“Summer Wheatley?!”

Hi there! Last Saturday’s word was “summer”. Here are mah photos:

Scan 131540000 1

I loved playing on the beach when I was a kid. In this particular shot, I was on my way to building some kind of sand castle with a waterfall. I attracted some other beach dwellers who were just fascinated by my high-quality sand-thingy-building skills.

Scan 131540000 2

I love summer, honestly! I can’t explain the look on my face in that shot, but I really did enjoy spending some summer days in the Arizona heat one year.
Outside on Saturday

This is NOT summer.

I’ll tag AlienCG of “Swamp Gas and Moonlit Reflections” for the next word-chooser!


6 thoughts on ““Summer Wheatley?!”

  1. I love the look on your face in the hot tub…you look somewhere between worried and disgusted :) Summer is the best! I could not cope with a ‘not-summer’ like the one pictured here. Brutal.

  2. One thing I do like about “not summer” is that I have more of an excuse to stay inside with gallons of coffee and tea. :)

    I think part of my expression was from squinting.

  3. I think there was a great deal of squinting in my family’s photos.
    Nice summer pics and a wonderful contrast to summer. I am not a heat person, but I do need sun.

  4. I loved making sand castles on beach holidays. I love being at the seaside in the summer, nothing beats it. Funny how we assume that smiling in photos means we’re happy when you can be having a fun time even if you’re not.

  5. SillyRabbit: Hi! Yeah, there’s a group photo somewhere with me and my brothers and we’re laughing and squinting.

    Secret Agent Woman: It’s great, isn’t it? :)

    FW: Very true – I doubt I was thinking something negative in that shot. I was probably thinking of lots of things at that moment. I need to take a trip to the beach.

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