insult? I didn’t know what to make of it. The first time he told me, I said “thank you”, although I didn’t know if I should be thankful, and the second time he said it (NOW who sounds like a recording, Mister), I apologized. I shouldn’t have done that, either. What in the hell am I supposed to sound like? I sound professional, I’m not going to answer the phone saying, “Yo, what do ya want?” Argh, anyway, that was just one person who said that to me, so I shouldn’t let it simmer and bubble in my head.

After work today, I plan on ordering a big, sloppy, maybe cheesy, oniony burger with a large side of onion rings, going home and watching a four-movie marathon of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. I was able to buy one case of four DVDs for a very affordable price (under $10) from Amazon. I think my favorite of that series was “Dream Warriors”. Anyway, I plan to veg out.

Reeling It In

– My mom turned 79 today! She also found out today that she has some eye allergies, so her doctor is going to find out what’s causing all the fuss. If it’s her cat that’s doing it, Joshua might have to live with me. I guess I’ll take him in. It’s not like he’s cute or funny or anything. Pshh.

Anyway, we were supposed to go shopping on Saturday, but she wanted to stay in because she was concerned about her cold (we both thought she had a cold in her eyes, but it turned out to be allergies). Instead, I brought over some German Chocolate cupcakes that I made the night before and we watched the movie “Billy Elliot”. Have you seen that movie? You should. Netflix it.

– Meanwhile at work, we have hired a new instructor. When he first came in for an interview, the office was a-buzz. He’s very attractive. It was slightly intimidating at first, but then he made things better by being all professional, soft-spoken, down-to-earth and courteous. What made it funny, though, was that the resident dream-guy with the bratty sense of humor, chiseled jaw and military background was jealous, but dismissed everything by announcing that the guy was too short. Um, not for me!

He stopped in a few Fridays ago for an appointment. While the person he was supposed to meet with was on the phone with someone else, we started talking about our weekends. After he told me about his weekend and asked me about mine, I opened up about my recent hobby of building a dollhouse. I really should’ve reeled it in, but bless his heart he listened to my ramblings and looked interested. Eventually he met up with the person he was supposed to meet with, but before he left he made a point to stop and say “goodbye” to me. He did the same thing today when he popped in. I wish I had been prepared today, but he caught me off guard. According to my mom, though, it’s good to hold it back a bit, don’t look over-eager. I have gone the over-eager route, the person called me on it and I was hurt deeply. I don’t want to feel that again, if I can help it.

“…into the Further you go.”

I recently rented two movies from Netflix. Although I heard both movies were scary, I had to watch them and be the judge. I rented “Paranormal Activity 3” and “Insidious”. I’ve been a Doubting Tara for awhile now with horror movies, so I didn’t have any expectations. I did rent the third movie in the “Paranormal Activity” series, though, because the second movie was impressively creepy.

Now I don’t know if this had anything to do with the affect the movies had on me, but the weekend before last was not my best. That weekend left me feeling weak, sensitive and paranoid but at the same time it made me feel empowered and determined.

My nerves were vulnerable, though. I decided to watch one of the movies I rented on Netflix, so I watched “Paranormal Activity 3”. It is based on the fictional sisters who started all of this ruckus that released the PA demon in the first place, but this movie backtracks to when they are kids. I jumped so many times while watching that movie, it was ridiculous. A figure appeared and disappeared from under a sheet, a child was grabbed by an unseen force and dragged across the room into a crawl space….(Shiver) Well, I was impressed.

Then this past Friday, I had the chance to watch the 2nd rental, “Insidious”. Although I was having a good week, we had a blood drive at work that Wednesday. They turned me down to donate because my iron count was low, and I was feeling paranoid and sensitive. Again, my nerves were frayed. Anyway, watching that movie creeped me out. I still think about that one and it makes me nervous at night. A family moves into a beautiful new home. I started to wonder why all of the beautiful houses wind up haunted, but if I were a ghost, I wouldn’t want to leave a home like that either. Anyway, one of their sons falls into something like a coma soon after they move in, and then weird things start to happen. The freaky occurrences get so bad that they move, but the hauntings continue. They find out that it’s not the house that was haunted, it is their seemingly comatose son that’s attracting all of the ghosts and one of the creepiest demons since “Poltergeist”. What’s creepier than the demon, though, is the use of an old upbeat song that the ghosts and demon love to listen to on the record player. Then there’s the realization of what’s really happening to their son and….well you’re just going to have to see it for yourselves if you’re up for it.

My mom came over on Saturday and we watched “Insidious” together. She liked the movie too, but said, “If I wake up with nightmares tonight, I’m calling you to complain.” She’s thick-skinned like I am about horror movies, so that was a good sign.