Thinking of Thoughts

I hope everyone had a splendid weekend! Since it was soul-shockingly frigid outside, I stayed in, experimented on food I’ve never tried before and watched movies. I bought two movies on Friday that were available in the 5 dollar bin: “Life” and “Good Fellas”. I’m not a fan of mafia movies, but I liked “Good Fellas” enough to buy it. I guess I liked how it was told through Ray Liotta’s character. There were some funny scenes in it when people weren’t kicking in skulls and burying bodies.

Anyway, as appetizing as that was, I decided to try veggie burgers. I can’t quite tell you what the veggie burger tasted like, because I put onion, mayo, ketchup and mustard on the thing. It offset the idea of eating healthier, I s’ppose! I’ll have to try again with limited toppings to unmask the real flavor. I also bought some vegetarian-style chicken nuggets (they call them “chik’n” since they’re not made of chicken) to try this week too.

Hey, I go back to choir tonight! Yay! I received an email from our choir’s spokesman and before I opened it I was afraid he’d say that it was canceled for tonight. Nope! It’s on! It is so on! He did ask that people bring their copy of Handel’s “Messiah” to rehearsal if they have their own copy. So we’ll be singing songs from “The Messiah”. That brings back memories from high school choir. We pretty much sang the whole thing back then. It’ll be nice to have a familiar piece to sing again!

So I’ve been thinking lately about my blog. I am probably going to get rid of the Eclectic Calendars. You’ve all been so helpful with it, and your ideas have kept it alive for a very long time. Thank you! But when it comes to thinking up my own days, I feel like I’m running out of ideas and lately it is feeling more like a school assignment than a fun project.

What I would love to bring back is the Saturday Scavenger Shots idea from Evil E and AlienCG. I always enjoyed finding the right photo for the chosen word. What say you?


Happy New Year, Friends! How did you celebrate? Did you go out or stay in? I stayed in, but my mom visited my place with her cat. We had cheese fondue yesterday and pork roast today. Yummy! I’m so tired, though. Didn’t get much sleep, it was a struggle! Thankfully there’s one more day left before reality returns and I’m back to work.

Here is the list of January holidays for 2011! Woo hoo! Thank you, LB, for helping! I was running out of my own ideas, so please excuse any repeats. I am late posting the list, so will post days 1 and 2 tomorrow. Here ya go, though! Again, I hope all of you have a wonderful 2011!

1. Crazy Socks Day
2. Take a Picture of the Snow Day
3. Learn an Elvish Phrase Today (J.R.R. Tolkien’s Birthday – 1892)
4. Girlie Girl’s 18th birthday

5. iTunes Appreciation Day
6. Have Lunch with a Friend Today
7. Call Someone Today (Relative, Friend, Coworker, Etc.)
8. Be Rebellious Today
9. Take a Blogthings Quiz Today
10. Be Extra Positive Today
11. Buy a New Movie or Book Today
12. Movie Theater Pet Peeves Today
13. Nature Appreciation Day
14. Wear Something Orange Today
15. Wear Something Purple Today
16. Be a “Smooth Operator” Today (Sade’s Birthday – 1959)
17. Share Your Dreams Today (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
18. Bad Acting Appreciation Day
19. Watch Out for Crazy People Today (Full Moon)
20. Twitter Appreciation Day (if Applicable)
21. Facebook Appreciation Day (if Applicable)
22. Happy, Childhood Memory Day
23. Clean Out Your Fridge Today
24. Back to Choir for Tara Day!
25. Redecorate Your Place Today
26. Cheese Appreciation Day
27. Dollar Store Appreciation Day
28. Recycle Something Today
29. Swing Appreciation Day (Find Swings at a Park and…Swing!)
30. Book Review Appreciation Day
31. Bring Sexy Back Today (Justin Timberlake’s Birthday – 1981)


Happy 1st Day of December, the last month of 2010! Thank you for your holiday ideas, they should all be in there!

