Friday 5 – Warming (or Cooling)

Whoa there! I’m actually putting up a second post for today, can you believe it? Are the planets all aligned or something? Anyway, here are the weekly questions from the Friday 5 blog. This one is called, “Warming (or Cooling)”

1. As the weather in the northern hemisphere begins to warm, how do your days and nights change?
I’m more motivated to spend time outside, go for walks, etc. I also love that we have longer days before the sun goes down.

2. In what way do your dining habits change as the weather turns warm?
I just eat more watermelon during the warmer months and I get more of a craving for roasted marshmallows. That’s really all that changes.

3. What’s the best thing unrelated to weather about the warm-weather months?
The swimming pools are open and the smell of barbecues is almost always in the air.

4. What are some strategies for dealing with those especially unbearable warm nights?
I have my window cracked open a bit and I also have a fan on while I sleep. Walking around barefoot during the day feels nice too (until I stub a toe).

5. What words of encouragement do you have for the you of six months from now?
Well….You like November, Thanksgiving and the crisp, autumn air. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Friday 5 – Warming (or Cooling)

  1. I love the warm weather months. I find the past couple of years I have less tolerance for the very hottest, most humid days of summer…but mostly, it is my season :)
    My words of encouragement for myself six months from now are – Go ahead and complain about being chilly. In six more months you can complain about being hot. Yay!

  2. Laura: We get some crazy weather here, but I know other states have it even worse. One day last week we started off with 70 degree temps. Then it rained and by the time I left for lunch, it was cold enough to need a jacket!

    Secret Agent Woman: Spring is usually pretty reliable, isn’t it?

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