Saturday Scavenger Shots: Storm

Long time no blog, right? Hey there, people! Ms. Laura gave me the heads-up that I was tagged for the new word. I’m almost out of steam with blogging, or at least it has felt that way for a few weeks now, maybe longer. Anyway, I’m still around sometimes for the Saturday Scavenger Shots, so I picked the word “storm”.

The following photos were taken in my kitchen after I cooked up a storm. Today is the last week-day of my vacation. Damn, that went fast. Anyway, I felt like playing around in the kitchen.




AlienCG, you are it! Let the word choose you. Be the word.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Storm

  1. Cooking up a storm is fun. Although, washing the dishes after said storm is not fun. Thanks for the tag. The word for next week is FIGURE. Go FIGURE.

  2. IDV: Thanks, I have quite a collection of green glass! The purple icing does look pretty, but I think the coloring in it gives the frosting a slightly bitter aftertaste. The cupcake part of it is good, though.

    AlienCG: The cleanup afterwards is not fun, no. I love my dishwasher, though!

    Laura: I wanted to get a bunch of cake decorating accessories, but they add up! I had fun with the frosting dispenser, though.

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