Saturday Scavenger Shots: Celestial

Happy Sat…er…Sunday! I hope that you’re all having a fun weekend, whatever you’re doing! Ms. Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This?” picked the word “celestial” for this weekend’s edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots. I had at least one photo in mind, but then procrastinated and now I’m late with posting something. Blah!

Anyway, here are a few photos:


As you can see from these photos, I am a fan of the tea brand, “Celestial Seasonings”. They’re all very good. They have so much flavor packed into each teabag that I don’t even need to add sugar. This one is one of my favorites.


Here’s my little collection. I have a few more boxes, but they’re from a different company.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Celestial

  1. What a great idea! I love Celestial Seasonings teas. You have quite a collection there. I especially love teas with mint or lemon flavors and am happy to drink them “straight up”.
    Hope you didn’t mind the tag back…wanted to keep everyone on their toes :)

  2. That Sleepytime sounds like my kind of drink! I had a raspberry tea only last night, first fruit tea I’ve tried in ages. It was okay but I’m with a cold at the moment so I didn’t get the full effect!

  3. Laura: Thanks! I’m with you, I love the mint and lemon flavors. The last box of lemon tea I bought was almost too lemony! I love being tagged because I like picking a new word as soon as possible.

    FW: The Sleepytime Extra is very tasty and fragrant. I kept thinking it would knock me out right away, but it soothes the nerves and relaxes. It has valerian root in it.

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