Let’s start this month by appreciating reindeer. Remember them on Christmas Eve by putting celery and carrots on the plate next to the one for Santa. The last thing we need this season is a bunch of disgruntled wildlife.


1. Reindeer Appreciation Day
2. Hanukkah Begins!
3. Stocking Stuffer Appreciation Day
4. Shopping Frenzy Day
5. Shopping Frenzy Recovery Day (Go through everything you bought while drinking hot chocolate and listening to music)
6. Make a Snowman Day
7. My Favorite Holiday Movie Day
8. “Break on Through to the Other Side” Today (Jim Morrison’s Birthday – 1943)
9. Cackle Like a Wicked Witch and Threaten People with the Line: “I’ll get you, my pretty!” Today (Margaret Hamilton’s Birthday – 1902)
10. Fight for Your Right to Party (Human Rights Day)
11. Post Something to Sell on Ebay Today
12. Draw or Paint Something Resembling “The Scream” Today (Edvard Munch’s Birthday – 1863)
13. Watch a Movie Starring Steve Buscemi (Born in 1957)
14. Buy a Lottery Ticket Today (Shirley Jackson’s Birthday – 1919)
15. Watch a Carol Burnett Show Episode on YouTube (Tim Conway’s Birthday – 1933)
16. Tim’s Last Day of Work Before Christmas!
17. Create a Paper Airplane Today (Wright Brothers Day – commemorates the first flight by Orville and Wilbur Wright on December 17, 1903)
18. Is Keith Richards Really Only 66 Today?…Day (Birthday – 1943)
19. Winter Concert Appreciation Day
20. Check the Pressure in Your Tires Today (Harvey Firestone’s Birthday – 1868)
21. Winter Solstice Appreciation Day
22. Neighbor Appreciation Day
23. Harry Shearer Appreciation Day (Born in 1943)
24. Prepare a Treat for Santa and his Reindeer (Christmas Eve)
25. Merry Christmas!
26. Twas the Night After Christmas…Day (Enjoy the Serenity)
27. Healthy Hygiene Awareness Day (Louis Pasteur’s Birthday – 1822)
28. Watch a Movie Starring Dame Maggie Smith Today (Born This Day in 1934)
29. Wear Cowboy Boots Today (Jon Voight’s Birthday – 1938)
30. Watch “West Side Story” (1961) and/or the 1960’s version of “The Haunting” Today (Russ Tamblyn’s Birthday – 1934)
31. Say “Au revoir!” to 2010!

Here’s a photo I took last month while going for a walk. I thought they looked Christmassy enough to post today!

November 2010!

Hey everyone! Happy belated Halloween and welcome to November! Thank you again for the ideas, they’re always helpful. It was a challenge for me to think up holidays this time, but the November list is finally finished! Thanks again!

1. Make a List of Everything You’re Thankful for Today
2. Writing Appreciation Day (Celebrate Writers and/or Writing)
3. Pilgrims & Indians Day (Get to Know Someone You Never Thought You Could Relate To Today)
4. Wear a Fake Moustache Day (In Support of “Movember” – “[R]aise awareness and funds for cancers that affect men.”
5. Diwali (The Hindu Festival of Lights)
6. Create an Awkward Awards Acceptance Speech (Sally Field’s Birthday – 1946)
7. Fall Back into a Pile of Leaves Day (Daylight Savings Time Ends)
8. Read a Good Book Today
9. Relax in a Public Place and People Watch Today (Share Any Oddities)
10. Do Something Different with Your Hair Today
11. Veteran’s Day
12. Watch a Movie Starring Anne Hathaway Today (Anne Hathaway’s Birthday – 1982)
13. Have Some Soup and a Sandwich Today
14. Start Your Christmas Wish List Today
15. Georgia O’Keefe Appreciation Day (Georgia O’Keefe’s Birthday – 1887)
16. Perform a Random Act of Kindness Today
17. Happy 8th Birthday, Gracie (3GirlKnight’s Eldest)!
18. Watch a Classic Disney Movie Today (Mickey and Minnie Mouse – Born 1928)
19. Tara’s Thanksgiving Vacation Starts Today at 4:30pm!
20. Change Your Voicemail/Answering Machine Message Today
21. Collect Spores, Molds and Fungus Today Like Egon (Harold Ramis’s Birthday – 1944)
22. Save a Turkey, Eat_______ (fill in the blank) Day!
23. Boris Karloff’s Birthday – 1887
24. Start Dreaming of a White Christmas Today – Christmas Eve is a Month Away!
25. Spend Quality Time with Your Family Today (Happy Thanksgiving!)
26. Spend Your Money Wisely Today (Black Friday – Day of Shopping)
27. Thanksgiving Leftovers Appreciation Day
28. Buy or Make an Advent Calendar Today (First Sunday of Advent)
29. Learn Something About the Doppler Effect Today (Christian Doppler’s Birthday – 1803)
30. Watch Movie or TV Show Outtakes/Bloopers (Dick Clark’s Birthday – 1929)

A Slice o’Pie

October 2010 is Here!

1. Make a Scarecrow Day
2. Watch a Movie Sitting on the Floor Today
3. Janet Leigh Appreciation Day
4. Sandwich Monday (try a new, exciting sandwich and blog about it)
5. Move on to Something Completely Different (Monty Python’s Flying Circus debuts, 1969)
6. Visit Your Local Library Today – ALA (American Library Association) was founded this day in 1876
7. Edgar Allen Poe Appreciation Day
8. Secret Agent Man’s 24th Birthday
9. Discuss Your Favorite Halloween Candy Today
10. Fall Foliage Appreciation Day
11. Thanksgiving Day for Canada
12. Let Your Mind Go Blank Today
13. You Can Call Me ‘Al’ Today (Paul Simon’s Birthday – 1941)
14. Eat or Drink Something with Honey Today (“Winnie-the-Pooh”, by A. A. Milne, is published in 1926)
15. Hand Sanitizer Appreciation Day
16. Open a Dictionary, Close Your Eyes, Point to a Word and Blog About it Today (Noah Webster, the Father of the Modern Dictionary, was Born this Day in 1758)
17. “Lose Yourself” Today (“in the moment, you own it, you better never let it go”) – Eminem’s Birthday (1972)
18. Alaska Day (Happy Birthday, Alaska!)
19. Remind Someone of a Random Thing Today
20. Watch a Movie Starring Viggo Mortensen (Born this Day in 1958)
21. Wear Your Hair Up in Buns Today (Carrie Fisher’s Birthday – 1956)
22. Come Back Down to Earth Today (Apollo 7 Returns to Earth – 1968)
23. 1st Jewish Prayer Books Printed in the U.S. – 1760
24. Make a List of Halloween Costume Ideas for Yourself
25. Five Months Until Tara Turns 37! Woo hoo!….Day
26. Eat Your Vegetables Today
27. “Dead Like Me” Appreciation Day (Celebrate the Former TV Series if You were a Fan)
28. Watch “Sleepy Hollow” with the Lights Off Today
29. Carve a Pumpkin Day
30. Tell a Spooky Story Day

Hey everyone! Here is the October 2010 list of eclectic holidays! Thank you, Laura B., for the ideas! They’re all in there, including the first holiday, “Make a Scarecrow Day”! I made one via Microsoft Paint.


September’s Here!

Here is the Eclectic holiday list for September! Thank you again for all of your help! I couldn’t have done it without you!


1. Dance the Conga (Gloria Estefan’s Birthday – 1957)
2. Apple Appreciation Day – Do you have a favorite variety?
3. New Stationary Appreciation Day
4. Blog About a School Memory Day
5. Lip Sync to “Bohemian Rhapsody” Sometime Today (Freddie Mercury’s Birthday – 1946)
6. Post a Few “You Might Be a Redneck” Jokes (Jeff Foxworthy’s Birthday – 51)
7. Sing “I Will Survive” at the Top of Your Lungs Today (Gloria Gaynor’s Birthday – 1949)
8. Break in a Pair of New Shoes Today
9. Moving Appreciation Day (Any happy memories about moving out?)
10. Treat Someone to Lunch Today
11. Listen to Jazz Today (Harry Connick, Jr.’s Birthday –
12. Try a New Recipe Today
13. Sing in the Shower Today (Choir Practice Begins!)
14. Prepare Yourself for Colder Weather Today
15. Investigate a Mystery Today (Agatha Christie’s Birthday – 1890)
16. Create an Invite List for Thanksgiving Today (Anyone You Want to Invite)
17. Break Your Routine Today
18. Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
19. Analyze Your Most Recent Dream Today
20. Coworker Appreciation Day
21. LolCats Appreciation Day
22. Stinky’s Birthday/Blog About Your Best Fall (Off a Bike, Down the Stairs, etc.) – First Day of Autumn
23. Make a Mixed CD Today
24. Blog About Your Favorite Muppet Today (Jim Henson’s Birthday – 1936)
25. Three More Months Until Christmas Day!
26. Eat Healthier Today
27. Make a Meatloaf Dinner Today (Meat Loaf’s Birthday – 1947)
28. Think of an Unusual Name for a Kid Today (Moon Unit Zappa’s Birthday – 1967)
29. Act Like a One-Eyed Pirate Today (Mackenzie Crook’s Birthday – 1971)
30. Facebook Appreciation Day

This is a photo from the internet, but I love the colors. I love Autumn.

August 2010! It’s Here!

Hey everyone! Well I finally sat down about 20 minutes ago and assembled the Eclectic holiday list for August. Thank you again for all of your help! According to Ken V., August is “National Golf Month”. Here is a photo from a “Seinfeld” episode of the character George holding up a golf ball he found in the blow hole of a whale that wound up being the same ball Kramer hit into the ocean. Kramer’s response? “Oh, a hole in one!” God, I love that show.

"What, is that a Titleist?"

1. Celebrate a New Month Day!
2. Quote Your Favorite Lines from “Office Space” Today to Cure the “Case of the Moondays”.
3. National Watermelon Day
4. Kick Back Dude’s 25th Birthday!
5. “The Three Amigos” Appreciation Day! Find a plethora of ways to appreciate the movie!
6. Take a Photo of the View from Your Work Desk Today
7. Mustard Day
8. “Senior Moment” Appreciation Day
9. Force Yourself to Watch a Movie You Hate Today
10. Love Bug’s 3rd Birthday!/S’More’s Day/Daffy’s Birthday
11. Perseid Meteor Shower (3-Day Event)
12. NoRegret’s Birthday!/Perseid Meteor Shower
13. Perseid Meteor Shower/Watch “Friday the 13th” Tonight!
14. National Creamsicle Day (Mmm, creamsicles….)
15. National Relaxation Day and National Failures Day (But Don’t Fail to Relax!)
16. Ksra’s Birthday!
17. Have Fun Shopping at a Thrift Store Today (National Thriftshop Day)
18. Bad Poetry Day
19. Mr. Snuffleupagus’s Birthday! (Sesame Street Character)
20. Happy Friday!!/Vacation Day for Tara!
21. Share a Dentist Story Today (Funny Things You Experienced During a Dentist Appointment)
22. Chocolate Brownie Appreciation Day
23. National Spongecake Day
24. Clean Your Bathroom(s) Today
25. Banana Split Day
26. Start Your Christmas Shopping Today
27. Do Something Super Nice, If Not Saintly Today (Mother Teresa’s Birthday – 1910)
28. Go Against the Grain Today
29. Little Prince’s 2nd Birthday!
30. Update Your Address Book Today (Christmas Card Season is Coming!)
31. National Trail Mix Day