“His mamma call him Clay…”

I needed a laugh the other day and thought to myself, “What’s a movie that always makes me laugh? Ah ha, ‘Coming to America’!” I catch it on TV sometimes and I have to watch it, but I also have my own copy and it’s so much better when the swear words are left intact. Anyway, here’s a clip for your viewing pleasure:


Hey there! Not much has been going on with me lately, so I really haven’t been inspired to post. Here are just a few things, though, just for the sake of posting something new…

– Choir practice starts next week for the Spring session. I’m excited! When we sign up we each get an envelope filled with the music we’ll be learning. We also get to pick up the CDs from our Winter concert. That’s when I buy a bottle of wine, go home and listen to the music.

– A few weeks ago I bought a workout DVD about bellydancing. I’ve been doing it almost everyday since then, and I can feel the difference. I overdid it yesterday, so my right ankle was a bit stiff and sore afterwards. It seems okay today, though. This is a segment of what I learn, but the entire workout takes an hour:

– I woke up at 3am this morning and heard the person above me stomping around so much that it was shaking the wall decoration over my head and the glass disk thingy over my bedroom light. I’m fine with that, really, I don’t expect everything to be sound proof. Then I heard someone knocking on a door on the 2nd floor. It sounded like they would knock five times then stop for a few seconds before starting up again. I thought I heard the knocking getting closer, and I wondered if I should get up and make sure my door was locked (which is silly because I check that lock at least three times every night to make sure things are secure, and last night wasn’t any different). Then I heard Elephant Stomper move across whatever room he/she was in, and then the knocking stopped. Thankfully I was able to fall back to sleep.

– Did I mention I have a new desk at work now? It’s really nice, and there have been other changes to the campus, and things are really falling into place there, since the beginning of the renovation. I’ll post photos soon.

Tuesday Laughter

Here’s a video you should watch as soon as possible. It’s all about laughter being contagious, and it starts off with a baby laughing. Then you see a guy laughing at the baby’s laugh, and then another person laughing at the guy before him, and it goes on like that a few more times. Some laughter is more contagious than others, so check out the video all the way through. I posted this on my Facebook profile, but in case you missed it, here it is: